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Padova Tourism: Best of Padova

Are you planning your vacation in Padova, Italy? Are you looking for all the information on Padova? On Visititaly Varese you find tourist guides written by the editorial staff and travel experiences of travellers who, like you, have chosen Padova as a destination for a trip or for their holidays. Discover Padova Top travel tips with Visititaly's suggestions, recommendations, travel advice and all things to know about Padova.

AGRITURISMO AE CAVANE - Codevigo (30 Km from Padova)
Agriturismo spots in Italy are synonymous with fresh air, scenic views, locally produced food and wine, and rest and relaxation. The Agriturismo Ae Cavane in Conche di Codevigo, tucked away in an enchanting corner of the Padua province, will deliver just ...
The town of Padova is in the Province of Padova. The Patron saint is san Prosdocimo, sant'Antonio di Padova, santa Giustina e san Daniele. Padova has nessuna as wards and the demonym of natives is "padovani, patavini".

In Padova there are 218 accomodation. You may visit 41 places of interest. Padova is part of a route called Strada dei Vini Doc dei Colli Euganei, so it's particularly recommended for a food and wine holiday.
Padova is part of a route called Stradon del Vin Friularo, so it's particularly recommended for a food and wine holiday.
Guide written by the community written by Dave Mitchell

In the University of Padova there is a beautiful natural museum. Planted on a territory owned by the Benedictine Monks of Santa Giustina in year 1545, Padova’s Botanical Garden is the oldest university botanical garden in the world. A lot and lot of plants are present in this beautiful Paduan natural paradise, each of them recognizable by the visitors thanks to an appropriate identification card. Grown outdoors or... continue

Guide written by the community written by Dave Mitchell

Giotto’s Cappella degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni’s Chapel) is an expression of Italian renaissance painting that you can absolutely not to miss in your journey to Padova. For art lover’s a visit to this Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary is worth by itself of a visit to Padova. Henry, of the Scrovegni’s Italian family, commissioned to Giotto the interior decoration of this chapel, which the painter took out probably... continue

Guide written by the community written by Alexandra Evans

Padova is a city in the Veneto region, an important center of artistic, cultural and religious importance, which houses one of the most renowned universities in Italy. The city is the oldest in Northern Italy and it is surrounded by 11 km of walls dating from the 16th century. In its historical center there are examples of great artistic significance such as the Palazzo della Ragione, full of frescoes. Among the... continue

Guide written by the community written by Alexandra Evans

The main feature is the frescoe walls done by Giotto from 1303-05. It depicts the sotires of Mary, Jesus through his life and the Judgment. The paintings are ringing around the chapel and on three levels for each theme. Above the main door is painting of the Last Judgment. Most have been restored to bring out the color of the paintings. This era led the way into the Renaissance period and new revival of art. The... continue

Guide written by the community written by Chiara Guzzetti

Locally known as "il Santo", Saint Anthony is the patron saint of Padua. Therefore, this Basilica is the main attraction in town, actually we stopped in Padua just to visit it. But don't you think it is the main cathedral in town, even though is the most famous one. There you will find the remains of St Anthony and his beautiful marble cuffin. Visit the tresury chapel where you'll find his tongue and jaw all... continue

Guide written by the community written by Chiara Guzzetti

The original building was the tower of a Padova castle started on the 1200. In the 1700 the Venetian republic decided to give to the Padova's university an astronomic observatory and they used the old tower to build it. Lately the old observatory have been restored and turned in a museum. The visit costs 5 euros and they will show you old instruments and you will know the story of this old building. Lots of people... continue

Guide written by the community written by Andrew adams

In the very center of Padova there is set this huge buiding. It has been built starting on 1218. The upper part is a only huge room, with an amazing wooden roof structure and some outstandig frescoes. It was originary used as the town court, in a corner you can still find a pedestal where comdemned people had to stand to be expose at the public shame. Inside it is hosted a giant statue of a horse made of wood. This... continue

Guide written by the community written by Chiara Guzzetti

Close to the Giotto's masterpiece Cappella degli Scrovegni, in Padova there is another church that worth a visit. You can find it walking out of the garden where the Cappella is and turning left. The Chiesa degli Eremitani during the Second World War was blowed out by some bombs, so dont expect much decoration in it as the frescos in the left part of the church have been totally destroyed, but in the right, oh, i... continue

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