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Pictures of Italy


Area: 450 km2 | Population: 165956 | Elevation: 493 above sea level

Why Perugia?

Destination with a varied tourist offer suitable for everyone
It is the city of wine

Visit Perugia - Tourism and travel tips for your vacation or weekend.

Are you planning your vacation in Perugia, Italy? Are you looking for all the touristic information on Perugia? On Visit Italy you find tourist guides written by the editorial staff and travel experiences of travellers who, like you, have chosen Perugia as a destination for a trip or for their holidays. Discover Perugia top travel tips with Visititaly's suggestions, recommendations, travel advice and all things to know about Perugia.

National Archeological Museum of Umbria

During my trip to Umbria, I had the chance to visit many archeological sites and museum. The National Archeological Museum of Perugia left me with a pleasant surprise. This museum is loaded with Etruscan antiquities displayed in a simple manner. The antiquities are remarkable, but the displays are not elaborate. It seems that the budget for this museum was quite limited, but it remains one of my fondest memories of Perugia.

In one hallway, Etruscan carved stone urns are lined up with little fanfare; I found this refreshingly unpretentious. The antiquities are all of local origin. Apparently, the rich history of Umbria has provided a bumper crop of ancient artifacts.

Perugia, the home of chocolate

Every fall in the Umbrian town of Perugia, there is held a 10-day festival which brings choco-holics from far and wide. The Eurochocolate Festival is an amazing display of chocolate in all forms, from thick hot chocolate infused with liqueurs and pastries filled with chocolate cream, to enormous chocolate bars and chocolate cups filled with alcohol.

We were lucky enough to experience the mania during our holiday in Perugia. I'd read prior to our visit that the festival tends to bring out some of the largest crowds the area sees all year, and as soon as we arrived, we found it to be very true. When we exited the train station, it was apparent that most people were headed to the historical center for the festival as well, so we just began to follow the crowd as we all boarded buses for the uphill treck into town. Perugia sits on a hill which is surrounded by valleys on all sides and then other hills past the valleys - so it lends itself to some of the most beautiful scenery, as found by the outlooks on the edges on all sides of the walled city center. It is hard to explain the layout of the city, as some streets are actually underground, while others are painted along a labyrinth of stairways, stone arches, and winding cobblestone alleys - none of which we could tell were straight in any form except the main street through town. We literally shuffled our feet to move with the blob of a crowd through the underground alleyways from the bus stop to the center of town.

There were several chocolate companies with displays and exhibits in this area. Finally we emerged back up on the street level - and into the freezing temperatures. Quickly we wrapped up our faces in our scarves and I slipped on my gloves as we took a deep breath and plunged back into the dense crowd and headed straight for the ciccolata calda (hot chocolate) stand. This is a must-see festival for any chocolate-lover. If you'd rather avoid the huge crowds, maybe try a weekday instead of the weekend, but everyday of the party will hold fun for all ages.

Parco of Ponte Sant'Angelo in Perugia

I was walking up along Corso Garibaldi, which itself was obscure and lonely enough, when I caught sight of the sign which pointed to this park. So I heeded it, and after two tiny lanes and through an iron gate, I ended up in paradise!

The Parco di Ponte San Angelo is a very well-hidden gem in Perugia. Unlike the noisy and tourist filled park at Piazza Italia, here you can have the whole place to yourself. And the view is a fierce competitor to that at Piazza Italia. Here, instead of seeing Assisi, you get a great view of the Perugian plains, including a lovely faraway hill, one of the "legs" of the star shaped Perugia, with countless charming houses on it.

There are adequate benches and even a nearby WC. To get to the park, from Piazza Fortebraccio, head uphill along Corso Garibaldi about 300 meters uphill you will see the sign that directs you to the park. Then you're just one minute away!

Church of S.Domenico

Piazza Giordano Bruno is dominated by the imposing structure of the Chiesa di San Domenico.
During the early Middle Ages, this area was the site of the local horse market and fair. Tradition has it that the church was designed by Giovanni Pisano. In any case, its construction was completed in 1458, the year in which is was consecrated to St. Stephen by Pope Pius II. Before the 17th-century renovation of the interior, the building presented an enormous ‘hallenkirche’ plan with octagonal pilasters in laterite stone, pointed arches and large stained-glass windows.
The bell-tower was once surmounted by a high steeple dating from the late 1400s and was the work of Gasperino di Antonio of Lombardy. It was shortened during the 15th century, probably for reasons of instability, although tradition identifies in this act the same motivations which prompted Pope Paul III to demolish the upper level of the church of San Ercolano. The front staircase was designed by Girolamo Ciofi of Cortona (1640).
The doorway is dated 1596. Above its remain traces of a rose-window by Benedetto di Valdorcia of Siena (1415).

Next to the church, walk along the narrow Via del Castellano for a terrific view of the south aisle chapel walls of the church. The rhythm of the red and white stone work is interrupted by a large gothic mullioned-window; the upper region bears a dentil shaped ornamentation also in red and white stone. Nearby, the house next to the Auditorium Marianum contains an early 14th-century painting of the Madonna and Child.

Perugia and its Franciscan sites

In Perugia, the memories of the life of St. Francis are tied to the beauty of the Umbrian capital, which has some of the most beautiful sights of Umbria and is presented as a jewel of Italian art from Etruscan times to the present day.

In town you can visit the church of San Francesco al Prato, the Oratory of San Bernardino, the Convent of St. Agnes, the subject of oratory of San Francesco, the convents of Montemalbe and Monteripido.

The route continues to Collestrada,which retains a memory of Saint Francis: a small building that was a prison to the saint.

St. Francis' Basilica

Assisi (19,1Km)

One day in Assisi...

