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The best hotels of Abruzzo

38 suggested accomodations - 8 recommended accomodations. Complete guide with descriptions, prices, direct contacts and information.

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Piazzano Di Atessa 69 - Atessa

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Via Cavour Camillo, 79/B - Avezzano

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Alba Adriatica is located to the north of the Abruzzo region on the Teramo coast, Central Italy. Nestled within a pine grove in an environmentally friendly area of Alba Adriatica, you will find The Hotel Astor/st [...] continua

Situated just few metres away from its own private beach which slopes gently into the sea, the Hotel Altamira in Roseto Degli Abruzzi is an ideal base from which to enjoy this beautiful part of the Adriatic coast. The town of Roseto features over 6km of a "rdwebsite.aspx?guid=948244df-bbb6-46ba-be81-02e19f3356f9&p=1" target="_b [...] continua

To sample wonderful Italian food and enjoy the sublime charm of unspoiled Italy, a stay at the Hotel Maria in Borgo Santa Maria near Pineto is a must. Situated strategically on a hill that provides a charming blend of the mesmerising blue Adriatic Sea [...] continua

The town of Guilianova is the largest and most popular in the Abruzzo region of Italy because of its golden beaches overlooking the Adriatic and warm year round temperatures. The Hotel Seapark Spa Resort/strong [...] continua

This charming Hotel is situated in the scenic Adriatic Abruzzo region in central Italy. As part of the Seven Sisters seaside resorts, Alba Adriatica has been awarded the national Blue Flag accolade for the cleanliness of its beaches. Th [...] continua