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written by Andrew adams

Ostuni città bianca

In the very center of Padova there is set this huge buiding. It has been built starting on 1218.
The upper part is a only huge room, with an amazing wooden roof structure and some outstandig frescoes.

It was originary used as the town court, in a corner you can still find a pedestal where comdemned people had to stand to be expose at the public shame. Inside it is hosted a giant statue of a horse made of wood.
This horse was one of several big statues part of a parade in the XV century. It is the only one saved.

The room is often used by the city hall for exhibit of various kind. The lower part of the building host the traditional food market of Padova, there are cheese, meat and fish stand plus some caffe and bread shop.


  • Padova’s Botanical Garden

    written by Dave Mitchell

    In the University of Padova there is a beautiful natural museum. Planted on a territory owned by the Benedictine Monks of Santa Giustina in year 1545, Padova’s Botanical Garden is the oldest university botanical garden in the world. A lot and lot of... continue

  • A vist to Scrovegni’s Chapel

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Giotto’s Cappella degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni’s Chapel) is an expression of Italian renaissance painting that you can absolutely not to miss in your journey to Padova. For art lover’s a visit to this Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary is worth by... continue

  • B&B Gioia

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The B & B Gioia is located in Padua, only 250 m from the Padua railway station and just 150 m from the tram stop Borgomagno, crossing from notrth to south the city of Padua, passing close to the major monuments of the city: a privileged position... continue

  • Padua and Sant'Antonio

    written by Alexandra Evans

    Padova is a city in the Veneto region, an important center of artistic, cultural and religious importance, which houses one of the most renowned universities in Italy. The city is the oldest in Northern Italy and it is surrounded by 11 km of walls... continue

  • Padua's Cappella degli Scrovegni

    written by Alexandra Evans

    The main feature is the frescoe walls done by Giotto from 1303-05. It depicts the sotires of Mary, Jesus through his life and the Judgment. The paintings are ringing around the chapel and on three levels for each theme. Above the main door is... continue

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