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Volterra Tourism: Best of Volterra

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ASILO MASI MAISON D'HÔTES - Capannoli Val d'Era (25 Km from Volterra)
Asilo Masi offers 6 bedrooms (including 2 suites) in a restored historic mansion located in Capannoli, a village on the hills of Tuscany, very close to Andrea Bocelli's Teatro del Silenzio. Free WI-FI, a cosy lounge, a library, an immaculate garden with ...
Volterra - a village out of time!
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Built on a ridge between the valleys of the rivers Cecina and Era, surrounded by a double curtain wall (the Etruscan and medieval), Volterra, near Pisa, is one of the most important towns of Tuscany, for the presence of monuments that attest to the civilizations that have occurred over the course of thirty centuries and for the processing of Tuscan artefacts, now one of the most typical and traditional Italian craft products.

Volterra is a town not yet contaminated by the stress of modern life and who comes here has the impression of being in front of a particular city, where one has the feeling of living in the old, among the narrow streets of a medieval village, between trades that are rooted in an Etruscan past. With its predominantly medieval appearance, it retains abundant findings of the Etruscan period, as the Arch Gate, the Acropolis, the walls still visible in some areas of the city. The Roman presence is documented by rather substantial remains of the Roman Theatre, the Augustan age, from thermal baths, a large tank of water. The appearance of the medieval city is not only evident in the layout of the city, but especially evident in the palaces, tower houses and churches: the thirteenth-century Palazzo dei Priori, the Praetorian Palace, with its Tower of the Pig, the two of towers of Buonparenti and Bonaguidi, the Cathedral of the twelfth century, which preserves in its interior works of medieval and Renaissance period, the Baptistery, an ancient building of the XIII century with rows of stone Volterra.

In addition to monuments and numerous testimonies of art and history, Volterra offers a vision of the hill and walk around it, stopped abruptly on the west by the spectacle of wild and impressive Balze.
Very famous are the food and wine festivals taking place all over the year, so check your calendar and get ready for a tasty experience!

Tuscan Town of Volterra Launches "New Moon" Tour
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Surely by now, you've heard about, if not read some of (it is not just for teens and tweens) the Twilight series books by Stephanie Meyer. The second film installment of her Vampire saga - New Moon - is due to hit theaters in November and Tuscany plays a starring role...  

In the story, the royal family of vampires, the Volturi, hail from the Tuscan town of Volterra and the main characters find themselves there in a dramatic turn in the story. For the In honor of the movie, the tourism office of Volterra has put together a unique three-day tour package.  
Whether you're into the vampire series or not, Volterra is worth visiting!

The town of Volterra, with an elevation of 531 m (1,742 ft), is in the Province of Pisa (PI); has as Patron saint St. Justus and the Saint day is June 5. Volterra has Mazzolla, Saline di Volterra, Villamagna as wards and the demonym of natives is "Volterrani".

In Volterra there are 111 accomodation. You may visit 12 places of interest. Volterra Is awarded with Orange Flag seal of quality because it has an historical, cultural and environmental heritage of merit. It's distinguished for an accomodation offer of excellence, but also for offering tourists a quality welcome. Volterra valorizes local resources, stimulates craftsmanship and specialty products and has a strong local identity
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