Assisi (19,1Km)

Assisi and the Basilica of Saint Clare

Assisi (19,1Km)

Assisi Town Hall Square

Assisi (19,1Km)


Assisi (19,1Km)


Roccafiore - >Perugia



Hotel Sant'Ercolano - >Perugia

Hotel Sant'Ercolano








B&B LE TERRAZZE - >Perugia



Located in the green hills of Umbria, just 5 km from the historical centre of Perugia, our B&B "Le Terrazze" is the ideal starting point for visiting the main towns of Assisi, Gubbio, Todi, Orvieto and Lake Trasimeno. The Apartment and the Bedroom for guests, located on the ground floor have been recently completely renovated and have separate entrances. Air conditioning an wi-fi connection. Our accomodation also offers guests a large garden with playground for kids and barbeque.A wide porch makes for a pleasant breakfast and ambiance fresh relaxing moments at any time of the day. Our large ga




Palazzo Grande Residenza d'Epoca - >Corciano

Palazzo Grande Residenza d'Epoca

Corciano (8 Km)



Corciano (8 Km)



Torgiano (9 Km)

Country House Borghetto La Meta - >Bettona

Country House Borghetto La Meta

Bettona (10 Km)

Agriturismo Il Noceto Umbro - >Assisi

Agriturismo Il Noceto Umbro

Assisi (11 Km)

Relais & SPA La Corte di Bettona - >Bettona

Relais & SPA La Corte di Bettona

Bettona (13 Km)

Agriturismo Santa Maria degli Ancillotti - >Assisi

Agriturismo Santa Maria degli Ancillotti

Assisi (14 Km)



Deruta (14 Km)

Agriturismo Il Cerreto - >Bettona

Agriturismo Il Cerreto

Bettona (15 Km)

Agriturismo Il Poggio degli Olivi - >Bettona

Agriturismo Il Poggio degli Olivi

Bettona (15 Km)

Le Terre Di Isa - >Magione

Le Terre Di Isa

Magione (15 Km)

“Le Terre di Isa” is a certified organic farm founded in 2000 on the strength of a dream, feeled and loved with courage by Isabella and Massimo. Today the old stone farmhouse, lovingly restored in the traditional Umbrian and according to the principles of green building, offers a unique and comfortable cottages, where peace and quiet reign supreme. Rooms and Apartments finememente furnished, color and atmosphere in every corner and several warm and friendly will help you find your home away from home …

Relais Il Cantico della Natura - >Magione

Relais Il Cantico della Natura

Magione (15 Km)

Agriturismo Tenuta Del Perugino - >Bettona

Agriturismo Tenuta Del Perugino

Bettona (15 Km)

In life all men have secret wishes or dreams... Our family, the Nucciarelli family, wanted to bring again in life the family farmhouse; today we succeeded in doing that. The farmhouse of the Tenuta del Perugino is situated in the middle of an oasis immersed in the nature, where illimited spaces marge with the blue of the sky. Olive trees and vines are the frame of the that picture in where the simple things of the epoch are the indiscussed main characters. We are extremely proud to cultivate and to wait at table the fruits of our land.

Best Western Valle Di Assisi Hotel  - >Assisi

Best Western Valle Di Assisi Hotel

Assisi (15 Km)

Village Hotel Green Assisi - >Assisi

Village Hotel Green Assisi

Assisi (15 Km)

L'Antico Forziere Ristorante Country House - >Deruta

L'Antico Forziere Ristorante Country House

Deruta (17 Km)

Within the green heart of Umbria, in Deruta, city worldwide well known for his art in ceramics, very close to Assisi, Perugia, Todi and Spoleto, is set L'Antico Forziere. In a comfortable and cear atmosphere Rodella family welcomes the guests in the antique building where the beams a view and wide stony arches instil charming emotions. Country house has two suites provided with independent entrance on the garden, and seven rooms furnished with a straight care of particulars so that comfort and an ancient atmosphere can perfectly melt. They are all provided with private bathrooms, cable tv,

Country House Torre Burchio - >Bettona

Country House Torre Burchio

Bettona (17 Km)

Country House Il Roseto - >Assisi

Country House Il Roseto

Assisi (17 Km)



Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Alexander - >Assisi

Hotel Alexander

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Trattoria Pallotta - >Assisi

Hotel Trattoria Pallotta

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Dei Priori - >Assisi

Hotel Dei Priori

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Posta Panoramic - >Assisi

Hotel Posta Panoramic

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Lieto Soggiorno - >Assisi

Hotel Lieto Soggiorno

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Il Castello - >Assisi

Hotel Il Castello

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel La Fortezza - >Assisi

Hotel La Fortezza

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Sole - >Assisi

Hotel Sole

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Il Palazzo - >Assisi

Hotel Il Palazzo

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel San Giacomo - >Assisi

Hotel San Giacomo

Assisi (18 Km)

Country House Tre Esse - >Assisi

Country House Tre Esse

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Minerva - >Assisi

Hotel Minerva

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Properzio - >Assisi

Hotel Properzio

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel JFI Hermitage - >Assisi

Hotel JFI Hermitage

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Fontebella - >Assisi

Hotel Fontebella

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Umbra - >Assisi

Hotel Umbra

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel Da Rina - >Assisi

Hotel Da Rina

Assisi (18 Km)

Hotel San Francesco - >Assisi

Hotel San Francesco

Assisi (18 Km)

Le Vignole Country House - >Assisi

Le Vignole Country House

Assisi (18 Km)

Nestling between the rich green of the Umbrian hills and the blue of the sky, "Le Vignole" a beautiful old farmhouse, is situated on a splendid natural terrace overlooking the Basilica of Saint Francis and the two fortresses of Assisi. It is a haven of peace, bringing the visitor into close contact with nature. The mysticism of the holy city of Assisi and the warmth and hospitality of the old country farmhouse give the traveller once again a sense of a bygone age. Following the Franciscan path and wandering through the woods and sunflower fields, it is easy to lose the pace of modern life and

