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Pescara Tourism: Best of Pescara

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CASTELLO CHIOLA HOTEL - Loreto Aprutino (19 Km from Pescara)
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Visit Pescara with the eyes of Gabriele D'Annunzio
The old city

Gabriele D'Annunzio was born on March 12, 1896 in the beautiful Pescara; he was a poet and one of the most important intellectuals in Italy, and not only of the century. An Eclectic and controversial personality, he embodied the ideal of the decadent, narcissistic, hedonistic, sensual, and superhuman artist, living a life over the top.

His birthplace is now a museum on Corso Manthonè in the Pescara area that still has retained its characteristics as a small fishing village. The house consists of nine halls, containing antique furniture and objects of the writer and his family. Interesting are the educational panels that report news on the poet's family, enriched by references to literature and photography.  In the house of the poet the countries and places of Abruzzo that D'Annunzio has treated in his literary works and the artists who have been linked with feelings of deep friendship, as the painter Francesco Paolo Michetti and components of the Cenacle of Francavilla, are also illustrated. Each room is illustrated with a caption that repeats those pieces of "Night" in which the poet recalls with words full of feeling the environments, the objects and people dear to him.

Also in Pescara, do not miss a visit to Government House, which houses "The Daughter of Jorio”, a grand canvas by Francesco Paolo Michetti, which inspired the eponymous play by D'Annunzio. Walking around it is impossible not to notice the artistic beauty that inspired the poet such as the Cathedral of St. Cetteo, built in the 1930s, in addition to the sacred relics of the saint, an invaluable work of Guercino of the XVII century, and the Basilica of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, erected in the eighteenth century neoclassical style, which preserves valuable works of local artists.

Visit Francavilla to cross the Pinewood remembered by D’Annunzio: next to the shore by fishing boats crossing the green Adriatic, on the beach which once went by the herds that migrate seasonally to Puglia (described in the poem September).

Impossible not to mention the old and beautiful sea port of Pescara, starting from the city centre with its coast, a succession of stunning beaches overlooking the sea, which is blue as the sky with which merges horizon. 

City of Pescara the Capital of Pescara Province
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Pescara - Sunset on the Seaside According to the 2007 census Pescara is the most populated city in the Abruzzo region of Italy. This city is located on the coast of Adriatic Sea. Aterno-Pescara River meets the sea where this city is located. Pescara port is one of the most important ports in Italy. Also, its airport is one of the most important airports. During the summer, the city becomes a popular destination for tourists. As it is located on Adriatic Sea it has a shore line of over 20 kilometers making it an ideal seaside resort. The city has a Mediterranean climate. It has summers that are hot and dry. The winters are rainy and cold. The average temperature for the year is 7C. However, the air is humid throughout the year. There are a few places of interest in this city for a tourist to visit. One is the house in which the Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio was born. He was born in 1863 and the building was refurbished in 1930s. Cathedral of St. Cetteus is another attraction you will find in this city. There is also the museum that carries evidence of the 4,000 year old history of people in Abruzzo. Every year during the month of July Pescara holds its jazz festival which is an international event. Started in 1969 it is one of the most important festivals dedicated to jazz music in Europe. Pescara along with Chiety houses the G. d' Annunzio University that has its school of medicine, economics, foreign languages and architecture. Also it offers courses on science. Pescara is connected to other Italian cities with highways and with rail. Pescara centrale railway station is the largest in the Abruzzo region. It is also has one of the largest railway stations in Europe. Railway connects the city with most other cities in Italy.

Pescara is in the nearby of Pescara (PE) and 0 m (0 ft) above sea. . The town is divided in parishes: Castellammare, Colle Breccia, Colle della Pietra, Colle Madonna, Colle di Mezzo, Colle Marino, Colle San Donato, Collescorrano, Colli Innamorati, Fontanelle, Fontanelle Alta, Madonna del Fuoco, Portanuova, Rancitelli, San Donato, San Silvestro, San Silvestro Spiaggia, Santa Filomena, Villa Fabio, Zanni

In Pescara there are 13 accomodation. You may visit 25 places of interest. Pescara is a Blue Flag for its water quality and safety and for the beaches quality and cleanliness. For these reasons is perfect for a seaside holiday.
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