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Pictures of Italy


Area: 261 km2 | Population: 196518 | Elevation: 57 above sea level
Parme it Is 87 km from Bologna

Why Parme?

Cultural, historical, artistic and landscape destination

Visit Parme - Tourism and travel tips for your vacation or weekend.

Are you planning your vacation in Parme, Italy? Are you looking for all the touristic information on Parme? On Visit Italy you find tourist guides written by the editorial staff and travel experiences of travellers who, like you, have chosen Parme as a destination for a trip or for their holidays. Discover Parme top travel tips with Visititaly's suggestions, recommendations, travel advice and all things to know about Parme.

Palazzo Ducale in Parma

The Ducal Palace, which can be found inside the Parco Ducale, was built by Ottavio Farnese in 1561 and has many points of interests which make it worth visiting inside.

On the ground floor you can see a collection of works of art by Cesare Baglioni dating back to the beginning of 1600's. As you walk up the staircase you come to the Sala degli uccelli (bird's room) where you can see frescos and stuccos of 224 different types of birds.

Other interesting rooms are the Sala di Alcina, Sala del Bacio (of the kiss), Sala d’Orfeo, Sala di Erminia, Sala dell’Amore (of love), Sala delle leggende (of the legends). They all have very interesting frescoes.

Parma's Teatro Farnese

The Farnese theatre is a stunning wooden theatre built by Giovanni Battista Aleotti between 1616 and 1618.

It is housed in the southern wind of the Palazzo della Pilotta.
The theatre replaced the sala d’armi (weaponry room) and was built for a purpose.. or better for a man. This man was Cosimo II de' Medici, who was meant o stop in Parma on his pilgrimage to the tomb of San Carlo Borromeo.
The duke Ranuccio I Farnese decided to build a theatre for this occasion and to offer him a special show. However, this did not happen, and the theatre was inaugurated only in 1628, when Margherita de' Medici married the duke Odoardo Farnese.

The peculiarity of this theatre is the fact that here were installed the first-ever revolving stages in an Italian theatre.
Entrance is € 2,00 and the theatre is open every day friom 9.00 top 14.00. Photography is not allowed.

An old spice shop

The Antica Spezieria di San Giovanni is an old spice shop that used to belong to the San Giovanni complex.
No one knows exactly when it was founded, but we know that in 1201 it was already in existence. It was in operation until 1766, then the monks gave it up. There are three rooms inside the old shop: the sala del fuoco (fire room), the sala dei Mortai (mortars room) and the sala delle sirene (mermaids room).
To buy some of the monks soaps and oils you have to head to the convent next door: I bought a bottle of a very refreshing oil made with 31 different herbs – which is good for relaxation and massages.

The old spice shop open all year round Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 to 13.45. May to September there’s extended hours and the shop stays open on Mondays, as well. Closing times are at 18.00 or 19.00. Entrance is 2,00 € and photography is not allowed, but if you ask nicely they will not object to you taking a photo or two, provided you don’t use your flash.

Experiencing Parma's Baptistry

The Battistero (Baptistry in English) is a wonderful octagonal construction made of pink marble right in the middle of the city.

Construction began in 1196 and the architect was a man named Benedetto Antelami - a true genious.
The beauty, however, is not only outisde but also - and mostly - inside. The frescos with which the walls are docorated are amazing: plenty of real and imaginary animals of all sorts and the famous set of figures representing the months, seasons and signs of the zodiac.

I visited this beauty as a part of my artistic trip to Parma and must admit I was truly amazed by the majesty of the building and its decorations. Definitely a must see to understand the history of Parma.

Sacred and Profane in Parma

The Duomo of Parma is an imposing Romanesque cathedral which was completed in the 12th century.
The dome is particularly interesting because of its rich decorations by the Renaissance painter Antonio da Correggio representing the Virgin’s Assumption.
The belfry is Gothic and was added in a second stage, between 1284 and 1294. originally there were meant to be two belfries but the second one was never even begun.
The atmosphere in the church was magical and it was very hard to get back on track and to... reality!

