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Are you planning your vacation in Naples, Italy? Are you looking for all the information on Naples? On Visititaly Varese you find tourist guides written by the editorial staff and travel experiences of travellers who, like you, have chosen Naples as a destination for a trip or for their holidays. Discover Naples Top travel tips with Visititaly's suggestions, recommendations, travel advice and all things to know about Naples.



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  • Traditional Nativity in Naples

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Naples is one of the most attractive and fascinating cities of Italy. Finding time to spend your Christmas in Naples will make your December holiday memorable. Like most cities of Italy, Christmas holiday here starts from December 8 until... continue

  • B&B Bellini

    written by Cedric Mills

    The B&B Bellini is an elegant building set in the heart of Naples, overlooking one of the most beautiful squares in the historic centre: the Piazza of the literary cafes, immersed among antique monuments and museums. The Bed and Breakfast... continue

  • Town Hall Square

    written by Andrew adams

    Spacious and green: this is the first impression of the rectangular Piazza del Municipio (Town Hall Square). From here, you look at Vesuvius in the background, like in a painting. Part and parcel of this beautiful square are the Town Hall (now the... continue

  • Via Toledo

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    A particular street, the main artery of Naples, dates from the first half of the 500 and today is totally pedestrian, and is the heart of the city of Naples. It develops between Piazza Dante and Piazza Plebiscito. On Via Toledo overlook noble... continue

  • The Royal Palace

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Royal Palace was designed and partly built by Domenico Fontana and was in the early years of '600. From 1600 to 1946, the Royal Palace was the seat of monarchical power not only in Naples, but also of Italy and throughout the South, passing by... continue

  • The Cathedral of Naples

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Cathedral of Naples is dedicated to the Assumption and it was built in late 1200 by Charles I of Anjou. It is of Gothic style and its plant is a Baroque Latin cross.The stucco decorations belong to the late seventeenth century. Of... continue

  • Castel Novo or Maschio Angioino

    written by Alexandra Evans

    The Castel Novo, better known as Maschio Angioino, was born as an alternative to the residence of Castel Capuano of King Charles I of Anjou. The castle was originally built in Gothic style by French architects in the years between 1279 and 1282. The... continue

  • Castel dell'Ovo

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Landed on this small island in the middle of the seventh century BC, the Cumani, who founded the organized town of Partenope. Under the imposing castle you can admire the village with a marina, surrounded by houses and restaurants. A very... continue

  • Basilica of Santa Chiara

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    Located in the historic center of Naples, the Basilica of Santa Chiara, stands out for its Gothic style. It was built in 300, by order of King Robert of Anjou, and the work was entrusted to the direction of the architects Gagliardo Pirmario and... continue

  • Naples and the theatre festival

    written by Dave Mitchell

    In June, Naples opens the curtain at the theater companies coming from around the world at the Naples Theatre Festival to stage a myriad of events in the most extravagant locations of the city. The festival presents itself as a veritable marathon of... continue

  • See Naples and then..

    written by Dave Mitchell

    The most full and rich squares in Naples is the historic Piazza Plebiscito a semicircular square overlooked the fantastic old Bourbon Royal Palace and the neoclassical facade of the Church of San Francesco di Paola. The square seems to be the... continue

  • The Vesuvius

    written by Beata Cox

     Posted within the National Park of Vesuvius is certainly one of the main attractions of Naples. Anyone who is visiting Naples can not resist the call of a hike on the Vesuvius.It possible to drive until share 1000mt along the slopes of the... continue

  • The cribs

    written by Beata Cox

    For centuries these artisans use the "hut" as an incubator of events that occurred during the year and as an instrument of satire. There is therefore no surprise that among the shepherds in the nativity will discover that love Jesus' Child unusual... continue

  • The center of Naples

    written by Beata Cox

    One example is the Piazza del Gesu’ with her namesake church. The Chiesa del Gesu’ is located at the center of the square near the popular neighborhoods. Visiting the church in many perceive the sensation of having already seen it and it doesn’t... continue

  • Napoli Solfatare and underwater Park

    written by Cedric Mills

    Who has visited Naples and is looking for a wildly natural I will recommend a visit to Solfatara on the outskirts of the city. The Solfatara is located within the Campi Flegrei and is one of the 40 volcanoes that make up this area. It is possible to... continue

  • Napoli Undergroud

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    These is Napoli Sotterranea .. visit it means to undertake a journey in time down to thirty feet deep where gundergroud reveal the evolution of Naples through the first excavations of prehistoric times to switch to Greek quarries to obtain the tuff... continue

  • Naples, the queen of the South

    written by Alexandra Evans

    The best way to get to know Naples is to walk around its ancient streets, discovering the hidden wonders of this amazing city: our one day itinerary starts from the Duomo called the Cathedral of San Gennaro that houses the relics of the city’s... continue

The city of Naples, with an elevation of 17 m (56 ft), is in the Province of . The Patron saint is Januarius on 19 September. The demonym of natives is "Neapolitan(s) (English) Nnapulitano, Nnapulitani (Neapolitan) Napoletano, Napoletani (Italian)".

In Naples there are 65 accomodation.. You may visit 111 places of interest.

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