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written by Bridget Brackett

Ostuni città bianca

For this reason we find many churches of different religious worship, the more interesting of which are certainly the Serbian Orthodox Church of St Spyridon and the greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. St. Spyridon is also known under the name of Church of the Schiavoni, and it has a Greek cross plan surmounted by five domes of blue colour.

No doubt it is also interesting to visit San Nicolo ', although it is drinking a coffee in one of the historical Trieste’s cafès the greatest appeal experience that I recommend.

I stayed in Trieste just a little more than a day, but the atmosphere in the historic cafes of the city is really intense: the more important historical cafè of Trieste is probably the Caffè San Marco, famous for being frequented by students and intellectuals of the city and inaugurated in 1914. Svevo.

Saba and Joyce used all to attend the Café San Marco over the years. Other famous cafes of Trieste are Cafè Tommaseo course opened in 1830, and the Cafe of Mirrors, both italian historical public exercises.

  • Tempio serbo-ortodosso della Santissima Trinità e di San Spiridione
    Tempio serbo-ortodosso della Santissima Trinità e di San Spiridione
  • Caffè San Marco
    Caffè San Marco
  • Interno del Tempio
    Interno del Tempio
  • La facciata principale sulla via San Spiridione
    La facciata principale sulla via San Spiridione


  • Trieste and its beautiful atmosphere

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Mediterranean scents with Slavic and Germanic hints, Trieste offers its visitors the beautiful face of a border town, with a particular history enriched during centuries by different influences that continue to enchant all the artists of the world.... continue

  • Hotel La Corderie ****

    written by Italy Visit

    Hotel La Corderie is a new entry in Trieste, a town open to influences in all fields since always. This new-concept hotel is a place where sensations lead the guests, thanks to the studied atmospheres and the well cared for rooms and suites. Luxury... continue

  • Trieste's Piazza Unità d'Italia

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    This is the main square in Trieste. it is very large and overlooks the sea. It is surrounded by several palaces built mostly in the 19th century. Here you can see the Town Hall ; built in 1875. The Government Palace (1904-1905); with mosaics and a... continue

  • The Miramare Castle

    written by Alexandra Evans

    The Miramare Castle was built between 1856 and 1860 by orders of Maximilian of the House of Habsburg (1832-1867). He was Franz Joseph's (emperator of Austria) youngest brother. From 1931 to 1937 the castle was inhabited by duke Amedeo d'Aosta.... continue

  • The Lighthouse "Faro della Vittoria"

    written by Cedric Mills

    The Faro della Vittoria accomplishes two functions: it enlightens the Trieste gulf and commemorates the seamen fallen during WWI, with this inscription: SPLENDI E RICORDA I CADUTI SUL MARE MCMXV - MCMXVIII (i.e. "Shine and remind people of the... continue

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