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Wellness and Relax in Veneto
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Montegrotto terme
Veneto is a tourist attraction center that is located in the north-eastern region of Italy. It is among the richest and most developed regions in north Italy. Its wellness and Spa destinations attract a lot of tourists from all over the world.

Veneto owns wonderful Spa destinations which attract a good number of tourists from outside Italy. Its landscape is rich and varied making it an extraordinary place to explore. The following are Spa destinations found in Veneto and wonderful things that are associated with them.

It is a Spa resort center that is located near Padua, northern Italy. The word terme means a spa. Just at the entrance there is a greeting to the visitors that is worded "Welcome. Please avoid disturbing noises". This is a clear indication of the kind of atmosphere available here which is good for relaxation. Driving or walking through Abano is very wonderful. You will get to see great hotels with modern structures, a shady garden and advertisements on the thermal spa facilities that are available. The Abano thermal treatments and springs are found in the hotels in the place. Numerous thermal pools are constructed in these hotels and these are the main attractions for those who visit this area. 
Cure offered by the spas in Abano Terme. Rich volcanic muds in the area contain pure mineral-rich volcanic ash which is then mixed with water and heat. The combination has got a beneficial effect on the skin and treats the following conditions: joint pain, osteoporosis, rheumatism, arthritis, strained muscles and helps in recovery from orthopedic surgery and fractures. These waters and muds also stimulate the production of endorphins which is beneficial to one’s mood.
Things that one can do in Abano include: having a walk through the pedestrian heart of town to enjoy the wonderful environment found here, performing old style dances that take place in the evenings, cycling, enjoying concerts which take place during the summer and this include the Abano Dance.
There are wonderful things to see here and they include: water features, sculptures and cafes located at the heart of the town, interesting historical buildings like the Duomo di San Lorenzo, a cathedral that has got its 14th century bell-tower in place and the little hilly park of Montirone which has got a showplace for the spa waters.

It is located in Padua Province. It is a spa resort but it is part of the Terme Euganee spas. Close to it are the Euganean hills. It is 1.5 miles away from the heart of Abano Terme. The place is green with many hotels that offer spa treatments. Currently, there is a very small division between Abano Terme and this town due to growths which both towns have experienced over the years. The place is a wonderful resort which will give one a lifetime encounter.
Like Abano Terme’s spas, the spas found here also offer positive health benefits. There is a well trained staff that suggests a customized program based on your wishes. The programs available include: slimming massage, therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, anti-stress massage, foot reflexology massage, Ayurveda massage and lymphodraining massage. They also help restore the elasticity of the skin. Mineral spring water cures found here are of 2 categories i.e. internal therapy (respiratory treatments) and external cures (grotto therapy, bathing in waters and fangotherapy).
The place being a tourist attraction center, one should expect to see unique features. These include: Montegrotto Terme’s archaeological zone, the uncovered Roman remains, thermal waters, and the ruins of a Roman bathing complex. Found in the place is the Butterfly Arc, which houses tropical gardens. The colored modern sculptures of glass located outside the town wall are also features that one can’t afford to miss seeing. Gorgeous displays of artistic glass from Murano are housed in a nearby new museum called Museo del Vetro (located in a farmhouse close to Villa Draghi). In the museum, a tourist will also get a glimpse of some local archaeological findings. Have a visit to this place to explore many other interesting features alongside the spas found in the place.

It is one of the best destinations in Italy located 90 km north east from Venice. It has got a very wide beach which is 8 km long with very fine sand. The place offers a lot of activities which include: golf, water sports, entertainments, discos and thermae which offers fitness services and contains a beauty farm and a beauty center. 
Thermal spas in Bibione – Bibione thermae is located in the seaside resort. The place contains warm hotels that give their visitors pleasant welcomes inform of satisfying all kinds of their needs. The thermae is rich in qualified personnel with the potential to identify rehabilitation methods and cures best for your health problems. It offers spa treatments, climatotherapy and heliotherapy. Hyper-thermal alkaline mineral water is rich in sodium bicarbonate and fluoride that has got therapeutic effectiveness. Don’t forget visiting the spas of Bibione because this is where up-to-date treatments are available. The kinds of treatments offered here include: mud therapy (that treats chronic orthopaedic), balneotherapy (treats vascular diseases, dermatological diseases and arthrorheumatism), inhalation center (disorders and diseases related to the respiratory tract are treated here) and many other kinds of treatments like physiokinesis therapy, hydrokinetic and aesthetic medicine.

The thermal baths found here also offer beneficial effect to their visitors. Water found in this place is rich in calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate and other minerals that are good for both the skin and the body. The water can be applied in balneotherapy and can be drunk as well. If you have diseases like demartological and arthro-rheumatic, then Terme di Cola is the solution for you.
Things to see: the Villa of the Cedars, Venetian customs of the 15th century, and Lake Garda.
Ensure you explore the whole of Veneto to derive maximum utility of this historical resort.

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