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Mountain holidays in Abruzzo

The Abruzzo region of central Italy is known for the large number of National Parks, which have made this region known as the greenest in Europe.

Exploring the mountains of the region means it is possible to climb the highest mountain Abruzzo has to offer the 2,912 metre high Gran Sasso D'italia.
The Gran Sasso D'italia is a well known mountain, used for winter sports with the mountains themselves known for their skiing and snowboarding along with a wide range of activities for the rest of the year with hiking and climbing opportunities.

There are a number of mountains found in Abruzzo that are found as part of the Apennine range, which means the range is made up of a number of smaller chains running parallel to each other. For those who set out to explore the Abruzzo mountains their are many small towns nestled in the foothills of the mountains that include the Castel del Monte village nestled in the Gran Sasso range within Abruzzo. One of the most amazing excursions to take is to the historic Castle of Corvo de Corvis that sits overlooking the valley below that has been in existence since the year 1000.

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