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Area: 183 km2 | Population: 186307 | Elevation: 34 above sea level
Modena it Is 37 km from Bologna

Why Modena?

Cultural, historical, artistic and landscape destination

Visit Modena - Tourism and travel tips for your vacation or weekend.

Are you planning your vacation in Modena, Italy? Are you looking for all the touristic information on Modena? On Visit Italy you find tourist guides written by the editorial staff and travel experiences of travellers who, like you, have chosen Modena as a destination for a trip or for their holidays. Discover Modena top travel tips with Visititaly's suggestions, recommendations, travel advice and all things to know about Modena.

Enzo Ferrari, king of Modena Motorvalley

Modena: art, food, Ferrari and Lamborghini





Rechigi Park Hotel - >Modena

Rechigi Park Hotel


Hotel Real Fini Via Emilia - >Modena

Hotel Real Fini Via Emilia


Hotel Europa - >Modena

Hotel Europa


Green Resort - >Formigine

Green Resort

Formigine (7 Km)

The grounds are strategicalled located in the green and tranquil area of the residential neighbourhood of Casinalbo in Casinalbo di Formigine, few minutes away from the new Civil Hospital, from downtown Modena, nearby the main arterial roads to Maranello (Ferrari) and Sassuolo (Ceramics), and with access routes to highways. Each housing solution is in perfect synch with the environment and translates into luminous spaces, elegance of detail, sophistication in decor, but always with an eye for convenience. Each apartment consists of a night area with matrimonial bed, day area with a fully-equipped cooking corner, and a bathroom. The clients have at disposal a parking area in the yard protected by an automatic gate, or, if available, in the garage.

Residence Les Suites - >Formigine

Residence Les Suites

Formigine (8 Km)

Set as a row of terraced houses, the grounds are ideal for combining the independence guaranteed by a residence with hotel-type comfort and services, in particular for guests looking fora medium-long stay: all services offered usually in hotels make the atmosphere even more welcoming, and you have full autonomy over your apartment for work meetings, or, simply, to spend time with friends and family. The dettached entrances give the air of private individual housing surrounded by neat gardens. Some appartments face directly the pools of the complex, and others the pine forest and private lawn. The housing solutions are divided in two-room or three-room apartments according to the size, or the number of bedrooms. The price is inclusive of utilities, private parking in front of the apartment or in the interior yard protected by automatic gate



Sassuolo (15 Km)

Hotel San Pellegrino - >Spilamberto

Hotel San Pellegrino

Spilamberto (16 Km)

Hotel La Cartiera - Vignola Village Resort - >Vignola

Hotel La Cartiera - Vignola Village Resort

Vignola (19 Km)

Hotel La Cartiera is situated in Vignola, behind the cherries valley, 18 km from Modena and 29 km from Bologna in the heart of the land made famous for fast cars and castles. The different room categories and the apartments in the residence offer maximum comfort thanks to the modern facilities on offer: a flat screen television with satellite channels, autonomous climate control, Wi-Fi access, a safe, a hairdryer, a bathrobe and slippers. The perfect choice for business and leisure trips alike, the hotel has a restaurant, a large spa area with a gym and beauty treatments, a car park and Wi-Fi access. The Ferrari museum in Maranello, the vinegar making areas, the ham producers and traditional dairies are all only a few minutes from the hotel, whilst Bologna Panigale Airport is only 30 minutes drive away.

Casa Vandelli Di Vandelli Maria Cristina - >Sassuolo

Casa Vandelli Di Vandelli Maria Cristina

Sassuolo (20 Km)

La Lanterna - >Guiglia

La Lanterna

Guiglia (25 Km)

Art and culture

Museo Muratoriano - >Modena

Museo Muratoriano


Museo Civico del Risorgimento - >Modena

Museo Civico del Risorgimento


Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico - >Modena

Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico


The museum was founded in 1871. The ethnological section preserves the collections of Carlo Boni from New Guinea, Pre-Columbian Peru, South America, Africa and Asia. Later, other materials were pooled, donations of scholars and travelers in Modena.

