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written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

In the beautiful Square of Miracles, in Pisa, there is one the best architerctural art’s masterpiece of entire Tuscany: the Santa Maria Assunta’s Dome, as it is called this amazing building started in year 1069 and concluded around the half of IV century.

The Dome is in the same beautiful location of the famous Pisa’s Tower protagonist of so many italian post cards: this cathedral is a real masterpiece worth of being admired and observed. An example is the beautiful San Ranieri’s Door, in bronze, which during Italian Middle Age has been the firts in its style.

The interior of Pisa’s Dome is very elegant, all in white and black marble with amazing and superb columns rich in decorations, absolutely worth of a visit!

After having visited the Dome you can easily complete, if you like, your visit of the beautiful Pisa: all the main monuments to see are in fact located just near the cathedral: already talked about the Tower, on which top you can go climbing up many and many steps, in the Square of Miracles there are also Pisa’s Baptistery, probably Tuscany’s most interesting after Florence’s one and the astonishing Monumental Cemetery.


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