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  • Baia del Sorriso - A Step Away From Great Tuscan Bays

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    If you require a hotel which serves your meal "à la Shirley Valentine" - that is on the brilliant blue beach - look no further than the Baia del Sorriso. The beach is one of the best in this country, it been given the prestigious... continue

  • Relax in the Beautiful Gardens of the Hotel Cernia Isola Botanica in Elba, it’s Heavenly

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    The lovely hotel Cernia Isola Botanica is situated on the beautiful Italian island of Elba, with its own private beach, swimming pool and therapies. Artists, business executives, anybody needing to escape from the stresses of life will all find... continue

  • Enjoy the Ultimate in Luxury at the Iconic Appartamenti Casamacchia

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Situated amongst 5000 square metres of botanical gardens on the island of Elba, the Appartamenti Casamacchia in Capoliveri is a piece of art in and of itself. Designed and constructed in the 1960s under the direction of Fritz Hagl, a famed local... continue

  • Marciana Marina: a high end italian holiday spot

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Marciana Marina is one of the most important towns on the island of Elba, off the Tuscan coast and part of Livorno province. Its sea front and promenade have remained unspoiled, retaining their 18th century Tuscan architecture and atmosphere, and... continue

  • Get swept off your feet by the charms of this Tuscany town

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Situated in the west of Elba Island, Marciana is a divine corner of Italy that never fails to sweep out-of-town visitors off their feet. Irresistibly charming and astonishingly attractive, this Tuscany town is propped up along the slopes of Mount... continue

  • Experience A Delightful Taste Of Tuscany By Visiting Capoliveri, Livorno

    written by Emilio Aronica

    A commune situated on the gorgeous Elba Island of Italy, Capoilveri is an enchanting, blissful location that offers visitors an absolutely unforgettable holiday experience. The area offers a wide variety of things to do, with the Lacona beach a... continue

  • Hotel Cernia - be enchanted by the fairy botanic garden

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Hotel Cernia is strategically situated in Capo S. Andrea which is on the Elba Island. At Hotel Cernia, guests are cordially welcomed and its interior design reveals about the care and pleasure guests can have while spending their time in the Hotel.... continue

  • Populonia, a trip back to the middle ages

    written by Emilio Aronica

    What most people want from their holidays is the chance to relax and visit new and exciting things in a place they have never been to before. Luckily, there are thousands of great destinations in the world to get just that, but there is no doubt... continue

  • Casa Milla: the best in terms of services

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Etruscan Coast is an extensive and narrow stretch of coastline located along Tuscany's coast. The coast stretches all the way from Livorno to Piombino. It also includes the four interior parts of the city. The name of the... continue

  • Eco Hotel Montemerlo ***

    written by Italy Visit

    The EcoHotel Montemerlo is a small village in a large mediterranean garden with palm trees and banana trees, while maintaining the characteristics of familiarity. The complex is situated in a quiet location in the heart of the Green Bay of Fetovaia... continue

  • Marina di Bibbona: a famous sea resort

    written by Andrew adams

    Thanks to the mild climate, the tranquility and the beauty of its sights Marina Di Bibbona has become a famous sea resort for a relaxing but entertaining holiday set in the nature. Also called Marina del Forte, it derives this name from the Bibbona... continue

  • Capraia: back to the origins

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The island of Capraia is part of the Tuscan Archipelago. Its whole territory, with the only exception of the village and the area that was formerly part of the penal colony, has now been comprised in the National Park. It can be reached from Livorno... continue

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