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written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

Taormina is known in the world for its architectural beauty, its beautiful mediterranean sea and its flourishing nature. Taormina’s picturesque historical centre on Tauro Mountain, with its high position above the Ionio sea, offers its visitors a breathtaking and unforgettable view: from Taormina you can see in fact both the beautiful Giardini di Naxos bay and the towering Etna volcano.

At the bottom of the city is located the beautiful Isola Bella, which attracts tourists and sea lovers from all over the world with its clean water. Isola Bella recently became a natural reserve, and it is with no doubt the most famous beach of Taormina area, repaired by the bay and by the mountain of Taormina. What a lovely natural paradise it is! I went to Isola Bella beach with a friend of mine, and we spent an entire day in the sun surrounded by the people of Taormina and other tourists having a lot of fun.

We reached Isola Bella in early morning, the perfect hour if you do not want to find the beach too crowded especially in July and August! From Taormina city, we took the cableway that takes you directly to Taormina Sea starting from via Luigi Pirandello, just a few minutes walking from Porta Messina. If you visit Taormina, be sure not to miss this natural paradise unique in the Ionian coast and in all the Mediterranean sea.


  • The Greek-Roman Theatre, home of history, art and culture

    written by Dave Mitchell

    The Ancient Theatre is probably the best known Taormina’s attraction in the world. Where else in the planet you can find a real Greek- Roman Theatre fully functional and accessible? In which other place you can admire a panorama going from the... continue

  • Taormina turns slate

    written by Maria Miller

    I must admit that the location in the success of the event certainly plays an important role and Taormina in particular has a strong fascination for visitors. The city is located on a hill about 200 m above sea level, suspended between rocks and... continue

  • Taormina: Golf 18 holes - shopping and Dolce Vita

    written by Maria Miller

    Furthermore it is possible to find two championship golf courses with 18 holes and with a high quality of the playing surface.At the end of the day the options are endless on-site by the chance to see a show in the splendid Teatro Antico (Roman... continue

  • Taormina Bella Italia

    written by Paul Collins

    Bella Italy but especially wonderful Taormina that I think is the city most charming and cozy in Sicily made so'noble and beautiful by the landscape offering the impressive Teatro Antico (Roman - greek theater) that for millennia gives as background... continue

  • Taormina sea snorkeling and sub

    written by Rebecca Tourism

    I was immediately hooked on this city so romantically strong and wild, with it’s landscape offering a sea of attractive beaches and on the other hand is completely surrounded by mountains, hills and including several overlooking the snowy top of the... continue

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