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District of Romagna'S Coast Tourism: Best of District of Romagna'S Coast

Riviera Romagnola: enjoy the beaches of the Adriatic Coast
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The one reason most tourists head to the region, is to of course the beach! The miles of beaches can be very facinating, and the tourist crowds are a proof of their popularity.On here you will find people from across Italy and the world, sunbathing, playing beach sports, or taking a dip in the sea. 

The region was developed in the 1930s, as a retreat for the elite and wealthy. In time, it also became popular with the masses, in particular, the working class people living in the area. In addition to being popular for its beaches, the area is also the place where many of the Italy's famous personalities spent considerable time. The massive hotels built on site have not lost an iota of their popularity, and you can find many people over here, who arrive with the intention of not only enjoying the beach activities, but also exploring these hotels, that are considered landmarks of the region.

If you are not playing beach sports, or swimming, you might like to explore the restaurants at the waterfront. From tiny booths setting locally made, freshly baked items, to ice cream, and upscale restaurants with wine and music, there are many places to explore to your heart's content. You can also enjoy shopping. If you are the party hopper type, there is plenty by way of nightlife, including live music and dance get togethers on the beach. The fun part is that the place is family friendly, so you can take your family out safely, and if you want to avoid the crowds, scheduling day time trips on the weekdays makes perfect sense.

HOTEL EMILIA - Torre Pedrera
Our environment, ideal for all, young people, families and elderly people, will give you a quient and relaxing holiday and our kitchen will cheer you with the tipycal dishes of Romagna.

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