Hotel La Terrazza - >Assisi

Hotel La Terrazza

Assisi (19 Km)

Hotel Porta Nuova - >Assisi

Hotel Porta Nuova

Assisi (19 Km)

Hotel San Rufino - >Assisi

Hotel San Rufino

Assisi (19 Km)

Albergo La Rocca - >Assisi

Albergo La Rocca

Assisi (19 Km)

Country House Assisi Glamour - >Assisi

Country House Assisi Glamour

Assisi (19 Km)



Assisi (19 Km)



Assisi (19 Km)



Assisi (19 Km)

Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum - >Assisi

Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum

Assisi (19 Km)

The Relais Nun is located in the spiritual heart of Assisi, in the highest part of the historical centre with magnificent views of the both the Rocca Maggiore and Minore on the soft contours of Mount Subasio. It is an exclusive 5-star Relais that came about from the careful restoration of the ancient monastery of Saint Catherine, which was originally constructed in 1275 for a community of Benedictine nuns on the remains of the Roman amphitheater and the Perlasio springs. Although all of the Relais’ 18 suites overlook the Umbrian valley, just a few steps from the heart of Saint Francis’ city.



Gubbio (20 Km)

The farmhause is set on a hill in Umbria, "the green heart of Italy". In this area there are many medieval buildings such as castles and abbeys. The surrounding countryside is luxuriant and green which contributes to the sense of pace and relaxation which our property offers to discerning holidat-makers. Our Agriturismo has about 9 hectares of farm land, cultivated without the use of chemicals pruducts. Our Agriturismo consists of 3 apartaments-2 sleeping 2 or more and the third sleeping two.

Abbazia Collemedio Hotel & Residenza d'Epoca - >Collazzone

Abbazia Collemedio Hotel & Residenza d'Epoca

Collazzone (20 Km)

Country House Poggio Fiorito - >Assisi

Country House Poggio Fiorito

Assisi (20 Km)

Hotel Da Angelo - >Assisi

Hotel Da Angelo

Assisi (20 Km)

Roseo Hotel Assisi - >Assisi

Roseo Hotel Assisi

Assisi (20 Km)



Marsciano (21 Km)

Relais Parco Del Subasio - >Assisi

Relais Parco Del Subasio

Assisi (21 Km)

Hotel Viole - >Assisi

Hotel Viole

Assisi (21 Km)



Umbertide (22 Km)

Le Mandrie di San Paolo - >Assisi

Le Mandrie di San Paolo

Assisi (22 Km)

B&B La Terrazza Del Subasio - >Assisi

B&B La Terrazza Del Subasio

Assisi (22 Km)

Residenze Villamena - >Assisi

Residenze Villamena

Assisi (22 Km)

Agriturismo Residenza Torre Del Colle - >Bevagna

Agriturismo Residenza Torre Del Colle

Bevagna (22 Km)

Hotel La Vela - >Passignano sul Trasimeno

Hotel La Vela

Passignano sul Trasimeno (23 Km)

B&B Villa Trasimeno - >Passignano sul Trasimeno

B&B Villa Trasimeno

Passignano sul Trasimeno (23 Km)

Country House Casa Cantone - >Bevagna

Country House Casa Cantone

Bevagna (23 Km)

Country House Serena Residence - >Assisi

Country House Serena Residence

Assisi (23 Km)

Agriturismo Le Querce di Assisi - >Assisi

Agriturismo Le Querce di Assisi

Assisi (23 Km)

Villa Paradiso - >Passignano sul Trasimeno

Villa Paradiso

Passignano sul Trasimeno (24 Km)



Spello (25 Km)



Umbertide (25 Km)

Maridiana offers 2 beautiful stone houses , Il Casale and Casa Archi Farmhouses , both beautifully restored for an unforgettable vacation in the beautiful green of the Umbrian Upper Tiber Valley: art , food and wine , arts and crafts , nature and more ... we have the alpacas! Overlooking the beautiful Niccone Valley , on the border between Umbria and Tuscany , not far from Assisi and Perugia , our Vacation Rentals are the perfect choice for lovers of nature and eco-tourism , cultural, and religious tours, ideal for riders , hikers , bikers and families with children , as well as fans of engast



Spello (25 Km)

Romantik Hotel Le Silve - >Assisi

Romantik Hotel Le Silve

Assisi (25 Km)

Country House Forte Sorgnano - >Bettona

Country House Forte Sorgnano

Bettona (25 Km)

Residenza Porta Guelfa - >Bevagna

Residenza Porta Guelfa

Bevagna (26 Km)

L'Orto Degli Angeli - >Bevagna

L'Orto Degli Angeli

Bevagna (26 Km)

Agriturismo La Tavola dei Cavalieri - >Assisi

Agriturismo La Tavola dei Cavalieri

Assisi (26 Km)

Villa Giulia - >Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Villa Giulia

Tuoro sul Trasimeno (27 Km)



Tuoro sul Trasimeno (27 Km)

Tuoro sul Trasimeno is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes. The lake, with a practically uncontaminated island, rich in typical flora and fauna of the lake atmophere, the fertile and rich plain with cultivations making it rich of colors, the hills, rich in vineyard and olives, the mountains with its forests of Mediterranean bush. This evocative scene is completed by the beauty of the " Capricci di Merion", an ancient residence in liberty style, with typical cuisine and rooms in style.

