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District of Pelagie Islands Tourism: Best of District of Pelagie Islands

Cala Madonna Club in Lampedusa is a unique, unconventional hotel, offering the best in Mediterranean hospitality and amenities such as a large, sun-drenched patio garden, free WiFi in the common areas, complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport ...
Isole Pelagie - Sicilia: Wonders of Nature

The Pelagie Islands, which are called as isole Pelagie in Italian, lie in Agrigento province in Italy's Sicily region.

Comprising of four main islands, Lampedusa, Lampione, Rabbit Island and Linosa, this archipelago is located near Italy mainland's southern tip and is right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, as depicted by its name Pelagie, which is derived from the Greek word, Pelagos for open sea.

The Pelagie Islands have a typical Mediterranean climate with pleasant winters and hot summers.

Apart from having fun swimming in clear blue waters and chilling out on the islands' various beaches, there are activities that visitors can enjoy.

For example, if you were to visit Linosa, the archipelago's second biggest island, you can see the nesting sites of shearwater, which is a type of bird and Carretta caretta turtles on the Pozzolan beach.

Also, there is Mount Volcano and the beauty of other volcanoes to be enjoyed in Linosa.


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