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Terms of use

Information on the website

Terms of use - Information on the website


1. The access to this site is free. The Website has a purely informative character. Visit Italy retains the exclusive and unquestionable right to change, in whole or in part, without any notice and at its own discretion, content, images, terms and/or conditions to the access to the Website. Visit Italy will retain the right to intervene in any moment on the Website in order, for example, to modify contents, to deny the access or to disconnect the single user (by now “the User”) or the generality of them.


1. It is prohibited to reproduce by any analogical or digital medium the Website and/or its content both totally or partially without the consent of the Author.

2. All property rights and intellectual property related to the content belongs exclusively to Visit Italy, except where differently indicated.

3. All material and information offered by Visit Italy is accessible to the User for personal use only. It is not allowed, not even in part, any form of downloading on a hard disk.

4. Partial quotes for information, for critic or recension purposes are allowed to be taken as long as they are accompanied by the indication of the source Visit Italy, including the URL "http://www. Visit Italy.it /". Visit Italy retains the right to reproduce texts in other publications and/or programs.


1. The responsibility of the navigation on the Website belongs totally to the User. Visit Italy does not recognize any guarantee, being it express or implicit, regarding the site or its content, also in terms of completeness, accuracy and quality.

2. The User of the Website accepts that:
(a) it is technically impossible to provide a website with no defect, and that Visit Italy does not assume this responsibility;
(b)The site could be temporary inaccessible;
(c) The functioning of the Website could depend by the effects of conditions or performances out of the control of Visit Italy;
(d) Visit Italy does not retain any responsibility for the material, contents and/or information obtained through the Website and for the subjects or the behaviors of the User while surfing the Website.
(e) Visit Italy does not assume any responsibility regarding the transmission on the Users' computer of any virus.


The etiquette of the net, simple rules of good manners and common sense to be respected on the Internet, and in particular, inside a virtual community.

Therefore, it is prohibited:

To use a vulgar, aggressive, provocatory o discriminating language;
To publish or exchange offensive or obscene material and any content violating Italian Laws;
To publish personal data (generalities, address, telephone number, etc.) of third parties;
To use the services of Visit Italy to promote any economic activity or to advertise;
To clone nicknames of other users or to use any other system to pretend to be another user;
To post messages not concerning the subject under discussion, in the Forum, News and systematic Chats;
To post messages with the scope to reveal the identity of other users whom did not make their generalities as public.
The Editorial staff retains the right to remove all contents not fulfilling these rules and all other unwritten rules regarding common sense and respect of other people and moreover retains the right to banal the users not respecting these rules.


Users of Visit Italy.it are fully responsible, also legally, of their behaviors inside any page of the Website and of the contents they publish. The Editorial Staff and the administrators of the Website, despite acting as much as possible towards the removal of the contents violating the Terms and Conditions, cannot make any preventive check on the contents published by the Users. Such contents exclusively reflect the opinions of the author and not the ones of the Editorial Staff of the Website, which cannot be retained in any case responsible to any violation regarding the nature of such contents. The User who wants to exercise a right, a revendication or any action against any other User regarding the use of services, will persecute such right, revendication or action, at the competent Authorities, without any obligation of involvement for Visit Italy.


The Users agree:

1.Not to use this Website or the content inserted to act against the law or to disclose or make public by any medium the material or the content in order to make illicit activities;

2. Not to use the Website in a way to interrupt, fault or make less efficient a part or the totality of the Website, or to damage an any way the efficiency or functionality of the Website;

3. Not to use the Website to transmit or set any virus or any other defamatory, offensive, obscene or threatening material or that could damage or disturb in any way the other Users; Not to use the site in order to make a violation of rights of physical or juridical persons or enterprises ( including, for example, copyrights or privacy rights);

4.All the stories written by the Users must include a title,description and body, belong to one of the available categories and propose valid contents, which could be material for discussion.

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Terms of use


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