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Scaligera Viaggi Verona: Information

VIA ORIANI N. 8 - Verona (VR)

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The courtyard of the old market: a hidden gem

The courtyard of the old market: a hidden gem

The Courtyard of the Mercato Vecchio is the name given to the inner courtyard of the Palazzo del Comune. The square... continue

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Be a Valentine in Verona

Be a Valentine in Verona

The roundup of tips for Valentine's Day can not be separated from the city of Romeo and Juliet: thus, for the third... continue

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Vintage Radio Museum

Vintage Radio Museum

This small "semi-private" museum is a tribute and a gesture of love to the world of Radio, the discovery that has... continue

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Places to visit near Scaligera Viaggi

Forte Stadion (Tomba)
Distance : 1,1 km
Forte Santa Caterina
Distance : 2,7 km
Porta Nuova
Distance : 3,7 km
Tomba di Guilietta
Distance : 3,8 km
Porta Vittoria
Distance : 3,9 km
Studio La Città
Distance : 4,1 km
Palazzo Barbieri
Distance : 4,3 km
Portoni della Bra'
Distance : 4,3 km