Tenuta Badia '99 - >Paciano

Tenuta Badia '99

Paciano (27 Km)

The Tenuta Belvedera Badia is set in the Umbria region, in the small medieval town of Paciano , close to Orvieto. Among green hills, it is a strategic starting point for excursions both in Umbria and Tuscany. The tenure is composed by a farmhouse surrounded by gardens, with ample game areas, two swimming pools and a wellness centre.Guests are welcomed in 5 charming apartments, simply but carefully furnished, in a traditional style.

Agriturismo Poggiobellavista - >Castiglione del Lago

Agriturismo Poggiobellavista

Castiglione del Lago (27 Km)

On the hills surrounding lake Trasimeno is set a beautiful holiday resort: Agriturismo Poggio Bellavista, 7 spacious apartments with all comforts for a pleasant stay. The swimming pool, the game room and the open air fitness room are at your disposal, on the 30 hectares land one can walk or cycle with the farm's mountain bikes and a few kms away there is a riding ground. All the beautiful towns of Umbria are easy to reach.

ALBERGO LA TORRE - >Castiglione del Lago


Castiglione del Lago (27 Km)

AGRITURISMO BORGO LA DOGANA-Maneggio-Ristorante - >Magione


Magione (29 Km)

We are a WWF-Panda Farm and we work with dedication to maintain a large 3 hectares garden and a natural park of 20 hectares, where there are still many wild animals, as well as many pets and a petting zoo for the enjoyment of children and for those who enjoy horseback riding. Laura, our teacher, cares and feeds the animals so that children and adults can enjoy the farm and its pets. The arena is particularly aimed for children and teenagers, who can take riding lessons and will learn not only riding but especially to love and respect horses . For the more experienced, many beautiful hiki

Agriturismo CASALE DEI FRONTINI - >Todi


Todi (29 Km)

Art and culture

Ipogeo dei Volumni - >Perugia

Ipogeo dei Volumni


It 's a family tomb of the Etruscan family Velina (in Latin Volumni), dating back to the II century BC . The grave was dug deep into the ground, has a plant similar to the Roman house and is full of urns full of bas-relief decorations.

Perugia Officina per la Scienza e la Tecnologia - >Perugia

Perugia Officina per la Scienza e la Tecnologia


Museo dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia - >Perugia

Museo dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia


Palazzo della Penna - >Perugia

Palazzo della Penna


Built on the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre, it consists of 80 rooms decorated withpaintings of the '600 and '700 and in 2011 it will become home to the Museum of Modern Art. Featuring works by Perugino and Gerardo  Dottori and six blackboards of Joseph Beuys.

Teatro Morlacchi - >Perugia

Teatro Morlacchi


This is the headquarters of Teatro Stabile of Umbria and it is also the largest with its772 seats. it is the historic theater of Perugia (formerly Theater Verzaro) that now bears the name of the opera composer Francesco Morlacchi.

Teatro Il Sacco - >Perugia

Teatro Il Sacco


The Teatro di Sacco was born in Perugia in 1985 and plays the leading role in the artistic scene in Umbria. It deals since many years with production and theatrical training and organization of events to live performances.

Teatro della Sapienza - >Perugia

Teatro della Sapienza


This small theater of 127 seats is located in the Palazzo della Sapienza of the '300, and even then there existed the stage and a gallery. Today we see it restored, embellishedby decorative painters Lemmo Rossi Scotti and Matteo Tassi.

Fontemaggiore Teatro Stabile di Innovazione - >Perugia

Fontemaggiore Teatro Stabile di Innovazione


In Perugia since 1948 to present, today it deals with the production and disseminationof the new drama at the national level. Also offering theatrical training, it is also addressed to the younger generation, but not only.

Teatro Bertold Brecht - >Perugia

Teatro Bertold Brecht


It is the latest theater of Perugia, opened in 2009 in the San Sisto, with an reception capacity of 332 spectators and an innovative LED lighting system. Fontemaggiore ismanaged by the Teatro Stabile di Innovazione.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell'Umbria - >Perugia

Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell'Umbria


It is located in the former convent of S. Domenico and has two sections: a prehistoric one and an Etruscan and Roman one. Here is one of the longest Etruscan texts, engraved on a block of travertine of the  III-II century B.C.: the "stone of Perugia”.

Museo Capitolare di San Lorenzo - >Perugia

Museo Capitolare di San Lorenzo


This is the museum of the treasure of the cathedral of Perugia, which containsvestments, liturgical objects and a large art gallery with paintings dating from the XII to the XIX century by Perugino, Bartolomeo Caporali, Luca Signorelli, Andrea Vanni,Giannicola di Paolo.

Museo Storico Perugina - >Perugia

Museo Storico Perugina


Museo Aerospaziale Monte di Apollo - >Perugia

Museo Aerospaziale Monte di Apollo


The the museum of located at Perugia Madonna Alta and documents the early experience in the aerospace field with works at art , produced by RAI, and panels ofspatial and aeronautics content. Among the exhibits the model of Apollo 11.

Antiquarium Ipogeo dei Volumni - >Perugia

Antiquarium Ipogeo dei Volumni


Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria - >Perugia

Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria


The gallery documents the development of the painting in Umbria from Medieval to modern age, encompassing many masterpieces from the  XIII to the XVIII century. Among the masters represented are Arnolfo di Cambio, Duccio di Boninsegna, BeatoAngelico.

