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Area: 239 km2 | Population: 95269 | Elevation: 49 above sea level
Lecce has 6 hamlets And it Is 139 km from Bari

Why Lecce?

A seaside destination with a cultural, historical, artistic and landscape proposal of great interest
It overlooks the Mare Adriatico

Visit Lecce - Tourism and travel tips for your vacation or weekend.

Are you planning your vacation in Lecce, Italy? Are you looking for all the touristic information on Lecce? On Visit Italy you find tourist guides written by the editorial staff and travel experiences of travellers who, like you, have chosen Lecce as a destination for a trip or for their holidays. Discover Lecce top travel tips with Visititaly's suggestions, recommendations, travel advice and all things to know about Lecce.

A trip in Lecce: the "Athens of Apulia"

Cutrofiano A Town Well Known for Ceramics

Cutrofiano (25,8Km)


Tenuta Monacelli & Masseria Giampaolo - >Lecce

Tenuta Monacelli & Masseria Giampaolo


In the heart of the extraordinary land of Salento stretch in balance between two seas, lies a special jewel: Tenuta Monacelli & Masseria Giampaolo. Nature strikes in the first place, with uninterrupted views of the surrounding ancient olive groves, a strong symbol of identify. Beautiful and glamorous bases especially for lovers wanting to enjoy the rich achitectural heritage, wonderful coastline, historic-archeological resources, amazing food & wines and other pleasures. The real icing on the cake is the huge pool offering relax and vitality among olive trees. Tradition and confort, style and space everywhere combine to make a truly unique experience, feeling a deep sense of wellbeing; the opportunity to become one with nature, to feel energized.

B&b LecceSalento - >Lecce

B&b LecceSalento


The Bed & Breakfast "LecceSalento" is located in a building next to Piazza Sant’Oronzo, right into the heart of the city; a few steps away from the historical quarter of Baroque Lecce. The Furniture is modern; every room is heated during the winter months and there is air conditioning during the summer months. The rooms are equipped with a television, a DVD player, a small refrigerator and free high speed WI-FI Internet Access directly in your room..

Bedlecce - >Lecce












Masseria Chicco Rizzo - >Sternatia

Masseria Chicco Rizzo

Sternatia (15 Km)

Masseria Chicco Rizzo has finely furnished rooms equipped with air conditioning, mini-bar, bathroom with shower and other necessary services to ensure the right comfort by proposing different ways of accommodation, according to the needs of both individuals and families. The comfortable swimming pool, the natural kitchen and its biological products, as well as the trekking paths and the rich library at guests disposal, allow moments of authentic relaxation and, for the most avid readers, relaxing reading sessions, perhaps in the shadow of an ancient olive tree. The renovation of the Masseria has made it possible to admire the fine manufacture of the vaults in tuff stone, almost intact, which arch on the supporting structures of Lecce stone and faithfully reproduce the architectural scheme that characterizes most of the farms in Lecce.

B&B CONTRADA VIVA - >Cutrofiano


Cutrofiano (25 Km)

In the heart of Salento, Contrada Viva B & B is a mediterranean countryhouse completely dipped into the green countryside. Contrada Viva B & B is the ideal place for those who want to discover and appreciate the natural and artistic beauties of Salento, whose colours and relishes are strong and delightful.

Masseria Pagani - >Nardo'

Masseria Pagani

Nardo' (25 Km)

Masseria Pagani, historic home with central core dating from the fourteenth century, is today a Resort where guests can experience the flavors of the Salento rural life, nature, colors and traditions. Sober, fine and elegant, carefully restored, with charming setting that circumvents the time, in an atmosphere made of various views, where everyone can feel at home just five minutes from the splendid sea of Santa Caterina and the Natural Park of Porto wild and fifteen from the beaches of Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo.

Hotel Bar Miramare - >Porto Cesareo

Hotel Bar Miramare

Porto Cesareo (26 Km)

Hotel Bar Miramare is located right on the water at Porto Cesareo, in a retro building owned by the Rocco family since 1890. The hotel has 11 rooms, a bar and pizzeria, with a confectionery and ice cream shop for an extra sweet touch. The stylish rooms have beautiful views over the water of the Adriatic Sea.

Family Village Otranto - >Otranto

Family Village Otranto

Otranto (27 Km)

The Family Village of Otranto is a pleasant receptive structure of recent realization that places in the denominated place Frassanito, belonging zone to the famous and suggestive Otranto and little distance from the Lakes Alimini. The complex has been built with stones typical of the zone, among these we are not able not to quote the fascinating stone leccese. The village is surrounded by the green, from pines and ulivi secular, and absorbed in the country salentina to few footsteps from the sea. The village is composed by 64 united housing that place around the swimming pool, you/they can be to the plain earth or to the first floor and they have external patio. In the proximities the famous tourist place of Tower of the bear can be reached, from the transparent sea and the sand color silver.

