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The best destinations in Sansepolcro: Tuscany

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Roberto Benigni was born in Misericordia, a village in the province of Arezzo, on the 27th October 1952, still young, he moved to Vergaio, a village not far from his home in Prato. Benigni is still attached to his beloved Tuscany and it shows by choosing it as the location of most of his masterpieces. The cult film 'Berlinguer I love you' is, in fact, shot entirely in Prato and 'Johnny Stecchino', the... continue

Guide written by the community written by Chiara Guzzetti

If you are looking for a good spot to rest a while and soak up some views, the cathedral backs on to the town park, the Passeggio del Prato, with the ubiquitous ruined Medici fortress at the far end.It is the oldest and most suggestive park of Arezzo, in an area of high archeological interest. The secular trees lie on a vast and natural depression, which some centuries ago used to separate the two hills with the... continue

Guide written by the community written by Chiara Guzzetti

Pieve di Santa Maria is one of the main Romanesque churches in Toscana. It was built in 1140 over a church dating of before 1000; it was enriched with Gothic elements in the 14th century and restored in the 19th century. Its Romanesque façade of the 13th century has five blind arches and three series of loggias. The bell-tower of 1330 is called campanile delle cento buche ("hundred-hole bell-tower") due to its twin... continue

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