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District of Valdarno Tourism: Best of District of Valdarno

Valdarno in Chianti
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Just 25 kilometres south of Florence lies beautiful medieval Figline Valdermo. The town is strategically located in the Chianti area making day trips to such Italian must sees as Florence, Sienna and the verdant hills of Chianti a real possibility.

Right at the town's centre lies the auspicious looking Logge del Vecchio Spedale Serristori, along with the Church and Cloister of San Francesco with its almost fairy tale feel. You'll find plenty of other historical delights too that will generate that unmistakable connection with the past in Valdarno. 

Never far away is the delightful Tuscan countryside with all its many wonders and allurements from rolling hills of verdant green, mountain paths, and of course, a host of wine tasting opportunities. What better way to spend a warm and sunny afternoon.

Today the historical centre of Figline Valdarno allows plenty of opportunity to sit and relax amidst its authentic historical resonance. The ancient town square is the place to sit while allowing your imagination to run away with you while you imagine all that's taken place within the surrounding medieval walls running along the perimeter of the town.

Today there are many places to relax with bars, restaurants and cafes and a number of shops to buy souvenirs and just peruse while on an early evening amble. There's no doubt, you'll find everything you and your family need for a relaxing and memorable holiday here.

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