Gipsoteca Greca, Etrusca e Romana - >Perugia

Gipsoteca Greca, Etrusca e Romana


Fortezza di Porta Sole - >Perugia

Fortezza di Porta Sole


Palazzo Gallenga - >Perugia

Palazzo Gallenga


Porta Sant'antonio - >Perugia

Porta Sant'antonio


Porta del Bulagaio - >Perugia

Porta del Bulagaio


Monastero di San Benedetto - >Perugia

Monastero di San Benedetto


Monastero di Santa Caterina - >Perugia

Monastero di Santa Caterina


Monastero della Beata Colomba - >Perugia

Monastero della Beata Colomba


Monastero di Santa Lucia - >Perugia

Monastero di Santa Lucia


Tempio di San Michele Arcangelo - >Perugia

Tempio di San Michele Arcangelo


Porta dello Sperandio - >Perugia

Porta dello Sperandio


Arco della Mandorla - >Perugia

Arco della Mandorla


Rocca Paolina - >Perugia

Rocca Paolina


Maestà delle Volte - >Perugia

Maestà delle Volte


Collegio della Mercanzia - >Perugia

Collegio della Mercanzia


Porta Marzia - >Perugia

Porta Marzia


Palazzo dei Priori - >Perugia

Palazzo dei Priori


Logge di Braccio - >Perugia

Logge di Braccio


Porta Sant'ercolano - >Perugia

Porta Sant'ercolano


Pozzo Etrusco - >Perugia

Pozzo Etrusco


Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo - >Perugia

Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo


Tre Archi - >Perugia

Tre Archi


Palazzo Conestabile della Staffa - >Perugia

Palazzo Conestabile della Staffa


Ex Collegio di Sant'anna - >Perugia

Ex Collegio di Sant'anna


Porta Sole - >Perugia

Porta Sole


Porta Santa Margherita - >Perugia

Porta Santa Margherita


Porta Santa Susanna - >Perugia

Porta Santa Susanna


Oratorio di San Bernardino - >Perugia

Oratorio di San Bernardino


Porta Trasimena - >Perugia

Porta Trasimena


Oratorio di San Francesco - >Perugia

Oratorio di San Francesco


Porta Conca - >Perugia

Porta Conca


Porta Eburnea - >Perugia

Porta Eburnea


Monastero di Santa Agnese - >Perugia

Monastero di Santa Agnese


Porta Sant'Angelo - >Perugia

Porta Sant'Angelo


Palazzo Florenzi - >Perugia

Palazzo Florenzi


Porta San Girolamo - >Perugia

Porta San Girolamo


Torre degli Sciri - >Perugia

Torre degli Sciri


Arco Etrusco - >Perugia

Arco Etrusco


La Fontana Maggiore - >Perugia

La Fontana Maggiore


This beautiful fountain, built between 1275 and 1278, is considered one of the main landmarks of the city of Perugia. It was created to commemorate the arrival of water in the upper part of the city. It's worth a photo.

L’Arco Etrusco o di Augusto - >Perugia

L’Arco Etrusco o di Augusto


The Etruscan Arch or of Augustus, built around the third century BC., was once one of the ancient gates of Perugia, it is considered one of the most important Etruscan monuments of the city. It is very well preserved and worth a visit.

La Porta Marzia - >Perugia

La Porta Marzia


The Porta Marzia is an important monument of the Etruscan town of Perugia, which dates from the third century BC., it is a true work art all in travertine rock, very common in Umbria, and much used by the Romans. It is worth seeing!

La Porta Trasimena - >Perugia

La Porta Trasimena


Porta Trasimena, located in Via dei Priori is one of the many monuments that date back to Etruscan and Roman period that are part of the beautiful town of Perugia. Next door is the church of San Luca, a fact which makes it also known as a Arco of Sa

Collegio del Cambio - >Perugia

Collegio del Cambio


Basilica di San Domenico - >Perugia

Basilica di San Domenico


Cattedrale di San Lorenzo - >Perugia

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo


Chiesa di San Bevignate - >Perugia

Chiesa di San Bevignate


Palazzo dei Consoli - >Gubbio

Palazzo dei Consoli

Gubbio (31 Km)

The Palazzo dei Consoli was built in the fourteenth century to witness the importance and magnitude which the city had reached. The Gothic building now houses the civic museum which displays ancient archaeological findings.

Basilica di San Francesco - >Assisi

Basilica di San Francesco

Assisi (18 Km)

The church is a cornerstone of Gothic in Italy and is the burial place of St. Francis. It is divided into upper and lower Basilica. The splendid decorations of the basilica were made by famous artists of that time such as Giotto.

Duomo di Foligno - >Foligno

Duomo di Foligno

Foligno (31 Km)

The Cathedral of San Feliciano, known as the Cathedral of Foligno, is a beautiful religious building built around the twelfth century. It is worth visiting.

Museo Diocesano e Capitolare di Foligno - >Foligno

Museo Diocesano e Capitolare di Foligno

Foligno (26 Km)

The museum houses a rich collection on Christian history, and inside there are beautiful works of artists such as: Cristoforo Roncalli, Bartolomeo di Tommaso, Cesare Permei and others.

Borgo - >Foligno


Foligno (45 Km)

The charming Borgo of the city of Foligno, in Roman Forum Flaminii, closes in a lot of history and places well worth your visit.

Castello di Poggio - >Valtopina

Castello di Poggio

Valtopina (30 Km)

Today Town Hall and the Parish Fanon of the early Christian period, it is set near a bridge on the Flaminia at the junction with Via Plestina.

Castello di Serra - >Valtopina

Castello di Serra

Valtopina (30 Km)

Fought in 1229 between the Counts of Armenzano and the Lords of Assisi for its strategic position, surrounded by vegetation, it preserves evocative ruins, which inspired numerous popular legends.

Castello di Gallano - >Valtopina

Castello di Gallano

Valtopina (30 Km)

With his village, here we can still see the characteristics structures of 'medieval architecture.

Chiesa di Santa Cristina - >Valtopina

Chiesa di Santa Cristina

Valtopina (30 Km)

The patron saint of the city, probably the most ancient church in the place; a fascinating structure and location.

