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written by Bridget Brackett

Ostuni città bianca

If you are looking for a place to calm down and break amid glitzy and sophisticated atmosphere, having an awesome view of an emerald sea, Sorrento in the Amalfi coast is the place to go.
The name Sorrento was derived from the Greek word ‘’surreal’’ which means ‘I flow together, I flow, I complete.’ It is therefore not a coincidence that the name is in perfectly corresponds to the morphology of Sorrento ridge, made of two different and distant rivers which flow into the sea, embracing this city. The town is characterised by beautiful architecture, restaurants, cafes as well as shops catering to tourists.

How to arrive
There several destination airports that you can select. You may fly to Fiumicino Airport Leonardo da Vinci or Ciampino Airport in Rome then take a train to Naples Central Station, a journey that will take you slightly over an hour. Alternatively, you can fly directly to Capodichino Airport in Naples, where you will take a bus or a taxi to Naples Central Station; this will take 30-40 minutes. From the Central station in Naples, you will need to take Vesuviana Train to Sorrento in around 70 minutes. There is also a direct travel by bus from Capodichino Airport in Naples to Sorrento, taking about one and a half hours. 

The most viable option is to visit the city of Sorrento is by taking a leisurely stroll among the amazing shopping streets as well as the picturesque town with its narrow streets lined with local shops. This way you have the chance to stop occasionally and take a sip of Limoncello, the popular liqueur that is nowadays exported all over the world. Ferries commute between Capri and Sorrento regularly, making it the perfect base for exploring the island. 

The cultural side of Sorrento is similarly amazing and you will not be disappointed in its churches and museums. 
The local bus service is also reliable and is good enough to take a trip to all the exciting places available in the region. If you want o get to the beach or the harbour and you want to avoid the steep walk, you may as well take up and down bus. In the event that you wish to enjoy the amazing sights in the sole company of your own being, you will need to hire a taxi and advisably, a chauffeur. Driving a car on your own will not be the best idea for visitors owing to the winding and narrow features of the road. The coastal roads are just above the sea and you will probably come across huge tourist coaches which can create difficulties at the bends. Although the best way to explore the coast is by car because you can stop off as you want, the best alternative is to use public transport. 
A lift is available to take you up and down between the top of the cliff and the harbour and beach area. The lift only costs a Euro. The beach is one of the private beaches in the area and is located to the west side of the public beach. During the summer time after you have had a refreshing cool swim and you do not want to get sweaty by walking up the little hill, using the lift will be the best option.
You will never fall short of what to do in Sorrento as this city is bursting with possibilities. You may want to enjoy a splash in Naples Bay, take a walk through the active pedestrian only streets during the night. 

There is a variety of thrilling things that you will want to do in Sorrento. The Charter La Dolce Vita will suggest beautiful itineraries that suit your time frame. Whether you are a long-time visitor and all you want is a lazy day at the sea or you are a guest on a cruise ship and only have a restricted time experience, you will be guided on how to proceed. 
From Sorrento, you will head towards Marina Grande or Marina Piccola to accomplish just that. At Marina Piccola, you will be charged between 8 and 10 Euros for entry to the reserved areas with sand. You are assured of getting a deck chair and you will pay an extra 5 Euros to get an umbrella. Still, there is a public beach at Marina Piccola that has a small region with sand, but at the end of the day you will be swimming in similar water to the private beach-goers. The public beach also contains a sun baking area that consists of a large wooden deck. Marina Grande is the home to the fishing fleets. It is normally much quieter with a huge beach area spotted with a few relaxed beach restaurants and cafes.

If you intend to exercise and have fun at the same time you will want to cycle a bike. You can rent one and ride out of Sorrento to have a view of the coast from above. You will definitely have fun cycling on the winding roads, up and down the landscape. The bike rental available charges about 20 Euros for every 24 hours. 

Shopping away from home is a good experience, as you collect different souvenirs to show the people back home. There are numerous places where you can do your purchasing.
Limonoro is a good point to start your shopping. It has the sweetest limoncello and you will have the opportunity to witness it being made. You will come to know that it is basically pure alcohol with some flavouring.
The historical centre of L’Alambicco has a wines and limoncello shop where the limoncello is offered free for tasting before you make your purchase. 

A visit to Murseo Bottega della Tarsialignea will expose you to the amazing workshop and woodcarving museum in town. It is open each morning and offers you a firsthand experience with the arts, as you mix with different woodworkers. 

The Church of San Francesco located in piazza San Francisco is another place to visit. During summer times occasional concerts and free art exhibits are held here.

Sorrento, Campania is truly an amazing place to visit. If you are planning to go on holiday or vacation and you do not have a ready destination in mind, well you just got one. Being in this amazing city is a lifetime experience which you cannot afford to miss provided you have what it takes. By visiting all the overwhelming sites and sharing in the ancient Italian culture by way of eating traditional foods, drinks and buying local handmade clothes you will appreciate that it will be worth everything. The long shorelines lined with pebbles and the tranquil beach milieu will free you from the busy and hectic life of office work. A single trip to Sorrento will turn your entire life around for the better, and it will not be surprising if you wanted to go there over and over again.

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