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  • B&B ATENEA 191 – Agrigento: Astounding Archaelogical Sites, Exclusive Traditional Sweets and Spellbinding Scenery

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Aptly named B&B ATENEA 191 because of its location along Atenea’s street 191, which is Agrigento's main commercial street, this bed and breakfast offers its customers a quiet, rustic paradise for a relaxing break. You can select... continue

  • Calamadonna Club in Lampedusa is the Perfect Sicilian Holiday Destination

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    The Calamadonna Club, Lampedusa is the perfect Sicilian holiday getaway for travellers needing total relaxation in a beautiful location. This small resort has been developed over several years, and is built in the style of the traditional dammuso... continue

  • Al Gabbiano Hotel sul Mare: Sea, Tranquility, Rejuvenation and Fresh Seafood

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Facing the mesmerising deep blue Mediterranean Sea and fine golden sandy beach, Al Gabbiano Hotel sul Mare offers you the opportunity to relish fresh, wonderful seafood, rejuvenate and cherish the natural tranquility and beauty of the sea. This... continue

  • Freshen up at the seaside Al Gabbiano Hotel sul Mare

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    The Al Gabbiano Hotel sul Mare is a four-star beachside hotel in Scoglitti on the south-western coast of Sicily, just 16 km away from Comiso Airport. A great vacation spot for couples and families, it has a total of 27 quadruple, single, triple,... continue

  • Interlude Hotels & Resorts – Dream, Feel and Be Amazed

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Whether it is to visit the busy coastal cities of Palermo and Messina, two favourite haunts for cruise ships on the island of Sicily, Stagnone or taste Nubia’s red garlic, Interlude Hotels & Resorts is the answer. This group of hotels and... continue

  • Lose yourself in a Mediterranean dream at Al Gabbiano Hotel sul Mare, Scoglitti.

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Visitors to Scoglitti will be enraptured by the wonderful seascapes afforded by this spectacular location. Scoglitti is situated in the wondrous island of Sicily. The locale is located on the south coast of Sicily and, longitude-wise, further... continue

  • An unforgettable Sicilian break at B&B Atenea 191, Agrigento.

    written by Emilio Aronica

    The town of Agrigento is Sicily is famous for its mild, sunny weather year round and for the early spring Festival of the Almond Trees. Nearby archaeological area Valley of the Temples is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites list due to the... continue

  • Stay in the B&B Atenea 191 to make the most of the beautiful Agrigento

    written by Emilio Aronica

    Are you planning your next holidays and looking for a place that can be both beautiful, fun and interesting? Then keep on reading this article because we have the perfect destination for you and whoever else you might be travelling with. Italy... continue

  • Explore Sicily and Enjoy the Hospitality of Hotel L'Ancora in Avola

    written by Redazione Visit Italy

    Italy is renown throughout the world for its cuisine – it is one of the staples of the country – and the debate on which region has the best culinary tradition is still raging today. One of the most famous cuisines is the one typical to... continue

  • Isola Bella, the pearl of Mediterranean Sea

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Taormina is known in the world for its architectural beauty, its beautiful mediterranean sea and its flourishing nature. Taormina’s picturesque historical centre on Tauro Mountain, with its high position above the Ionio sea, offers its visitors... continue

  • Christmas Atmosphere in Sicily

    written by Bridget Brackett

    With the Christmas just around the corner, many families are preparing themselves on how and where to spend their Christmas festivities. Here in Sicily we are ready to give you the atmosphere that will make your Christmas intriguing.Being the... continue

  • Sicily and its countryside

    written by Patrick Durand

    Sicily is a mere tiny island on the verge of Italy from its coast. The island happens to have captured attention of many visitors and tourists from Italy and the rest of the world. In Italy, it is also referred to as Sicilia. Sicily is one... continue

  • Art tour in Sicily

    written by Patrick Durand

    Sicily Island has given the world much to adore. It is the heart of Italian culture since the Greek colonization to the present days. The island endowed with diverse cultural, artistic, and monumental features attracts millions and millions of... continue

  • Holidays in Agrigento: Planning the trip

    written by Bridget Brackett

    Agrigento is a city on the coast of Sicily, Italy. The city is popular as an attraction site of the ancient Greek town of Akragas, one of the leading cities during the golden era of ancient Greece. It is founded on a plateau adjacent to the... continue

  • The Greek-Roman Theatre, home of history, art and culture

    written by Dave Mitchell

    The Ancient Theatre is probably the best known Taormina’s attraction in the world. Where else in the planet you can find a real Greek- Roman Theatre fully functional and accessible? In which other place you can admire a panorama going from the... continue

  • B&B Don Gaspano

    written by Andrew adams

    Don Gaspano is an elegant Bed & Breakfast located in Milazzo, a beautiful town in the Italian island of Sicily. The B&B rooms are set in a beautiful, yellow country house on a hilly and green location, with a very big garden folded with... continue

  • Tonnara di Bonagia

    written by Italy Visit

    The hotel is located in Valderice, on the beautiful Sicilian Coast, in an ancient tuna fishery of ‘600, carefully restored and converted into a luxury sea resort, situated next to a Saracen sighting tower, which today houses the museum of the... continue

  • Agriturismo Villa Sant'Andrea

    written by Italy Visit

    The beautiful farm house Villa Sant’Andrea is set in the green territory of Parco delle Madonie, a short ride from Palermo or Catania Airport in a 180 hectares wide park, of which 27 hectares are dedicated to olive groves. Infact, the most famous... continue

  • Agriturismo Nacalino

    written by Italy Visit

    A few kilometers from the baroque cities of Modica, Scicli, Ragusa and Noto, a short distance from the seacoast and the archaeological site of Cava Ispica, in the countryside of Modica is situated a farm from '800, recently renovated: the Farmhouse... continue

  • The Catacombs of the Capuchins

    written by Alexandra Evans

    The Catacombs of the Capuchins are found in the Capuchin convent adjoining the Church of Santa Maria della Pace. These are built on structures existing at the time. The tunnels were dug at the end of the sixteenth century and form a large... continue

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