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written by Emilio Aronica

Ostuni città bianca

Piedmont is the ultimate destination for a mountain holiday in Italy. The aptly named Italian region - Piedmont means "at the foothill of the mountains" - is surrounded by the Alps, which make up more than 30 per cent of Piedmont's total area.

Piedmont is home to some of Italy's highest mountains, including Monte Rosa, which is high 15,203 feet, Grenzgipfel, about 15,150 feet, Punta Nordem around 15,121 feet, and Zumsteinspitze, 14,970 feet. These imposing mountains are the backdrop to some of the region's most beautiful destinations, such as the Anzasca Valley, which is dotted with glaciers, alpine lakes, picturesque mountain villages like Macugnaga, and hiking trails suitable for beginners, like Sentiero Naturalistico Monte Rosa, which skirts around the highest mountain in Piedmont; or for expert hikers.

Other attractive destinations include the Alta Langa hills, the Mergozzo Lake, and the pristine Gran Paradiso nature reserve. Piedmont is also a wine-growing region where visitors can enjoy the best of the Italian countryside and sample its products, especially around Monferrato and Langa.

Visitors to Piedmont have a great range of outdoor activities to choose from, including trekking, mountain climbing, wildlife watching, mountain biking, as well as winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.
For these reasons and more, the mountains in Piedmont are the perfect holiday destination.

  • Serenity, sun sets and delicious local wines in Gabiano Monferrato

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Gabiano Monferrato is the ideal location if you are planning a trip to the province of Alessandria, which lies to the south east of Piedmont. Its panoramic hills and tranquil valleys are crossed with rivers, with the horizon to the south... continue

  • Barolo in Piedmont is the Perfect Rural Italian Holiday Destination for Wine Lovers

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Barolo is a perfect holiday destination for travellers with an enjoyment of peace and rural tranquility and wine afficionados who appreciate benefits of visiting excellent vineyards and the opportunities given to sample some of the best... continue

  • Go back in time at Santa Vittoria d'Alba in Piedmont, Italy

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Santa Vittoria d'Alba is a town in the Province of Cuneo in the region Piedmont, Italy. It is, located about 45 kilometres on the southeast of Turin and a similar distance northeast of Cuneo. Santa Vittoria stands is a special place of... continue

  • Valle Maira: Where Nature Meets Culture

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

     Maira Valley in the province of Cuneo in Italy, is an enchanting place where the beauty of nature meets the wonder of great history and culture. As the name suggests, Valle Maira is located in a valley within the Cottian Alps in the... continue

  • Enchanted forests, frescoes and incredible food - whatever the weather

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    The small town of Stroppo nestles high in the alpine mountains of the Piedmont region of Italy. A picture postcard town surrounded by enchanted, misty emerald forests and snow-capped mountains, this pretty alpine town sits in a commanding location... continue

  • Castello di Santa Vittoria - Invites You

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Sitting quietly in-between the Langhe and Roero Hills, you will find the 15th century village of Santa Vittoria d'Alba. In amongst the vineyards, of this wine growing region, the village sits majestically overlooking the breath taking... continue

  • Enjoyable Summer Holidays in Tagliolo Monferrato

    written by Emilio Aronica

    A lovely municipality in Piedmont's Alessandria province, Tagliolo Monferrato, has a couple of interesting attractions to offer foreign and local visitors alike. Generally, this place has a mild and temperate climate. But, summer months are... continue

  • For some peace and tranquility, visit Cerretto

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Cerretto Langhe is a small hamlet in the Piedmont region of Italy. It is the perfect place for a quiet break with great mountain views, charming rustic buildings and a few traditional restaurants to enjoy. It is not far from the French border,... continue

  • Wine and food holidays in Piedmont: tour and specialties

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Italy's northwestern region, Piedmont is famous for its variety of Barbaresco and Barolo red wines, which are mainly made from the local grape variety, Nebbiolo. Barolo wine, which is dubbed the King of Wines because of its previous link... continue

  • Countryside holidays in Piedmont: hills and villages

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Capitalised by the historic city of Turin, Piedmont is a diverse region of Italy, tipped by the snowy peaks of the Alps to the north and underlined by the maritime Alps. The name Piedmont actually means the foot of the mountains and a trip... continue

  • I Castagnoni Bed and breakfast Villa in Rosignano

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Set in the charming Piedmont countryside, Relais I Castagnoni is a B&B guesthouse in the heart of Rosignano. Originally a convent, now I Castagnoni is the summer residence of a family who has been living there for generations. The old convent... continue

  • Agriturismo Tre Colline in langa to discover Piedmont countryside

    written by Emilio Aronica

    The Langhe is a beautiful part of Piemonte dominated by rolling hills, vineyards and ancient hamlets, historic churches, called Pievi, lush woodland and fragrant orchards, as hazelnuts, apples, and cherry. Paola and Massimiliano are the cheerful... continue

  • Art and Culture Holidays in Piemonte

    written by Emilio Aronica

    A holiday in Piedmont will bring out a wealth of experiences for lovers of art and culture. The region in north west Italy is famous for its devotion to tradition and heritage. Literally meaning at the foot of the mountains,... continue

  • The most beautiful lake destinations in Piedmont: relax, walks and fun

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    When people think of Italian lakes, the first locations that generally come to mind are Veneto and Lombardia, however the region of Piedmont has its own gems which are often forgotten about by the mainstream travel industry. The entire western side... continue

  • Bra: a mixture of religion, museums and gastronomy

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Most people who love to travel have been to Italy at least once in their life or, at the very least, are planning on doing so. That is because Italy is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the countries in the world which has the most to offer to... continue

  • Mountain holidays in Piedmont

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Piedmont is the ultimate destination for a mountain holiday in Italy. The aptly named Italian region - Piedmont means "at the foothill of the mountains" - is surrounded by the Alps, which make up more than 30 per cent of... continue

  • The Sannazzaro Castle: curiosities and mysteries

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Giarole is a little village situated only 15 km on the northern side of Alessandria, in the Italian Piedmont region, that is said to be the region with the highest number of castles in the world. Among them there is one that attracts attention for... continue

  • Visit Monferrato in two days: Second Day

    written by Dave Mitchell

    On the second day such a two day visit to Casale Monferrato, the following are breathtaking places to visit in the town;  1. Piazza Mazzini and its environs. The historic center of the town is centered here at Piazza Mazzini, previously a... continue

  • Langhe lands of wine: part one

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Piedmont is one of the regions that have amused people in their tours to Italy. It is located on the North-western part of Italy near the border of Italy and France. Piedmont is known for wine and activities relating to the vine plant. One of the... continue

  • A trip to Stresa on Lake Maggiore: places to visit and Borromean Islands

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Places to visit in Stresa Stresa is an excellent found to discover Lake Maggiore and its surrounding vicinity. Visiting this place gives you the chance to visit and explore more spectacular scenaries including the annual festivals and... continue

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