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Scaligera Viaggi Verona: Information

VIA ORIANI N. 8 - Verona (VR)

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Porta Leona

Porta Leona

The gate was built during the Roman Republic by P. Valerius, Q. Caecilius, Q. Servilius and P. Cornelius, and... continue

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Juliet's balcony

Juliet's balcony

Romeo, Romeo, where forth art thou Romeo? Probably third in line behind the American and French guys getting their... continue

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Verona, a beautiful city with an incredible charm

Verona, a beautiful city with an incredible charm

Strolling through the historical center of Verona is a really unique experience: there are not so many cities with a... continue

Other similar topics: arena , balcony of romeo

Places to visit near Scaligera Viaggi

Forte Stadion (Tomba)
Distance : 1,1 km
Forte Santa Caterina
Distance : 2,7 km
Porta Nuova
Distance : 3,7 km
Tomba di Guilietta
Distance : 3,8 km
Porta Vittoria
Distance : 3,9 km
Studio La Città
Distance : 4,1 km
Palazzo Barbieri
Distance : 4,3 km
Portoni della Bra'
Distance : 4,3 km