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written by Alexandra Evans

Ostuni città bianca

The town of Silvi Marina is located in the Abruzzo region in province of Teramo, and has about 16,000 inhabitants. Formerly, the city was called 'Silva' (it is a different term for 'forest' in Italian), in reference to the proliferation of vegetation in the area. The first settlements were starting from Roman times with the municipium of Atri, who ruled the city Silvi until 1833.

Nowadays, as in the past, Silvi Marina is famous for its wonderful sea and sunny beaches. Silvi Marina has a large beach of fine golden sand that only in certain places, in the south, is mixed with a few pebbles. This peculiarity is due to the presence of the river-stream Piomba. For this reason, this beach never is the same. The bathing establishments are more than 40 and they offer their services to thousands of tourists who decide to relax in front of the blue sea and under the sun. It could be of interest to know that most of these establishments are also open in the evenings and are ideal for those who want to enjoy a drink and breathe the heady scent of salty air that comes from the sea, remaining seated to hear the sound of the waves that follow one another endlessly with their rhythmic movement, while at times a gentle breeze brings some relief from the summer heat. However, there are many other activities to practice on the beach. You can try group dance, you can play tennis and freebees and after a certain time, many establishments turn into discos all night long! For people who prefer enjoy the sounds of nature, there are some stretches of silent beaches, especially in the northern part of Silvi, where in some places, grows up a small pine tree known as Maritime Pine. We also recommend a trip to the coast where there are some XIX century manor houses. At the top of the hill, it is still possible to admire some licorice plants. 

The northern area is ideal for divers. This is due to the presence of submerged rocks which some say are the remains of an ancient Roman fort or port. From here, it is possible to admire the best suggestive and nearby Torre Cerrano, a beautiful tower built in the XVI century to spot pirate ships and to fit out people and soldiers for defense. The tower was built to be seen from all corners of the area. The upper area of Silvi Marina, is particularly attractive. This amazing medieval town still retains the magic atmosphere of the past, with its narrow streets and houses built next to one another, as they used to do in the past. The village is built on a hill fortified by the ancient inhabitants to defend themselves from the continuous raids of the invaders who came from the sea. It is fascinating to look at the major arcs fortified below. On summer nights, the lights placed in a masterly way between these arches, create a fascinating, picturesque atmosphere. 

In early June, Silvi celebrates its patron Saint Leo. This feast is also called 'Ciancialone' and it is a giant bonfire of about 15 metres high. Every year, at the end of July, streets are full of people dressed as in the past. 
An important building that deserves a visit, is the Cathedral of Saint Saviour built in 1110. It is famous for the bell tower of the '700 and frescoes of the XIII century. In addition to the cathedral, there are the modern twentieth-century Fountain and the medieval Inn of the Friar. From the top of the town it is possible to see the breathtaking panorama of both the beaches of the village below and the wonderful mountain of the Gran Sasso.



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