Museo del Vino - >Torgiano

Museo del Vino

Torgiano (10 Km)

Torgiano - >Torgiano


Torgiano (10 Km)

Santuario della Madonna dei Bagni - >Deruta

Santuario della Madonna dei Bagni

Deruta (17 Km)

Antica Posta di Braccio - >Panicale

Antica Posta di Braccio

Panicale (25 Km)

Balconcini e Cancelli storici - >Torgiano

Balconcini e Cancelli storici

Torgiano (9 Km)

Borgo medievale di Corciano - >Corciano

Borgo medievale di Corciano

Corciano (9 Km)

To visit: the Church has frescoes by Perugino and the old town with its narrow streets.

Mosaici Domus Romana - Cupola parcheggio - >Spello

Mosaici Domus Romana - Cupola parcheggio

Spello (27 Km)

Teatro Romano - >Gubbio

Teatro Romano

Gubbio (31 Km)

Tempio di Minerva - >Assisi

Tempio di Minerva

Assisi (19 Km)

Temple of Minerva built in the late republican period in the 1st century BC 'erected by Quatorvirates Gneus Cesius and Titus Cesius Priscu. The monument has a lot to learn.

Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo - >Assisi

Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo

Assisi (19 Km)

Palazzo Capitano del Popolo monument built between 1212 and 1305 was the first public building to be erected in Piazza del Comune, with a façade of the building containing measures for silk, linen and wool as well as the outlines of bricks and roof tiles used in the building.

Anfiteatro Romano - >Assisi

Anfiteatro Romano

Assisi (19 Km)

Roman Amphitheatre monument, one notes the remains of the structure of the 1st century A.D, the elliptical form which can still be recognized in the lay-out of the medieval houses.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore - >Assisi

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore

Assisi (19 Km)

Basilica of Santa Maria built on a grandiose scale, is the seventh largest Christian church. The chapel was given to St. Francis by the Benedictines,and is important because it was the initial nucleus from which the Franciscan order was born. A lot more to be learnt at the visit of the church.

Basilica di Santa Chiara - >Assisi

Basilica di Santa Chiara

Assisi (19 Km)

Abbazia di San Pietro  - >Assisi

Abbazia di San Pietro

Assisi (18 Km)

Abbey of St. Pietro was consecrated by pope Innocent IV in 1254 together with St. Francis and St. Rifunus.

Convento di San Damiano - >Assisi

Convento di San Damiano

Assisi (19 Km)

St. Damians convent where St. Francis was ordered to restore the church in decay by the crucifix.

La Scarzuola  - >San Venanzo

La Scarzuola

San Venanzo (30 Km)

Porta Consolare - >Spello

Porta Consolare

Spello (26 Km)

Porta Urbica - >Spello

Porta Urbica

Spello (27 Km)

Porta Venere - >Spello

Porta Venere

Spello (26 Km)

Fortezza Albornoz  - >Spello

Fortezza Albornoz

Spello (26 Km)

Torre Santa Margherita - >Spello

Torre Santa Margherita

Spello (26 Km)

Borgo Montemigiano - >Umbertide

Borgo Montemigiano

Umbertide (25 Km)

Castello di Montalto - >Umbertide

Castello di Montalto

Umbertide (23 Km)

Castello di Polgeto - >Umbertide

Castello di Polgeto

Umbertide (21 Km)

Castello di Romeggio - >Umbertide

Castello di Romeggio

Umbertide (22 Km)

Rocca di Umbertide - >Umbertide

Rocca di Umbertide

Umbertide (23 Km)

Castello di Civitella Ranieri - >Umbertide

Castello di Civitella Ranieri

Umbertide (23 Km)

Castello di Serra Partucci - >Umbertide

Castello di Serra Partucci

Umbertide (24 Km)

Castello di Gallano ruderi - >Valtopina

Castello di Gallano ruderi

Valtopina (30 Km)

Convento di San Lorenzo - >Collazzone

Convento di San Lorenzo

Collazzone (23 Km)

The convent of San Lorenzo, not far from the castle of Collazzone, was home to Benedictine before and Franciscan then. The monastery consists of a part designed for the accommodation for the nuns and the church of Romanesque origin.

Castello di Poggio - >Collazzone

Castello di Poggio

Collazzone (19 Km)

The Castle of Poggio is located near the ancient village of Canalicchio. The castle dates back to the tenth or eleventh century and dominates, with its imposing tower and a beautiful church nearby, the cultivation of vines and olive trees in the center of the green Umbrian countryside.

Church of Pieve di Confine - >Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Church of Pieve di Confine

Tuoro sul Trasimeno (28 Km)

The Church is located in the border between Perugia and Cortona, in the west part of the town of Tuoro sul Trasimeno. It is a romanesque building, of the XIth century, and nowadays is stil well preserved.

Castle of Monte Gualandro - >Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Castle of Monte Gualandro

Tuoro sul Trasimeno (28 Km)

The Castle of Monte Gualandro, surrounded by pine trees, cypresses and olive trees, is located after the town of Tuoro, the last village before the border of Umbria and Tuscany. Built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, with inserts Etruscan and Roman, consists of four towers and a large door that leads to the east.

Church of S. Salvatore - >Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Church of S. Salvatore

Tuoro sul Trasimeno (28 Km)

The church of San Salvatore is a romanesque building dating from the twelfth century. It has a beautiful stone portal with reliefs depicting animals and plant decorations, dates from the second half of the twelfth century.

Permanent Documentation Centre of the Battle of Trasimeno - >Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Permanent Documentation Centre of the Battle of Trasimeno

Tuoro sul Trasimeno (28 Km)

The Centre, inaugurated in the early months of 1996, brings together a permanent exhibition on the subject of Hannibal and the various theories about the Battle of Trasimeno.By utilising the various stopping-places along the route, it is possible to identify the areas where the confrontation took place, and to visit the "ustrina", the huge pits which Hannibal had dug to burn the corpses.

