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Ostuni città bianca

Lake Maggiore is a one of the tour destination that any tourist would like to visit without a shadow of doubt owing to not only its size but to its spectacular view and uniqueness. 

Lake Maggiore is placed the second largest Italian lake around the Lombardy region as well as the largest lake of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. 

Lake Maggiore which is known as Lago Maggiore in Italian has a mild cool climate during both summer and winter producing Mediterranean vegetation with beautiful gardens growing rare and striking plants. Among the most famous gardens of Lake Maggiore includes Isola Bella, Isola Madre, villa Taranto and Stresa.

Stresa is a town and a tourist resort located at the shores of Lake Maggiore with a relatively low number of inhabitants at the northern part of Italy. Positioned on the shores of borromean gulf, the town overlooks the unique Isola Bella

A look on Stresa today one could fail to believe it’s the once tiny fishing village occupying a narrow strip of land accessed only through a dusty roman road as recorded for the first time in 998 AD. Stresa owes its name from this narrow strip of land from its ancient name Strixia which means a strip land.

Stresa slowly developed and by the 14th century it would hold weekly markets owing to it’s growth and had been granted the title of "Borgo" which means a village. A division of the town was marked by River Cree by the 15th century with both sides being under the leadership of two different families i.e. the Visconti family to the right while the Borromean family o the left. It is interesting that up to date there are annual friendly matches between these two families.

Stresa’s real growth was however evident with the opening of the Simplon Pass in the 19th century which facilitated the arrival of tourist and merchants more easily. The island consequently became a map for the rich and famous housing renown guest including Rockefeller, Hemingway, Clack Gable, princess Margret and Charlie Chaplin. 
The Duchess of Genoa together with her daughter, Margherita had become summer residents after buying the villa Bolongaro in Stresa. The rapid growth and increase in the number of tourist visits saw the development of more facilities aimed at attracting more tourist.

How to Arrive
Stresa is strategically positioned and by ferry, train or taxi boat one can easily explore the place. You can board the regular ferries around the Borromean bay to the Pallanza, Baveno, Villa Taranto, Intra and the Borromean Islands. Additionally you can get the special Rover Tickets which allows one to hop on and off the ferries all day and provide an excellent value for your money especially when you intend to trip around the island in a day. These come with other discounted entrance tickets to the Isola Madre and Isola Bella.

The other means of transport that you could use include taxi boats offered by various co-operatives and companies with their services extending from Stresa, Carciano and around the Borromean bay. 

There is a railway line on the Milan-Domodossola making a day trip from Stresa into Milan very easy by train. The tickets can be bought from Trenitalia official agents or the Tomassucci Viaggi in Stresa where fluent English is as well used.

One could use air especially when travelling between Stresa and any other airport e.g. Bergamo. A private airport would be very convenient with a driver meeting you at the terminal and driving you straight to your hotel of choice. You can have tomassucci viaggi pre-book the airport transfer for you together with their trusted team of drivers specializing in minibus and personal taxi services. Local taxis are readily available at the ferry station and at the railway station and you could as well have your hotel reception call you a taxi should you need one.

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