Next stop was Palazzo della Pilotta. The name Palazzo della Pilotta comes from "pilotta", or else the pelota - a basque game that was played in one of the building's courtyards.
This very nice palace, which looks vaguely incomplete - and probably was - was built by the Farnese family between 1583 and 1622 and was meant to be a court service building annexed to the Ducal Palace.
The palace has three courtyards: the Cortile di San Pietro Martire (which is now known as Cortile della Pilotta), Cortile del Guazzatoio and the Cortile della Racchetta.
Today the Palazzo della Pilotta is the home of three museums (the national archaeological museum, the national Gallery and the Bodoni Museum), a library (the Palatine library) and art school (Scuola d'arte Toschi) and a theatre (Farnese theatre).

The famous Culatello from Zibello

Polesine Zibello (28,8Km)


Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati - >Parme

Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati


A Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati stay means to enjoy the best of Parma accommodation: you can convey the comfort of a central hotel, which faces the Dome Square, with its elegant suites as well as the luxury apartments of this historical palace. A charm that shines by sleeping in this noble residence reach of history.




Hotel Stendhal - >Parme

Hotel Stendhal


Antico Bed & Breakfast Podere Merlo in Parma - >Parme

Antico Bed & Breakfast Podere Merlo in Parma


Grant yourself the authentic and memorable experience of living in Podere Merlo: a historical XVIII century parmesan farmhouse dipped in the peace and quiet of a green oasis in town, with the convenience to enjoy Parma city centre without problems of access and car park Podere Merlo is located five minutes from Parma MONUMENTAL AREA, from A1 Highway, from the Trade FAIR and is directly connected by Bus to the RAILWAY STATION Pampered into the atmosphere of our old house, with its perfectly preserved antique furniture and the big park, you can rediscover the excitement of the quiet life of the old times. Since 2009 we proudly offer our guests three B & B service double rooms, large, quiet and reserved, and a fine APARTMENT WITH KITCHEN for those who wish to independently manage his stay. In Podere Merlo you will have: AIR CONDITIONING PRIVATE PARKING FREE WIFI INTERNET CONNECTION ENTRANCE open at any time The PARK, with its large porch any time available for your relax Two BICYCLES free use if you want to explore the historic center closed to car traffic

Il Sogno Di Lucia - >Collecchio

Il Sogno Di Lucia

Collecchio (5 Km)

Ilga Hotel - >Collecchio

Ilga Hotel

Collecchio (9 Km)

Il Rampicante - >Montechiarugolo

Il Rampicante

Montechiarugolo (9 Km)

Villa Albertina - >Sissa Trecasali

Villa Albertina

Sissa Trecasali (16 Km)

B & B Villa Albertina is a beautiful maison de charme 12 km.da Parma, located in a strategic point to visit the city or surrounding area. B & B Villa Albertina built in early 1900, was reported to the ancient glories of a careful restoration in 2008, its turrets edged with medieval turrets, balconies and flower bars are a worthy architectural example of the transitional period between Gothic and Art Nouveau. January 2008 is a B & B Villa Albertina offers the hospitality of a great hotel in a less formal environment, making your stay pleasant and relaxing holiday periods or work.

Da Gardoni - >Langhirano

Da Gardoni

Langhirano (16 Km)

Locanda Del Lupo - >Soragna

Locanda Del Lupo

Soragna (21 Km)

Podere Doglio - >Langhirano

Podere Doglio

Langhirano (21 Km)

The "Podere Doglio" holiday farm is located in a delightful area of gently rolling green hills. It’s perfectly placed to visit many of the other fascinating places of historical, artistic and cultural interest that Emilia has to offer. In a mater of minutes you can reach Langhirano, the Torrechiara Castle, Parma, etc. The farm (7,3 hectares) borders on a wooded area, where many wild animals live. With a little luck, you can you can easily observe hares, pheasants, wild boars, female roe deers, badgers, as they head for water in the farm lake. Wooden-beam floors and period furniture give the place a real touch of class and charm. The holiday farm offers its guests a large garden of approximately 2.000 square meters, where you can relax, and a park of 20.000 square meters, where you will find seedlings of several local tree and shrubs species, including a remarkable collection of aromatic and healing herbs. The rich breakfast is based on local delights, produced and cooked in the farm and can be enjoyed on the lovely panoramic veranda.