Campo del Sole - >Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Campo del Sole

Tuoro sul Trasimeno (28 Km)

Campo del sole is an impressive architectural ensemble, an open-air museum, unique in its kind, which is located in Punta Navaccia. Designed by the famous artist Pietro Cascella, the project was carried out on several occasions since the summer of 1985 to the autumn of 1989 and represent the figure of a large spiral made up of 27 columns-sculptures.

Casa Sangam - >Gubbio

Casa Sangam

Gubbio (31 Km)

Pinacoteca Civica - >Spello

Pinacoteca Civica

Spello (31 Km)

Raccolta Paleontologica - >Corciano

Raccolta Paleontologica

Corciano (9 Km)

Esposizione Archeologica sui Plestini Umbri - >Foligno

Esposizione Archeologica sui Plestini Umbri

Foligno (42 Km)

Museo Archeologico Comunale - >Foligno

Museo Archeologico Comunale

Foligno (31 Km)

Pinacoteca Comunale - >Foligno

Pinacoteca Comunale

Foligno (31 Km)

Museo Diocesano - >Gubbio

Museo Diocesano

Gubbio (32 Km)

Museo della Maiolica a lustro Torre di Porta Romana - >Gubbio

Museo della Maiolica a lustro Torre di Porta Romana

Gubbio (31 Km)

Museo Civico - >Gubbio

Museo Civico

Gubbio (31 Km)

Raccolta d'Arte del Convento di S. Francesco - >Gubbio

Raccolta d'Arte del Convento di S. Francesco

Gubbio (31 Km)

Palazzo Ducale - >Gubbio

Palazzo Ducale

Gubbio (32 Km)

Pinacoteca Comunale - >Assisi

Pinacoteca Comunale

Assisi (18 Km)

Foro Romano e Collezione Archeologica - >Assisi

Foro Romano e Collezione Archeologica

Assisi (19 Km)

Museo degli Indios dell'Amazzonia - >Assisi

Museo degli Indios dell'Amazzonia

Assisi (18 Km)

Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea - >Assisi

Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea

Assisi (19 Km)

Museo di San Pietro - >Assisi

Museo di San Pietro

Assisi (18 Km)

Museo del Tesoro della basilica di San Francesco - >Assisi

Museo del Tesoro della basilica di San Francesco

Assisi (18 Km)

Museo Comunale di Bevagna - >Bevagna

Museo Comunale di Bevagna

Bevagna (26 Km)

Loggia dei Tiratori XVII  - >Gubbio

Loggia dei Tiratori XVII

Gubbio (31 Km)

Palazzo del Podestà - >Gubbio

Palazzo del Podestà

Gubbio (31 Km)

Palazzo Ranghiasci - >Gubbio

Palazzo Ranghiasci

Gubbio (31 Km)

Palazzo dei Consoli XIV secolo - >Gubbio

Palazzo dei Consoli XIV secolo

Gubbio (31 Km)

Palazzo Ducale XVI secolo - >Gubbio

Palazzo Ducale XVI secolo

Gubbio (32 Km)

Palazzo Beni XV sec - >Gubbio

Palazzo Beni XV sec

Gubbio (31 Km)

Palazzo del Bargello  - >Gubbio

Palazzo del Bargello

Gubbio (31 Km)

Casa Capit.del Popolo XIII sec - >Gubbio

Casa Capit.del Popolo XIII sec

Gubbio (32 Km)

Santuario Sant'ubaldo - >Gubbio

Santuario Sant'ubaldo

Gubbio (32 Km)

Castello di Magrano - >Gubbio

Castello di Magrano

Gubbio (23 Km)

Porta San Croce - >Gubbio

Porta San Croce

Gubbio (32 Km)

Castello di Biscina - >Gubbio

Castello di Biscina

Gubbio (17 Km)

Castello di Petroia - >Gubbio

Castello di Petroia

Gubbio (20 Km)

Castello di Vallingegno - >Gubbio

Castello di Vallingegno

Gubbio (31 Km)

Porta San Pietro o Vittoria - >Gubbio

Porta San Pietro o Vittoria

Gubbio (1 Km)

Torre Porta Romana - >Gubbio

Torre Porta Romana

Gubbio (31 Km)

Porta degli Ortacci - >Gubbio

Porta degli Ortacci

Gubbio (31 Km)

Eremo delle Carceri - >Assisi

Eremo delle Carceri

Assisi (22 Km)

Castello di Tordandrea - >Assisi

Castello di Tordandrea

Assisi (16 Km)

Porta Moiano - >Assisi

Porta Moiano

Assisi (19 Km)

Porta Cappuccini - >Assisi

Porta Cappuccini

Assisi (19 Km)

Rocca Minore Diroccato - >Assisi

Rocca Minore Diroccato

Assisi (19 Km)

Torre del Popolo - >Assisi

Torre del Popolo

Assisi (19 Km)

Porta Perlici - >Assisi

Porta Perlici

Assisi (19 Km)

Porta San Francesco - >Assisi

Porta San Francesco

Assisi (18 Km)

Rocca Maggiore - >Assisi

Rocca Maggiore

Assisi (19 Km)

Porta San Giacomo - >Assisi

Porta San Giacomo

Assisi (18 Km)

Castello di Tordibetto - >Assisi

Castello di Tordibetto

Assisi (15 Km)

Castello di Beviglie - >Assisi

Castello di Beviglie

Assisi (15 Km)

Castello di Biagiano - >Assisi

Castello di Biagiano

Assisi (19 Km)

Castello di Petrignano - >Assisi

Castello di Petrignano

Assisi (12 Km)

Castello di Sterpeto - >Assisi

Castello di Sterpeto

Assisi (13 Km)

