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written by Andrew adams

Ostuni città bianca

The Duomo of Parma is an imposing Romanesque cathedral which was completed in the 12th century.
The dome is particularly interesting because of its rich decorations by the Renaissance painter Antonio da Correggio representing the Virgin’s Assumption.
The belfry is Gothic and was added in a second stage, between 1284 and 1294. originally there were meant to be two belfries but the second one was never even begun.
The atmosphere in the church was magical and it was very hard to get back on track and to... reality!

Next stop was Palazzo della Pilotta. The name Palazzo della Pilotta comes from "pilotta", or else the pelota - a basque game that was played in one of the building's courtyards.
This very nice palace, which looks vaguely incomplete - and probably was - was built by the Farnese family between 1583 and 1622 and was meant to be a court service building annexed to the Ducal Palace.
The palace has three courtyards: the Cortile di San Pietro Martire (which is now known as Cortile della Pilotta), Cortile del Guazzatoio and the Cortile della Racchetta.
Today the Palazzo della Pilotta is the home of three museums (the national archaeological museum, the national Gallery and the Bodoni Museum), a library (the Palatine library) and art school (Scuola d'arte Toschi) and a theatre (Farnese theatre).


  • Experiencing Parma's Baptistry

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Battistero (Baptistry in English) is a wonderful octagonal construction made of pink marble right in the middle of the city. Construction began in 1196 and the architect was a man named Benedetto Antelami - a true genious. The beauty, however,... continue

  • An old spice shop

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Antica Spezieria di San Giovanni is an old spice shop that used to belong to the San Giovanni complex. No one knows exactly when it was founded, but we know that in 1201 it was already in existence. It was in operation until 1766, then the monks... continue

  • Parma's Teatro Farnese

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Farnese theatre is a stunning wooden theatre built by Giovanni Battista Aleotti between 1616 and 1618. It is housed in the southern wind of the Palazzo della Pilotta. The theatre replaced the sala d’armi (weaponry room) and was built for a... continue

  • Palazzo Ducale in Parma

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Ducal Palace, which can be found inside the Parco Ducale, was built by Ottavio Farnese in 1561 and has many points of interests which make it worth visiting inside.On the ground floor you can see a collection of works of art by Cesare Baglioni... continue

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