ALBERGO BOOMERANG - >Salsomaggiore Terme


Salsomaggiore Terme (23 Km)

Far from the hustle and bustle , immersed in the greenery of the countryside , Hotel Boomerang is situated in the main street of Tabiano Terme Our hotel is in the elevated 3 star category and the hospitality is characterized by the courtesy and the attention paid to detail that only the direct owner management can offer. The rich breakfast buffet, the cared for cuisine following the simple and authentic Emilian Tradition and the attentive cleaning service are our guarantee for making your stay extremely Pleasant and relaxing, the “classic rooms” are bright and spacious with bathroom,



Tabiano (23 Km)

Hotel Sporting is the crystal clear demonstration of how elegance and effi ciency, classical style and modern facilities can be melted into a unique milieu. Here have the owners invested all their 50 years’ experience and a special fl air for the guest’ care. The result is a magnifi cent and perfect blend of experience and innovation. Where can you fi nd us? In Tabiano Terme, the famous spa town, well know for its cosy atmosphere as well as for the healty air, the verdant hills and the superb cusine, rich and veried in its typical dishes.

Hotel Alex - >Tabiano

Hotel Alex

Tabiano (24 Km)

B&B Ca' del Ghiro - >Calestano

B&B Ca' del Ghiro

Calestano (26 Km)

HOTEL PRIMAROSA - >Salsomaggiore Terme


Salsomaggiore Terme (27 Km)

ALBERGO DELLA ROCCIA - >Varano de'Melegari


Varano de'Melegari (27 Km)

Art and culture

Galleria Centro Steccata - >Parme

Galleria Centro Steccata


Lodi Arte - >Parme

Lodi Arte


Galleria d'arte Niccoli - >Parme

Galleria d'arte Niccoli


Pinacoteca G. Stuard - >Parme

Pinacoteca "G. Stuard"


La Collezione Borsari 1870 - >Parme

La Collezione Borsari 1870


Museo Bodoniano - >Parme

Museo Bodoniano


Museo Archeologico Nazionale - >Parme

Museo Archeologico Nazionale


Museo Glauco Lombardi -Maria Luigia e Napoleone  - >Parme

Museo Glauco Lombardi -"Maria Luigia e Napoleone"


Museo A. Bocchi - >Parme

Museo "A. Bocchi"


Museo di Anatomia degli Animali di interesse medico-veterinario - >Parme

Museo di Anatomia degli Animali di interesse medico-veterinario


Castello dei Burattini  - >Parme

Castello dei Burattini


Pinacoteca Stuard - >Parme

Pinacoteca Stuard


Teatro Regio - >Parme

Teatro Regio


Battistero - >Parme



Oratorio di Sant'Ilario - >Parme

Oratorio di Sant'Ilario


Casa e Museo di Arturo Toscanini - >Parme

Casa e Museo di Arturo Toscanini


Scultura e Fontana di Cascella - >Parme

Scultura e Fontana di Cascella


Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale Giardino Pubblico - >Parme

Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale Giardino Pubblico


Accademia Nazionale di Belle Arti  - >Parme

Accademia Nazionale di Belle Arti


Fontana del Trianon  - >Parme

Fontana del Trianon


Palazzo Ducale - >Parme

Palazzo Ducale


Palazzo Pigorini - >Parme

Palazzo Pigorini


Antica Spezieria di San Giovanni  - >Parme

Antica Spezieria di San Giovanni


Castello di Panocchia - >Parme

Castello di Panocchia


Porta San Francesco - >Parme

Porta San Francesco


Torre del Vescovado - >Parme

Torre del Vescovado


Cittadella Porta Sud - >Parme

Cittadella Porta Sud


Cittadella Porta Nord - >Parme

Cittadella Porta Nord


Casa Natale di A. Toscanini - >Parme

Casa Natale di A. Toscanini


Museo Paleontologico Parmense - >Parme

Museo Paleontologico Parmense


Torrione Valeri di Baganzola - >Parme

Torrione Valeri di Baganzola


Rocchetta e Ponte Verdi - >Parme

Rocchetta e Ponte Verdi


Torrione di Beneceto - >Parme

Torrione di Beneceto


Duomo - >Parme



One of the most important churches of Romanesque architecture in Italy, the the Cathedral of Parma has been built between the eleventh and twelfth century, in a location near the ancient Roman city walls. Wonderful and worthy of particular note is it