Torre di Torchiagina - >Assisi

Torre di Torchiagina

Assisi (12 Km)

Castello di Rocca San Angelo - >Assisi

Castello di Rocca San Angelo

Assisi (14 Km)

Borgo di Torre del Colle - >Bevagna

Borgo di Torre del Colle

Bevagna (23 Km)

Castelbuono - >Bevagna


Bevagna (22 Km)

Rocca - >Castiglione del Lago


Castiglione del Lago (18 Km)

Castello Pieve del Vescovo - >Corciano

Castello Pieve del Vescovo

Corciano (9 Km)

Castello Salvino ruderi - >Foligno

Castello Salvino ruderi

Foligno (34 Km)

Torre della Rocca - >Foligno

Torre della Rocca

Foligno (34 Km)

Rocca Calestro ruderi - >Foligno

Rocca Calestro ruderi

Foligno (34 Km)

Torre di Montefalco - >Foligno

Torre di Montefalco

Foligno (29 Km)

Palazzo Vitelleschi - >Foligno

Palazzo Vitelleschi

Foligno (30 Km)

Palazzo Guiducci - >Foligno

Palazzo Guiducci

Foligno (31 Km)

Palazzo Deli - >Foligno

Palazzo Deli

Foligno (31 Km)

Palazzo Trinci - >Foligno

Palazzo Trinci

Foligno (31 Km)

Oratorio Madonna del Gonfalone - >Foligno

Oratorio Madonna del Gonfalone

Foligno (31 Km)

Teatro Piermarini - >Foligno

Teatro Piermarini

Foligno (31 Km)

Collegiata di San Salvatore - >Foligno

Collegiata di San Salvatore

Foligno (31 Km)

Monastero Sant'anna - >Foligno

Monastero Sant'anna

Foligno (31 Km)

Monastero di Santa Lucia - >Foligno

Monastero di Santa Lucia

Foligno (31 Km)

Eremo di Santa Maria Giacobbe - >Foligno

Eremo di Santa Maria Giacobbe

Foligno (32 Km)

Porta San Lucia - >Gubbio

Porta San Lucia

Gubbio (32 Km)


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Perugia Turismo

Bastia Umbra (13 Km)

Comune di Assisi

Assisi (19 Km)

Comune di Bevagna

Bevagna (26 Km)

Autonoleggi Segoloni Gianpaolo

Marsciano (23 Km)

A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica

Assisi (19 Km)

A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica

Castiglione del Lago (28 Km)

A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica Comprensorio di Assisi-Bastia U

Assisi (19 Km)

Comune di Monte Castello di Vibio

Monte Castello Vibio (32 Km)

Comune di Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago (27 Km)

Comune di Corciano

Corciano (9 Km)

Comune di Magione

Magione (15 Km)

Comune di Marsciano

Marsciano (13 Km)

Fondazione Lungarotti

Torgiano (10 Km)

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Assisi (19 Km)

Comune di Bettona

Bettona (13 Km)

Comune di Collazzone

Collazzone (23 Km)

Comune di Foligno

Foligno (30 Km)

Comune di Spello

Spello (31 Km)

Comune di Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Tuoro sul Trasimeno (28 Km)

Comune di Torgiano

Torgiano (10 Km)

Comune di Umbertide

Umbertide (18 Km)

Pro Loco Tordandrea

Assisi (16 Km)

Comune di Valtopina

Valtopina (30 Km)

STL dell'Alto Chiascio - Comune di Gubbio

Gubbio (31 Km)

Comune di Martignano

Martignano (582 Km)

Comune di Bastia Umbra

Bastia Umbra (14 Km)

Comunita'Montana Monte Peglia E Selva di Meana

San Venanzo (28 Km)

Comune di Deruta

Deruta (14 Km)

Comune di Fratta Todina

Fratta Todina (28 Km)

Comune di Lisciano Niccone

Lisciano Niccone (25 Km)

Comune di Montone

Montone (29 Km)

Comune di Paciano

Paciano (27 Km)

Comune di Panicale

Panicale (25 Km)

Comune di Passignano sul Trasimeno

Passignano sul Trasimeno (20 Km)

Comune di Piegaro

Piegaro (29 Km)

Comune di Valfabbrica

Valfabbrica (18 Km)

Comune di Cannara

Cannara (20 Km)

Comune di San Venanzo

San Venanzo (28 Km)

STL Valli e Monti Umbria Antica

Foligno (35 Km)

Pro Loco Carbonesca

Gubbio (24 Km)

Pro Loco Cave

Foligno (30 Km)

Pro Loco Costa di Trex

Assisi (23 Km)

Pro Loco Monte Castello di Vibio

Monte Castello Vibio (30 Km)

Pro Loco Rivotorto

Assisi (20 Km)

Parco del lago Trasimeno

Passignano sul Trasimeno (22 Km)

Comune di Gualdo Cattaneo

Gualdo Cattaneo (30 Km)

Comunita' Montana Alto Chiascio

Gubbio (18 Km)

Comunità Montana Monte Subasio

Valtopina (30 Km)

Ufficio Informazioni

Gubbio (31 Km)

Ufficio Informazioni

Foligno (35 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni E di Accoglienza Turistica

Castiglione del Lago (28 Km)

Darsena Pescatori di Sant'Arcangelo di Magione (PG)

Magione (19 Km)

Porto turistico Passignano Lago Trasimeno

Passignano sul Trasimeno (22 Km)

PG Foligno G Franceschi

Foligno (32 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informationi e di Accoglienza Turistica

Castiglione del Lago (28 Km)

Ufficio Informazioni

Foligno (31 Km)

A.A.C.S.T. Azienda Autonoma di Cura, Soggiorno e Turismo del Folignate

Foligno (31 Km)

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