Baiamalva Resort - >Porto Cesareo

Baiamalva Resort

Porto Cesareo (27 Km)

The Resort Baiamalva, whose name was inspired by one of the islands that emerge in the Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo, is a recent building. It is located in the beautiful stretch of coast between Gallipoli and Taranto. The Resort stay just 2 km from Porto Cesareo center, close to the coast, in a large green space

I TABACCHI - >Cavallino


Cavallino (5 Km)

At few minutes from Lecce's historical center and well located to visit the most beautiful sites of Salento (Gallipoli, Otranto and sands or rocks beaches of Adriatic and jonian sea, I TABACCHI, surrounded by a big garden,offers threes wide and confortables rooms with bathroom, breakfast with fresh local products, parking. It'is possible to rent all the appartment (6 to 8 beds).

Bed and Breakfast SIGISMONDO CASTROMEDIANO - >Cavallino


Cavallino (5 Km)



Galatina (20 Km)

It was the year 1550 ca. when in Galatina the economic activities, expecially the tanning, were so flourishing that the Counts Cosimo and Nicola Baldi, businessmen from Umbria and Toscana, decided to build Palazzo Baldi. It is situated in the historical centre of Galatina, between the Basilica of S. Caterina and the Basilica of S. Peter and Paul. The palace provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for the body and soul thank to its design according to new bio-architecture guidelines. Palazzo Baldi provides luxury Suites, apartments, rooms with every comforts: halls have the wirele

Hotel  VILLA ELISABETTA - >Galatina


Galatina (20 Km)

Villa Elisabetta is in the centre of Salento, 15 km from Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli. Surrounded by wild nature, it offers a swimming pool, free parking, and a well-kept garden.



Maglie (28 Km)



Neviano (28 Km)

Villa Scinata guest house - >Nardo'

Villa Scinata guest house

Nardo' (28 Km)

Scinata Villa is a historic home located on a hill 500 meters from the Ionian sea of Porto Selvaggio and few kilometers from Gallipoli, Lecce, Otranto and Leuca. Surrounded by a park of 5 acres with tall trees and ancient olive trees, the garden is peaceful and relaxing walks in the shadow readings of the foliage. Has within junior and superior suites and independent air-conditioned rooms with kitchen facilities from 2 to 4 people, each existing amenities (TV, DVD, WiFi wireless internet) and outdoor area of relevance (gazebo, barbecue, deck chairs and sun umbrellas). Represents the ideal sett

Art and culture

Museo Missionario Cinese e di Storia Naturale - >Lecce

Museo Missionario Cinese e di Storia Naturale


Pinacoteca d'Arte Francescana - >Lecce

Pinacoteca d'Arte Francescana


Palazzo del Seminario - >Lecce

Palazzo del Seminario


Palazzo del Sedile - >Lecce

Palazzo del Sedile


Convento dei Celestini - >Lecce

Convento dei Celestini


Porta Rudiae - >Lecce

Porta Rudiae


Built on the ruins of an oldest collapsed door, the Rudiae Gate was rebuilt in 1703 by the noble Lecce Prospero Lubelli. The door consists of a single arch, flanked by two columns on each side resting on a podium and supporting a frieze.

Castello Carlo V - >Lecce

Castello Carlo V


Porta Napoli - >Lecce

Porta Napoli


Porta Napoli is a triumphal arch of Lecce, which marks the entrance to the historic center of the city. It is located in the vicinity of the square Arc de Triomphe

Torre Veneri - >Lecce

Torre Veneri


Torre Chianca - >Lecce

Torre Chianca


Torre Rinalda - >Lecce

Torre Rinalda


Torre Specchiolla - >Lecce

Torre Specchiolla


Piazza Sant'Oronzo - >Lecce

Piazza Sant'Oronzo


It is the elegant living room of the city and it is partially occupied by the Roman Amphitheatre of the III century AD, unearthed at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the square stands the column with the statue of Sant Oronzo, protector of

Piazza del Duomo - >Lecce

Piazza del Duomo


It is a rare example of "enclosed square" where the baroque style is dominant and in which time ago the doors in the evening, of which are still visible impressive hubs, were shut.

Duomo - >Lecce



It was first built in 1144 and was renovated between the years 1659-70 by Giuseppe Zimbalo to whom we owe the adjacent bell tower, 70 meters high and divided into 5 floors with very slender windows.

Torre del Parco - >Lecce

Torre del Parco


Located in the heart of Lecce, it is one of the most symbolic monuments of the city of the of medieval and Renaissance period. The tower, more than 23 meters high and built on three levels, is surrounded by a moat in which were bred bears.

Basilica di Santa Croce - >Lecce

Basilica di Santa Croce


The interior is a Latin cross with three naves, the central one it is surmounted by a coffered ceiling in gilded walnut, the two sides are covered with vaulted ceilings and open towards seven chapels, each equipped with altars.

Chiesa di Sant'Irene dei Teatini - >Lecce

Chiesa di Sant'Irene dei Teatini


Dedicated to Saint Irene, it has a grand facade and interior, with a Latin cross with a nave, it is modulated in a much more sober way than to outside .