Museo Civico d'Arte - >Modena

Museo Civico d'Arte


Museo Astronomico e Geofisico - >Modena

Museo Astronomico e Geofisico


Biblioteca Estense - >Modena

Biblioteca Estense


Galleria Estense - >Modena

Galleria Estense


Here are exposed works of art of property of the Dukes of Este and a collection of works that has been acquired later. Among the most precious art collections in Europe, many collections are works from the Emilian school of the XIV-XVIII century.

Museo Lapidario e del Tesoro del Duomo - >Modena

Museo Lapidario e del Tesoro del Duomo


Museo della Figurina - >Modena

Museo della Figurina


Museo del Presepe - >Modena

Museo del Presepe


Museo Universitario di Storia Naturale e Strumentazione Scientifica - >Modena

Museo Universitario di Storia Naturale e Strumentazione Scientifica


Raccolta d'Arte della Provincia - >Modena

Raccolta d'Arte della Provincia


Museo del Combattente - >Modena

Museo del Combattente


Museo del Duomo - >Modena

Museo del Duomo


The Cathedral Museum is set up since 2000 and exhibits forms of artistic expression and culture built around the Cathedral of Modena and testimonies related to the cult of St. Geminiano.

Museo Lapidario del Duomo - >Modena

Museo Lapidario del Duomo


It was established at the end of '800, next to the complex of the Cathedral and the Piazza Grande. It belongs to the world heritage site, which was conferred by UNESCO. The Lapidary is a masterpiece of Roman culture.

Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti - >Modena

Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti


Opened in 1841 as " Teatro dell’Illustrissima Comunità". In 2007, one month from the death of the great tenor from Modena, it was known as "Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti. " It hosts concerts, operas and ballets.

Cinema Teatro Michelangelo - >Modena

Cinema Teatro Michelangelo


The Cinema Teatro Michelangeo has a capacity of 480 seats. It hosts a full program of opera, cinema and theater for schools.

Teatro Storchi - >Modena

Teatro Storchi


The theater which retains its original structure, was named after Gaetano Storchi, from Modena a merchant who financed its construction. It has a rich program from the theater season, and many initiatives offered to the public.

Teatro delle Passioni - >Modena

Teatro delle Passioni


This theater is dedicated to prose. It is part together with Teatro Storchi of ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Public Regional Teatro Stabile.

Fonte Sacra di S.Geminiano - >Modena

Fonte Sacra di S.Geminiano


Deposito Museo Civico - >Modena

Deposito Museo Civico


Madonna Pellegrina - >Modena

Madonna Pellegrina


La Ghirlandina - >Modena

La Ghirlandina


Galleria Civica - >Modena

Galleria Civica


Palazzo Ducale - >Modena

Palazzo Ducale


Palazzina dei Giardini - >Modena

Palazzina dei Giardini


Monastero dei Benedettini - >Modena

Monastero dei Benedettini


The current structure is the work of an extension, which occurred during 1500, of a previous structure dating from the late tenth century. The facade has a seventeenth-century portal inside and you can see the cloister of the Levant.

Seminario Metropolitano - >Modena

Seminario Metropolitano


The ex-convent of San Francesco and now Metropolitan Seminary. The current building was erected in 1699. Inside of considerable interest is the seventeenth-century cloister of rectangular shape with in the center a marble statue of the Immaculate Con

Duomo - >Modena



Erected in memory of the fallen of the First World War. In the crypt on the pillars and on the walls are carved the names of 7,300 fallen Modenese during the First World War.

Santuario della Madonna del Murazzo - >Modena

Santuario della Madonna del Murazzo


The facade is in Lombard-Gothic style . The interior is composed of five altars and maintains various sculptures, paintings and statues of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Chiesa Beata Vergine delle Grazie - >Modena

Chiesa Beata Vergine delle Grazie


Built at the beginning of '700 it has a simple facade with a single main door. The interior has a nave with a semicircular apse, 4 side chapels, and 2 small chapels.

Chiesa di San Carlo - >Modena

Chiesa di San Carlo


Built in 1664 by the ducal architect Bartolomeo Avanzini, today used as an auditorium. Inside there are paintings from the most important artists of the '600 Modena.

