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written by Andrew adams

Ostuni città bianca

The present building dates to the early sixteenth century, but inside the building were found parts of the structure was medievally decorated. Over the centuries and in the early seventeenth century it had been completely restored. In 1630 the relics of St Valentine were kept in an urn currently placed under the altar, in sight.

The front line of the eighteenth century, is characterized by a portal in the lower band and a large window in the upper part. The interior is decorated in eighteenth-century six chapels where you can admire paintings of great quality and value: in the first chapel on the left of the picture Andrea Polidori’s Madonna and Child with Saints Lawrence, John the Baptist and Bartholomew, to follow in the Chapel Santa Teresa Madonna and Child with Saints Joseph and Theresa, in the chapel of St. Michael is the right place Arpino Cavalieri's painting Saint Michael .

A staircase leads to the crypt where the remains of saints Procolo, Efebo and Apollonius are set and the museum where the artefacts found in excavations are housed. At the center of the choir of the Basilica is set the well where Valentine collected letters with messages of love from all around the world. The church is attached to a recently converted convent which is now a university campus.


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