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  • Gallano Resort Umbria in Valtopina – Quiet Paradise, Delicious Local Fare and Interesting Attractions

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Surrounded by lovely green hills in the province of Perugia, Gallano Resort Umbria is a famous tourist resort in Italy's Umbria region, which is famously known as Italy's green heart. This resort comprises of a medieval castle, which is... continue

  • Perugia festivals and fun on a Valtopina holiday

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Famed for its ancient buildings, sunshine and fine cuisine, Valtopina promises a holiday of peace, quiet and Umbrian hospitality. The nearby hilltop town of Perugia, which dates back to Roman times, looks proudly out across the Spoleto Valley and... continue

  • Wine and food holidays in Umbria: tour and specialties

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Italy's central region, Umbria is well-known for its Sagrantino wines, which are mainly made from the local Sagrantino grapes that have a very high tannic level. A mong the blends, Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG is made from 100 percent... continue

  • Countryside holidays in Umbria: hills and villages

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Renowned as the green heart of Italy, Umbria boasts everything that its neighbour Tuscany possesses, plus a few gorgeous extras. The winding green valleys have always created a series of perfectly untouched landscapes, characterising a region... continue

  • Art and Culture Holidays in Umbria

    written by Emilio Aronica

    An adorable marriage of culture and art, Umbria boasts an impeccable collection of assets that have paved the way for future generations belonging to this fascinating Italian region. A world of museums and art galleries, you will be able to see... continue

  • Holidays at the lake in Umbria

    written by Emilio Aronica

    The Umbria region of Italy is one of the most beautiful and unique in Italy as it is filled with rolling hills and the stunning natural beauty of Lake Trasimeno. For those seeking out a holiday that provides the chance to explore the amazing... continue

  • Agriturismo Annibale: tasting of typical products

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Tuoro sul Trasimeno is a little village located in the province of Perugia, which is part of Umbria, one of the twenty regions that Italy consists of.  In the Middle Ages, the village lived one of the most disastrous and... continue

  • Agriturismo San Vito: tastes and flavours of Umbrian cuisine

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Spoleto, an enchanting ancient city, located in the province of Perugia, in Umbria, is a place full of history. The first historical mention of the city is the notice of the foundation of a colony there in 241 B.C. 24 years later, after... continue

  • Relais il Canalicchio: beautiful property with wellness center

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Situated in the heart of Umbria, on top of a hill at 470 meter above sea level, stands Collazzone, a charming medieval-style town, not far from Perugia. Enclosed by a circle of walls, Collazzone preserves its ancient features,... continue

  • Discover Umbria and its countryside

    written by Eva Rice

    Sometimes back many people knew this region as the immediate sister of Tuscany. Currently, the region is independent and only referred to sweet names such as ‘green heart of Italy’. This has turned the other way round as its neighbours... continue

  • How to reach the sacred Assisi

    written by Alexandra Evans

    Assisi is a small Umbrian town in central Italy, located 12 miles East of Perugia at an elevation of 1,300 feet. Assisi is best known as the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy, the founder of the Franciscan order,... continue

  • Art and culture in Assisi

    written by Alexandra Evans

    Assisi essential place of interest include art and monuments such as the Rocca Maggiore,Temple of Minerva, Palazzo Capitano del Popolo as well as Roman Amphitheatre.At Rocca Maggiore, you will see earliest record of a building dating back to 1174,... continue

  • B&B Torre Sangiovanni

    written by Andrew adams

    The B & B Torre Sangiovanni is a charming period residence situated within the walls of the castle town of Collevalenza, long recognized as one of the best resorts around the county, was born from the merger of part of the castle walls with the... continue

  • Agriturismo la Montagnola, Torgiano

    written by Italy Visit

    Agriturismo La Montagnola is located few km and minutes away from the most beautiful towns in Umbria, on the hills overlooking the Umbrian valley, in front of Perugia and Assisi, half way between the medieval village of Torgiano and the Etruscan... continue

  • Assisi: spirituality, religion and art

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The ideal tour covers the basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which houses the small church and the chapel of the Transit Porziuncola of St. Francis, the church of San Damiano, the New Church, the Oratory of San Francesco Piccolino, Cathedral San... continue

  • Perugia and its Franciscan sites

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    In Perugia, the memories of the life of St. Francis are tied to the beauty of the Umbrian capital, which has some of the most beautiful sights of Umbria and is presented as a jewel of Italian art from Etruscan times to the present day. In town you... continue

  • The Spear of Light

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The impressive monument stands between Guglielmi avenue and Corso del Popolo. The obelisk, composed entirely of cast steel, reaches a height of thirty meters and was built to mark the centenary of the founding of the Steel City. The final... continue

  • Terni, a modern town

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Terni is a modern city, characterized by wide avenues and tidy streets, here you can perrceive the plan based on the typical Roman Cardo and decumanus; many buildings faces were built after the war, while some are much older. The city center, very... continue

  • Church of Saint Valentine

    written by Andrew adams

    The present building dates to the early sixteenth century, but inside the building were found parts of the structure was medievally decorated. Over the centuries and in the early seventeenth century it had been completely restored. In 1630 the... continue

  • Narni Underground

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Recently I had the privilege of visiting Narni Underground. If you liked Dan Brown's books, come meet a real person who is making these kind of discoveries, not fictional ones! Roberto Nini and his friends were just kids when in the 70s' they... continue

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