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written by Bridget Brackett

Ostuni città bianca

Udine is located in the Mideast Friuli-Venezia Giulia along the borders of Austria to its north, Slovenia to its east and closed by the Adriatic Sea on the south. 

The beautiful beach of the Lignano Sabiadoro and the snowy mountaintops of the Prealps, Carnic Alps and Julian Alps with their breathtaking views make this an exciting destination for the tourists. 

The variety of the preserved nature trails and areas such as the Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane helps you relax in one of the largest wooded areas of Europe, with several bird species and other animals such as deer and chamois. The natural wonders are coming to completion by the Tagliamento River producing even more breathtaking landscapes and views. 

Besides the natural beauty, Udine promises an important cultural heritage and an evidence of its life through the years. Several archaeological sites which remain well preserved testify the reach history from the early Roman Empire to the Christian heritage. Everywhere you go, you will notice that Udine is an artistic city full of historic buildings and paintings. 

The excellent local gastronomy, the vineyards and the wines come to complete the story with a classy touch. 

How to arrive
Udine can be easily reached by plane, train, car or even a bus. The city is only 40km from the Trieste Airport, which schedules daily flights from the most European cities. If you choose to go by train then you should get to Venice. 
The train will need about 2 hours from Venice to reach the destination or one hour from Trieste. Other trains can be taken from Vienna, in Austria and Milan. 
If you are making a more private or family trip then you can travel by car. Udine is about one hour from Trieste, an hour and a half from Venice or Austria and about two hours from Slovenia, by using the A4-A55 motorway. 

Enjoy the folk songs and the traditional cuisine, accompanied by the representation of historical figures of the costume parade of the Palio di San Donato in Cividale Del Friuli. Wine festivals and other events take place in Udine. 
Enjoy the wine accompanied by the traditional cuisine with courses made of seafood, cheese and meat.


written by Sara Benedetti

Ostuni città bianca

The first thing you will notice arriving to the centre of Udine is the Castle. It was originally built in the 1517 by the Venetians, and Giovanni da Udine resurrected it again in 1547. 

One of the most ancient Parliament Halls of Europe is situated within the Castle. You will also notice the Gothic-Venetian Style of the buildings with the elegant designs and the frescoes that decorate the buildings, such as the Palazzo Arcivescovile, the Cathedral and the Oratorio della Purita. 

The Cathedral is one of the city’s most important buildings and it is found in the Piazza Duomo. It was built by the Patriarch Berthold of Andechs-Merania and had a typical Franciscan structure. We can see the bell tower that was built in 1441 and the Baroque style that spreads within its walls. 

Walking to the south side of the Cathedral we can see the Oratorio Della Purita, the Oratory for girls. Udine Street’s are built in a way that gives the pedestrian an advantage. The needlelike alleys and the flat street give a nice atmosphere that will please any visitor.  

Besides the historical buildings one can enjoy the hills, mountains, spas and beaches as Udine gives the opportunity for anyone to do a variety of activities in any season, summer or winter.

The coast gives the opportunity for someone to work out or practice any nautical sports and the hills give the opportunity for skiers to visit Udine in the winter. 

An important aspect of the luxury life of Udine is the health treatments of the various spas. There is the Lignano Sabbiadoro, which are thermal baths and provide the visitor with the best health properties. 

Udine is a city that promises much for any visitor. You can learn about the history of Udine and have a closer look at the buildings, arts and designs that seem to come out from an ancient movie or a storybook. You can also go with your family or children, if you have and enjoy your vacations by using the waters, the thermal baths or even going for skiing in the winter.

Udine is a promising city that will fill your mind with good memories and great time. This is one of the main destinations that each one should choose once coming to Italy. It has a lot to offer and I personally believe that it will please you. 

This is a city full of History, Traditions and Modern Activities, accompanied by nice cuisine. What do you want more? 

What to see
Visit the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament for the works of Giambattista Tiepolo and then go to the Villa Manin, where the historic treaty of Campoformio was signed. Take a walk in the Cividale, a small village the still preserves the High Middle-Ages heritage and architecture accompanied by the astonishing frescoes and the bridge of the Ponte Del Diavolo, with its extraordinary view on the river and look at the spectacular Orto Botanico Friulano, a garden that includes a large number of rare plant species, tropical trees and other specimens. 

Finally walk the streets of Piazza Libertà, the most beautiful square with Venetian style on earth and visit the museums. 

First have a tour at the Friuli’s Ethnographic Museum which includes the exhibition and live representation of the folk customs and traditions. Before ending your tour go to the Cathedral museum to see the sculptures and visit the Modern and Contemporary art Museum situated within the Casa Cavazzini.

Last but not least visit the Museo Diocesano and the Galleria del Tiepolo in the Palazzo Patriarcale and look at the 700 works, before making a final stop at the Ancient Art Gallery, which houses the arts from the 14th-19th century.



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Udine is in the nearby of Udine (UD) and 113 m (371 ft) above sea. . The Patron saint is Sts. Ermacoras and Fortunatus on July 12. The town is divided in parishes: see list. Residents of Udine has the demonym of "Udinesi".

In Udine there are 25 accomodation.. You may visit 27 places of interest.

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