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  • Hotel Gran Baita

    written by Suzanne Lea

    "Enjoy an Alpine holiday with great food and friendly staff." In the heart of the Italian Alps, Sauze d'Oulx is situated in the Valle di Susa, only an hour from Turin and half an hour from the French Border.  It was one of the host resorts... continue

  • Palazzo Carignano

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Palazzo Carignano, which now houses the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento. Emanuele Filiberto, the son of Tommaso di Carignano, commissioned the mathematician and architect Guarino Guarini, a palace for his family. The work was carried... continue

  • The Egyptian Museum

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Savoy had already a collection of Egyptian antiquities in ‘700, which were added to the exhibits and statues brought from Vitaliano Donati, sent to Egypt by Carlo Emanuele III. In 1824 Carlo Felice bought the collection of approx. 8000 items to... continue

  • Palazzo Madama

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    In this initial period of its history, which dates back to the two towers and then merged into the Baroque facade of the building, there was a city gate called Porta Fibellona on the side exposed to the river Po, which was later fortified by the... continue

  • The Church of the Great Mother of Our Lord

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The church was commissioned to celebrate the return of King Vittorio Emanuele I by the Congress of Vienna after the defeat of Napoleon and it is located on the right bank of the River Po; on the gable of the church there is the inscription "ORDO... continue

  • The Church of Santa Cristina

    written by Cedric Mills

    After the Madama Reale Christine Marie of France lost his eldest son Francesco Giacinto di Savoia, she decided to build a church for his great memory. Construction works began in 1639, first under the direction of Carlo Amadeo then under... continue

  • The Church of San Lorenzo

    written by Andrew adams

    In 1577 Emanuele Filiberto, then Duke of Savoy, was fighting, along with his cousin, Philip II, against the French. On the eve of the Battle of San Quentin – on San Lorenzo Day, August 10 - vowed to erect, in case of victory, a church in honour of... continue

  • The Church of San Carlo

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The construction works of the church began in 1619, by the will of Carlo Emanuele I of Savoy and it was dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo, who, after a pilgrimage on foot from London, came to pray before the Holy Sindone. The current facade, however,... continue

  • The Church of SS. Annunziata

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Today the Church of SS. Annunziata is a new church. It was built in 1915-1935 on the project of two decades, in neo-Baroque by Giuseppe Gallo. With the demolition of the ancient church, which was the work of Charles Morello (the architect of the... continue

  • The Castle of the Valentine

    written by Cedric Mills

    The ancient castle, home to several noble families, was purchased by Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. The castle owes its present form to Madama Reale, the young Maria Cristina of Bourbon-France, wife of Vittorio Amedeo of Savoy. With a four corner... continue

  • The Basilica of Superga

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Legend has it that the Duke of Savoy, Vittorio Amedeo II and Prince Eugene of Savoy watched from the hill of Turin, besieged by the French-Spanish. Vittorio Amedeo, kneeling before an old pier, swore that, if victorious, would build a tribute to... continue

  • Turin as a city of excellence

    written by Bridget Brackett

    They say that Turin is placed at the top of a two triangles of white magic and one of black magic. Piazza Statuto, traditionally identified as a center of black magic with Fontana Angelica where the angel is said to have represented the devil.... continue

  • Turin is the ideal city

    written by Bridget Brackett

    Goals are a must surely Mole, Castle Square and the Cathedral of St. John the Holy Shroud. The evening is to be lived on the banks of the Po Murazzi For the second day can 'be interesting to explore the Turin hills along one of the wine routes... continue

  • Torino city industrial engines chocolate

    written by Bridget Brackett

    For those visiting Turin and has already discovered the architectural beauties of the center as the Mole, Piazza Castello, the Holy Shroud and Egyptian Museum can 'discover the other side of town' approaching the economic history of most 'recent... continue

  • Turin cultural vein of esoteric

    written by Bridget Brackett

    There is much to visit as the Mole, which with its 163 meters high, dominating the city and is home to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Castle Square, surrounded by imposing buildings with beautiful porches and square at the center of the Palazzo... continue

  • Torino business travel for those who go forward

    written by Bridget Brackett

    In town you can breathe a 'very aristocratic air with wide streets which are sharp beautiful neoclassical building with porch. When I visited Turin was late November and elegance of the city was marked by very special Christmas decorations. For... continue

  • The Battle of the Oranges

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Every year during the week leading to Lent, the peaceful, relaxed air of the northern Italian town of Ivrea is filled with the cries of battle and nearly a million flying, smashing oranges.As one story has it, the orange-throwing represents an... continue

  • Shroud of Turin To Go On Display in April 2010

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    This will be the first time the Shroud will be seen by the public since 2002 when it underwent a restoration to remove patches and burnt pieces of cloth. It was last on display in the Jubilee Year 2000.   The Shroud itself is a linen sheet... continue

  • Turin: cafes, ice creams and chocolate...

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Here you can discover and enjoy the classic mastery of Piemontese chocolatiers - from the tradition bicerin to the pralines, to the Gianduia-flavoured gelato – in a refined and elegant ambience. ??These are values expressed in the furnishing, the... continue

  • Turin at a glance: la Mole Antonelliana

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The building was originally commissioned as a synagogue, although it has never been used for this purpose, changing ownership before completion.At over 167 metres, La Mole was the highest brick building in the world at the time of its completion and... continue

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