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The best hotels of Veneto

45 suggested accomodations - 15 recommended accomodations. Complete guide with descriptions, prices, direct contacts and information.

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Lake Garda is an internationally famous jewel in the crown of northern Italy, and the 4 star Hotel Bellevue San Lorenzo, situated directly on its shore in the town of a "http:/ [...] continua

Situated near the lush green Euganean Hills in Italy’s Veneto region, Hotel Harrys' Garden offers a trekking, biking, relaxing and food p [...] continua

The Continental Terme hotel is a family-run business that prides itself on offering guests the quality and comforts of a top class establishment. The thermal treatments, spa and beauty farm and thermal swimming [...] continua

If you're yearning to experience the true beauty that life has to offer, come and visit Galzignano Terme SPA & Golf Resort in Galzignano Terme. An idyllic paradise located in the Province of Padua/ [...] continua

The Galzignano Terme Spa & Golf Resort now features an ambitious new project called "Local Advisor", launched by the JSH Hotels Collection. It takes the concept of a concierge and adds to it: the job of a local adv [...] continua