Abbazia di San Giovanni Evangelista - >Parme

Abbazia di San Giovanni Evangelista


It 's the most important monastic complex in the city of Parma, including a church, the monastery and the old pharmacy. Built in the tenth century on a previous speaker, it was entirely rebuilt after the fire of 1477.

Santa Maria della Steccata - >Parme

Santa Maria della Steccata


Located in a position almost adjacent to the central square Garibaldi, the beautiful church founded in 1521 is one of the finest examples of churches of central plane of the first half of the XVI.

Chiesa di San Vitale - >Parme

Chiesa di San Vitale


One of the oldest churches in the center of the medieval city, it was originally built in the eleventh century and then later in the seventeenth century it has been entirely rebuilt. Inside a beautiful chapel of Our Lady of Constantinople.

San Francesco del Prato - >Parme

San Francesco del Prato


Built in the thirteenth century, a Gothic church extending in length more than the Cathedral itself, it was the ancient seat of the Franciscans, over the centuries it became one of the most important church in the city of Parma.

S.S. Annunziata - >Parme

S.S. Annunziata


Outside the walls of the old town, after crossing the Ponte di Mezzo just few meters away from the river, rises from 1566 the church of SS. Annunziata, one of the most important monuments of mannerism.

Santa Maria delle Grazie - >Parme

Santa Maria delle Grazie


In the ancient Oltretorrente and near Ponte di Mezzo, there is this church built in 1617, as headquarters of the brotherhood of the Stigmata St. Francis. Inside there is a wonderful dome with the fresco by Galeotti.

Museo di Storia Naturale - >Parme

Museo di Storia Naturale


Castellazzo di Vicomero - >Parme

Castellazzo di Vicomero


Castello di Segalara  - >Sala Baganza

Castello di Segalara

Sala Baganza (15 Km)

Torre Boriano resti - >Sala Baganza

Torre Boriano resti

Sala Baganza (19 Km)

Castello Sanvitale - >Sala Baganza

Castello Sanvitale

Sala Baganza (19 Km)

Castello di Sala Baganza - >Sala Baganza

Castello di Sala Baganza

Sala Baganza (13 Km)

Castello - >Traversetolo


Traversetolo (21 Km)

Museo della Terramara - >Poviglio

Museo della Terramara

Poviglio (17 Km)

Palazzo Ducale  - >Colorno

Palazzo Ducale

Colorno (15 Km)

Castello Reggia - >Colorno

Castello Reggia

Colorno (15 Km)

Castello di Felino - >Felino

Castello di Felino

Felino (16 Km)

Museo dell'Ingegno Popolare e della Tecnologia Preindustriale - >Colorno

Museo dell'Ingegno Popolare e della Tecnologia Preindustriale

Colorno (22 Km)

Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano della Val d'Enza - >Montecchio Emilia

Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano della Val d'Enza

Montecchio Emilia (15 Km)

Castello di Torrechiara - >Langhirano

Castello di Torrechiara

Langhirano (18 Km)

Rocca di San Vitale - >Fontanellato

Rocca di San Vitale

Fontanellato (15 Km)

Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano - >Soragna

Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano

Soragna (21 Km)

Museo Civico A. Parazzi - >Viadana

Museo Civico "A. Parazzi"

Viadana (21 Km)


Food and Wine

Sport and fun

Services and tourist information

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni E di Accoglienza Turistica


Parma International Airport


Azienda Mobilita' Nord Emilia Soc. Cons. A Rl


CN Levaldigi Torino Olimpica


Ufficio di Promozione Mercati

Fontanellato (16 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni E di Accoglienza Turistica

Medesano (21 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni E di Accoglienza Turistica

Fontanellato (15 Km)

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