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Trento Tourism: Best of Trento

Are you planning your vacation in Trento, Italy? Are you looking for all the information on Trento? On Visititaly Varese you find tourist guides written by the editorial staff and travel experiences of travellers who, like you, have chosen Trento as a destination for a trip or for their holidays. Discover Trento Top travel tips with Visititaly's suggestions, recommendations, travel advice and all things to know about Trento.

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Trento, art and culture in Trentino
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Buonconsiglio Castle Trento is an Italian city and the capital of Trentino. It is located along the lines of the Adige River valley and it was the centre of attention in the 16th century when Council of Trento was taking place.  
Today Trento is a modern city, a more of a political centre with educational, financial and scientific values. Its university ranks highly among Italy’s top colleges. The city contains pieces from the Renaissance and Medieval history with a variety of ancient buildings. The population of the city is around 120000 people. 

Trento is a modern cosmopolitan city and one of the most expensive towns in Italy. Its wealth comes mainly from wine, farming and other industries. It should be noticed that at the Easter the city is full of apple blossoms. 

The city centre can be explored by foot or by a bicycle as this is the best way to see the frescos on the historic buildings. 

Another historical event is connected to the city of Treny and Judaism. A plaquette that you will find in a little alley tells the story of Simione a boy that died about 500 years ago. The killing was blamed on the Jews, so it was ordered for all Jewish men to be killed except children and women. Today the relations between Jewish people and Trento have been improved but the plaquette is still there to tell the story. The center is located away from traffic junction so you can do a relaxing walk. 

The areas and the mountains that surround Trento can be easily reached by the blue buses that you can find at the bus station between the train station and the hostel. There are more than 20 bus lines that operated and can take you to any surrounding valleys around Trento. 

The magnificent surroundings are known for the mountain landscapes, and are the destination of tourist throughout any month of the year. Very interesting sightseeing should include the Piazza Duomo which is the heart of the old town and the square with the Cathedral and the Fountain of Neptune. 

Following, you should visit the Duomo di Trento, a Cathedral with the excellent properties from the Romanesque architecture and the rose window with the Wheel of Fortune. Just for your info, the Cathedral contains the tomb of Roberto Sanseverino, a Renaissance condottiero. 

One sight that would wake all the historic memories would be the Castello Del Buonconsiglio. This is a castle which was serving as a residence of the local bishops. It includes the Torre Aquila and the painting of the Cycle of the Months from the 15th century.

Another piece of Renaissance history is the Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore, a church that held events of the Ecumenical Council in the 16th century. 

Be sure not to miss the Trentino museum of natural sciences and the Palaces that are spread around the city centre.

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Holiday and activities in Trento
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Trento The city of Trento offers a large number of activities that any visitor can do throughout the year. 

In the summer you can rent a bicycle and enjoys a tour in the city, or visit the neighboring communes on the Trento Male and Trento Bassano di Grappa. If you want something more relaxing you can just sit in an outdoor café and enjoy a relaxing conversation and a coffee. 

If you arrange your trip in winter do take advantage of the ski resorts. The hills can be reached by the bus and the mountains offer spectacular views and excellent ski paths. 

Though, the thing that receives the centre of attention is the local wine. There are several wine bars that will serve local wine, cheese and ham platters. The local food also is excellent, like in any other Italian city, just unique. 

Trento is a destination that can offer many activities for every visitor. Be sure, that in any month you choose to go, even in the winter, you will find many things to do and you will sure enjoy the landscape. This is a historic city and you will have the opportunity to explore and find new things every second of the day. 

How to get there: 
If you are travelling by car be sure to take the A22 and E45 motorway that connects Trento to Verona to the south, Innsbruck via Bolzano to the North and the SS47 motorway connects Trento to Padova. 

If you choose to take the train, select the main train line between Italy-Austria-Germany. You can also choose the train from Verona which is between 50 to 80 minutes trip, or from Venice and Padova. Other schedules include trains from Munich, Innsbruck and Bolzano. 

What to see: 
Visit the Church of Sant'Apollinare that was built in the 13th century at the feet of the Doss Trento hill and go to the Church of San Lorenzo. 

 Walk the Torre Verde, an area along the former transit path of the Adige River that is said to be where persons executed in the name of the Prince-Bishop were deposited in the river. 

Visit the Palazzo delle Albere, a Renaissance villa next to the Adige River that was built around 1550 by the Madruzzo family and now includes a modern art museum and walk down to the Palazzo Pretorio, built in the 12th century, with a bell tower (Torre Civica of the 13th century) that now hosts a collection of baroque paintings of religious themes. 

View the Renaissance exterior and Gothic interiors of Palazzo Geremia and visit the aeronautical museum (Museo dell'Aeronautica Gianni Caproni) that is located near Trento Airport. 

Finally see the Alpine Botanical Garden located on Monte Bondone in Le Viote and was found in 1938 and have the chance to relax at the Mountain Film Festival that takes place in the beautiful Trento. 

Visit the antique shops to buy local traditional handicraft and other products. Try the famous local wine and the cheese platters. 
Choose to go in the Easter so you can see the spectacular view of fresh apple blossoms

The town of Trento, with an elevation of 190 m (620 ft), is in the Province of Trentino (TN). The Patron saint is St. Vigilius on June 26. The town is divided in parishes: see list. Residents of Trento has the demonym of "Trentini, Tridentini".

In Trento there are 19 accomodation. You may visit 42 places of interest. Trento is a Città del Vino, a wine destination in a territory producing wine and its environmental, landscape, artistic, historical, and tourist resources makes Trento a perfect location for food&wine lovers
Trento is part of a route called Strada del Vino e dei Sapori di Trento Citta' del Concilio, so it's particularly recommended for a food and wine holiday.
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