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  • Discover the rich History and Culinary Delights of Sovicille

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Sovicille is a region of Tuscany in Italy. Steeped in a rich history, it is beloved by those who enjoy fine food, fine wine and breathtaking architecture. Best visited in the summer months when the many sights can be enjoyed in the lazy... continue

  • Art and History in San Gimignano

    written by Bridget Brackett

    Brief History about San GimignanoSan Gimignano is a small town in Siena province, Tuscany in Italy. Also called Town of Fine Towers, the town has famous unique tower houses, which it has preserved for years. UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage... continue

  • Travel in Chianti: Gaiole

    written by Alexandra Evans

    Gaiole is a city in the province of Siena. Its history is closely connected with its role as the centre of trade: in 1086 the inhabitants of the surrounding areas began to gather on the valley floor of the Massellone to exchange the goods.After the... continue

  • Discover Radda in Chianti

    written by Bridget Brackett

    Radda was the capital of the League of Chianti, including Radda, Gaiole and Castellina. Since the end of the thirteenth century it became the seat of a mayor appointed by the Florentines and in 1415 was confirmed as the capital of the League. Among... continue

  • A trip to Castellina in Chianti

    written by Andrew adams

    Castellina in Chianti is a town of 2,971 inhabitants in the province of Siena. Its territory is part of the Chianti Classico.Thanks to the presence of Etruscan tomb mound Montecalvario, which dates back to VII-VI century, it was possible to prove... continue

  • Agriturismo Tenuta Ormanni

    written by Italy Visit

    The farmhouse Tenuta Ormanni is set in the green Tuscan hills, close to Siena, in the beautiful village of Poggibonsi. Its beauties were already quoted in the Divina Commedia by Dante, as an idylliac and paradisiac location. The Farmhouse belonged... continue

  • The charm of Siena museums

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Visiting Siena is a very pleasant experience event thanks to all the beautiful museums the city can offer. If you have got some time to spend in Siena, after having visited all the beautiful and fascinating streets and squares of this medieval jewel... continue

  • Piazza del Campo between history and modernity

    written by Dave Mitchell

    I went for the first time in Siena last summer, just in the days before the Palio. I arrived in the end of June, some days before the first Palio of the year, which is traditionally held on July 2nd and repeated on August 16th. Siena is one of the... continue

  • One day at the Palio

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Siena citizens seemed to be mad about the Palio: the tranquillity and calm of the city I read about before leaving does not reflect the enthusiasm growing up in the days of this extraordinary event, when you can feel by yourself the growing... continue

  • The beauty of the city

    written by Jhonny Taylor

    The beauty of the city and of the landscape allowed to restore immediately the inner balance and peace with oneself ... to discover the simplicity of the little things that make life great everyday. To help recovery highly recommend to women over... continue

  • Siena veni vinum bebit

    written by Kevin Patel

    A collective bicycle tour is well as allowing you to appreciate the beauty closely territorial, helps keep everyone in shape and if the fixed goal is one of the wineries that allow you to taste their wine the return will appear less strenuous and... continue

  • Siena Piazza del Campo and the Palio

    written by Jenny Black

    From the top of its promontory overlooking a typical Mediterranean landscape of hills of wheat looming cypress trees. It is a city that is given in all its splendid architecture, landscape and cultural history. The main attraction is definitely on... continue

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