Chiesa di Santa Chiara  - >Lecce

Chiesa di Santa Chiara


Chiesa del Carmine - >Lecce

Chiesa del Carmine


Palazzo del Governo - >Lecce

Palazzo del Governo


Porta San Biagio - >Lecce

Porta San Biagio


Castello D'Amely - >Melendugno

Castello D'Amely

Melendugno (17 Km)

Abbazia di San Niceta - >Melendugno

Abbazia di San Niceta

Melendugno (17 Km)

Menhir di Ussano - >Cavallino

Menhir di Ussano

Cavallino (7 Km)

Specchia Sentina - >Cavallino

Specchia Sentina

Cavallino (6 Km)

Palazzo Ducale - >Cavallino

Palazzo Ducale

Cavallino (6 Km)

Torre Federico II Leverano - >Leverano

Torre Federico II Leverano

Leverano (17 Km)

Torre di San Foca - >Melendugno

Torre di San Foca

Melendugno (21 Km)

Torre di Roca Vecchia ruderi - >Melendugno

Torre di Roca Vecchia ruderi

Melendugno (22 Km)

Castello Petraroli - >Melendugno

Castello Petraroli

Melendugno (22 Km)

Castello d'Amely - >Melendugno

Castello d'Amely

Melendugno (17 Km)

Porta San Vito  - >Soleto

Porta San Vito

Soleto (19 Km)

Castello di Acaya - >Vernole

Castello di Acaya

Vernole (11 Km)

Borgo Murato di Acaya - >Vernole

Borgo Murato di Acaya

Vernole (11 Km)

Basilica Santa Caterina d'Alessandria - >Galatina

Basilica Santa Caterina d'Alessandria

Galatina (20 Km)

Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria - >Galatina

Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria

Galatina (20 Km)


Spiaggia Torre Veneri - >Lecce

Spiaggia Torre Veneri


Le Rotte di Portolano - Yachts and Travels - >Lecce

Le Rotte di Portolano - Yachts and Travels


spiaggia di Acaya - >Lecce

spiaggia di Acaya


Lido Ponticello - >Lecce

Lido Ponticello


Soleluna Lido - >Lecce

Soleluna Lido


2 Laghi - >Lecce

2 Laghi


Salento Sail - >Lecce

Salento Sail


Spiaggia Conca Specchiulla - >Melendugno

Spiaggia Conca Specchiulla

Melendugno (27 Km)

Spiaggia Falesie di Sant' Andrea - >Melendugno

Spiaggia Falesie di Sant' Andrea

Melendugno (26 Km)

Spiaggia le Cesine - >Vernole

Spiaggia le Cesine

Vernole (16 Km)

Lido Li Marangi - >Melendugno

Lido Li Marangi

Melendugno (20 Km)


Food and Wine

Services and tourist information

A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica


I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni e di Accoglienza Turistica


A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica


A.P.T. Azienda di Promozione Turistica


Comune di Lecce


I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni E di Accoglienza Turistica


Noleggio Autobus Cirfeda Di Giuseppe Cirfeda

Leverano (16 Km)

Comune di Trepuzzi

Trepuzzi (10 Km)

Comune di Veglie

Veglie (18 Km)

Comune di Zollino

Zollino (18 Km)

Comune di Torchiarolo

Torchiarolo (17 Km)

Comune di Lequile

Lequile (6 Km)

Comune di Leverano

Leverano (17 Km)

Comune di Lizzanello

Lizzanello (7 Km)

Comune di Martano

Martano (23 Km)

Comune di Monteroni di Lecce

Monteroni di Lecce (7 Km)

Comune di Novoli

Novoli (18 Km)

Comune di San Cesario di Lecce

San Cesario di Lecce (7 Km)

Comune di San Donato di Lecce

San Donato di Lecce (12 Km)

Comune di San Pietro in Lama

San Pietro in Lama (7 Km)

Comune di Soleto

Soleto (19 Km)

Comune di Squinzano

Squinzano (14 Km)

Comune di Arnesano

Arnesano (7 Km)

Comune di Calimera

Calimera di Lecce (15 Km)

Comune di Campi Salentina

Campi Salentina (14 Km)

Comune di Carmiano

Carmiano (11 Km)

Comune di Castri di Lecce

Castri di Lecce (12 Km)

Comune di Cavallino

Cavallino (5 Km)

Comune di Copertino

Copertino (14 Km)

Comune di Galatina

Galatina (21 Km)

Comune di Guagnano

Guagnano (20 Km)

Comune di Salice Salentino

Salice Salentino (24 Km)

Comune di Caprarica di Lecce

Caprarica di Lecce (14 Km)

Comune di Vernole

Vernole (13 Km)

Comune di Sternatia

Sternatia (10 Km)

Comune di Surbo

Surbo (5 Km)

Comune di Melendugno

Melendugno (17 Km)

Pro Loco Castri

Castri di Lecce (12 Km)

Pro Loco Novoli

Novoli (11 Km)

Faro di segnalazione Sant'Andrea

Melendugno (25 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni e di Accoglienza Turistica

Martano (12 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni e di Accoglienza Turistica

Copertino (14 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni e di Accoglienza Turistica Acaja

Vernole (13 Km)

I.A.T. Ufficio Informazioni e di Accoglienza Turistica San Foca

Melendugno (20 Km)

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