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written by Alexandra Evans

Ostuni città bianca

Verona is very well connected by road, rail and has an international airport. In order to get to the city, there are three different options one can choose from;

1. By car: Getting to Verona through the use of a car is quite easy. Two different freeways exactly cross the city. The Austrada (A22- Brennero –Modena) goes from north to south while another freeway, A4 Milan –Venice, goes from east to west. While on the freeways, you can exit to the city via Verona sud, Verona Est or Verona nord. This means Verona is accessible from all directions and from different airports. State roads from Brescia, Trento, Vicenza and Mantova also reach Verona. While in the city, driving and parking is a science of its own unless you want to visit the city’s suburbs or lake. To park in the city, tickets are acquired from tobacconists and newsagents. Everything that can be seen in the city can be reached within a short walk therefore a car is not much useful. Buses and trains also run through the city. 

2. Train: Many trains run from European main cities to or through Verona. The main train station is located at Verona Porta Nuova. The city also has two more additional small train stations namely Verona Porta Vescovo and Verona Parona. Train tickets can also be bought online from the Trenitalia website. Public buses and taxis stop outside the train stations main entrance. You can also walk to the center of the city from these stations. 

3. Plane: Many airlines like British Airways from London, Air France from Paris, Lufthansa from Munich, Alitalia from Rome etc. Fly to Verona. Also many charter companies fly to the city. The city’s airport is small but very busy especially during summertime. From the airport, the city is a mere 20 minutes away by taxi, bus or rented car. Buses depart every 20 minutes from the airport. 

However, Verona is a great city but for foreign travellers jetting into the city, the following are tips to adhere to for a swift stay in Verona; 

1. Beware of pick pockets mostly located at the city’s gate entrance of Portoni della Brà. This part of the town is very crowded with thousands of tourists and pick pockets to. Be very careful when entering the Arena, standing in front of it surrounding with a crowd or taking a stroll via Mazzani. 

2. To avoid standing in long lines at the railway station to book for a ticket. Booking a ticket online via the Trenitalia website is not only economical via the discounts provided but also saves you time and prevents you from exhaustion in long queues. 

3. Do not drive all-round the Arena since you may get ticketed. There are unidentified places where it is tourist pedestrian only and no vehicles allowed. The markings don’t show that for you. You can park along the street but to avoid missing space arrive early to grab one. 

4. Ensure to put on the right type of shoes because the city streets are made of marble floors which turn out to be smooth and slippery especially on wet days. Therefore, before setting foot out to tour the city, ensure to put on shoes with a grip. 

5. For a good get along during your short stay, tip hotel workers and get to know more about Verona from them since they are the natives. They get paid meager salaries therefore showing them you appreciate their services through tips really puts you in good hands with them. Tips range from $5 to $10. Also inquiring from them information based on the city, food etc. will make you know more about Verona.

6. Don’t be afraid of gladiators who frequently lurk around in the city. When they spot a viable target, they approach the person. If you are a lady, they kiss your hand and if you are a man they try to scare you off with their swords. Also when you bump into men garbed in 18th century clothing do not be frightened to. They are more of street actors and are not entitled to harm you. 

7. If you are travelling to Verona in a family or group, It is better to carry a photo of the people you are in company with. The city is crowded and therefore if a member deviates from the lot or gets lost in the city, providing a photo to the local authorities makes it a lot easier to find them.  

8. Don’t leave behind your valuable documents like passport, an international driving license etc. when coming to Verona. You might be asked to produce them at airports, whilst driving in the city etc. 

9. Just visiting the city and leaving without any photo or item for memory is not good. The city is full of beautiful places that may be just too much to capture with the eyes only. Bring along a camera during your stay and take amazing photos from different captivating places in the city. Grabbing a couple of souvenirs like a t shirt is also not a bad idea.

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