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written by Cedric Mills

Ostuni città bianca

The Campo de’ Fiori square is one of the best known and liveliest places in Rome and has an interesting history. The celebrated open-air market, full of noise and colour, is busy all day long on account also of the many bars and restaurants frequented by tourists and locals alike.

The statue of Giordano Bruno is a sign that Campo de’ Fiori also has important historical connotations. In fact, the statue stands at the very point where the philosopher was burnt at the stake after he was declared a heretic by the inquisition.

As for the name of the square, tradition says it originated from the name of Flora, one of Emperor Pompey’s concubines; other people, instead, prefer to believe it came from the time when the square was a field filled with grass and flowers.

Campo de’ Fiori also has a brilliant night-life, being one of the most popular meeting places in Rome.


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