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written by Chiara Guzzetti

Ostuni città bianca

Near Cala in Palermo we can find the Church of Santa Maria della Catena. The church owes its name to the long chain attached to its outer wall that blocks access to the ancient port of Palermo.
Here there was already a small chapel in the fifteenth century when they began the work of today's church.

It was built by the architect Matteo Carnilivari between 1490 and 1520. It is a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture in Sicily, or rather, in Palermo, with strong influences from the Gothic-Catalan.

On top there is a staircase located on the front porch with tripartite Catalan arches. Vincenzo and Antonello Gagini in the sixteenth century carved capitals of columns and doorways and even the bas-reliefs of the portals.
The nave is characterized by its ribbed vaults, while the aisles are vaulted and the apse is characterized by a complex interplay of spaces with an octagonal base.
The interior is rich in works of art like the paintings on the sides and ceiling of Olivio Sozzi dating from the eighteenth century. In the second chapel on the right there is the old entrance to the church. The four statues of saints in the four corners, Daisy, Nymph, Olive and Barbara are also likely works by Gagini.

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