Chiesa di San Giorgio - >Modena

Chiesa di San Giorgio


The design of the present church built in the seventeenth is attributed to Gaspare Vigarani. The interior has a Greek cross with a a central dome and the high altar of 1666 in polychrome marbles by Antonio Loraghi.

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista - >Modena

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista


It rises on the western side of Piazza Matteotti, and was originally dedicated to St. Michael. It was rebuilt in the sixteenth century and in accordance with the present appearance in 1723 and designed by Gerolamo Frigamelica Roberti.

Chiesa di San Lazzaro - >Modena

Chiesa di San Lazzaro


The building is all that remains of the leper colony built in the late twelfth century.

Chiesa di San Paolo - >Modena

Chiesa di San Paolo


The original structure in the late Romanesque style was much larger than today. The present church was built in the seventeenth century on an earlier building, dating back to 1100, and renovated in last century.

Piazza Grande - >Modena

Piazza Grande


The main square which UNESCO included as a World heritage site and includes most of the important buildings and monuments. Few of the most important buildings in Italy can be founded here such as the University, founded in 1175, which houses over 3000 manuscripts and other historical volumes, 25 libraries and 16 cinemas among others.

Palazzo Comunale - >Modena

Palazzo Comunale


Museo dell'auto e moto d'epoca Umberto Panini - >Modena

Museo dell'auto e moto d'epoca Umberto Panini


Laboratorio d'Arte Grafica di Modena - >Modena

Laboratorio d'Arte Grafica di Modena


Forte resti - >Rubiera

Forte resti

Rubiera (11 Km)

Palazzo Ducale - >Sassuolo

Palazzo Ducale

Sassuolo (17 Km)

Castello di Montegibbio - >Sassuolo

Castello di Montegibbio

Sassuolo (20 Km)

Castello della Torricella - >Scandiano

Castello della Torricella

Scandiano (20 Km)

Torre Porta dell' Orologio - >Scandiano

Torre Porta dell' Orologio

Scandiano (20 Km)

Rocca dei Boiardo - >Scandiano

Rocca dei Boiardo

Scandiano (20 Km)

Castello Rangone - >Spilamberto

Castello Rangone

Spilamberto (16 Km)

Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena - >Spilamberto

Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena

Spilamberto (16 Km)

Castello Malvasia di Panzano - >Castelfranco Emilia

Castello Malvasia di Panzano

Castelfranco Emilia (10 Km)

Forte Urbano - >Castelfranco Emilia

Forte Urbano

Castelfranco Emilia (12 Km)

Castello di Galeazza - >Crevalcore

Castello di Galeazza

Crevalcore (32 Km)

Castello di Palata Pepoli - >Crevalcore

Castello di Palata Pepoli

Crevalcore (19 Km)

Castello dei Ronchi - >Crevalcore

Castello dei Ronchi

Crevalcore (20 Km)

Torre della Guisa - >Crevalcore

Torre della Guisa

Crevalcore (19 Km)

Porta Modena - >Crevalcore

Porta Modena

Crevalcore (19 Km)

Porta Bologna - >Crevalcore

Porta Bologna

Crevalcore (20 Km)

Castello di Formigine - >Formigine

Castello di Formigine

Formigine (11 Km)

Museo dell'Agricoltura e del Mondo Rurale - >San Martino in Rio

Museo dell'Agricoltura e del Mondo Rurale

San Martino in Rio (43 Km)

Museo Civico Il Correggio - >Correggio

Museo Civico "Il Correggio"

Correggio (17 Km)

Galleria Ferrari - >Maranello

Galleria "Ferrari"

Maranello (15 Km)

Museo e Stabilimento Lamborghini Auto - >San Giovanni in Persiceto

Museo e Stabilimento Lamborghini Auto

San Giovanni in Persiceto (5 Km)

Olmo secolare - >Rio Saliceto

Olmo secolare

Rio Saliceto (23 Km)

Wellness and Spa


Food and Wine

Sport and fun

Services and tourist information

Ilia Romagna - Valli del Cimone


A.P.T. Assessorato Provinciale al Turismo


Circuito Citta' d'Arte della Pianura Padana


I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni E di Accoglienza Turistica


I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni E di Accoglienza Turistica

Vignola (21 Km)

Ufficio Informazioni

Vignola (8009 Km)

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