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written by Patrick Durand

Ostuni città bianca

Ortisei is a town in Italy, specifically in the province of Bolzano, regarded as a typical city of the Alps. Situated at an altitude of a little more than 1200 meters above sea level, it is the most densely populated area and the capital of the Val Gardena. Despite its rich history and old tradition, this town is going through an intense phase of urbanization that blends smoothly with the landscape. A view of the center shows the marvelous pedestrian zone that is a meeting place as well as the ideal places for visitors to go shopping.

In terms of tourist attraction, there is an astonishing historic center in Ortisei. The quiet districts of Bulla and San Giacomo also offer visitors a place of relaxation. Nearly eighty percent of the inhabitants of Ortisei, speak ladina as their mother tongue. 

Tourists to this town will therefore have a wonderful experience of the traditional ladina culture through several craft shops and museums in the area that exhibit an old-age tradition of wood sculpture. 

Generally, this town is well known as an ideal destination for winter tourism with ski slopes. However, over the years trekking and hiking are also other suitable alternative for those who do not prefer skiing. Visitors interested in the traditions of the area can walk into the woods searching for some old farm or to view the wonderful Dolomites and the lively nature.

Similarly, a walk from Ortisei to Santa Cristina Val Gardena through the old Chiusa-Val Gardena railway line will prove to be an awesome experience.

How to arrive
Ortisei can be reached by car, by train or by plane depending on the visitor’s preferences. 
For those travelling by car will use the Brenner Motorway (A22) but will depend on direction one is coming from. Those from the north will use the route from Innsbruck to Chiusa through Brennero while those coming from the south will use the Verona to Bolzano via Trento route. Once there follow the Val Gardena/Chiusa exit and Ortisei is just a 20 minutes’ drive away. Tourists from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Netherlands can use train connections to Bolzano from where they will get a bus to Ortisei. 
Tourist using airplanes will land at the nearest airports in Bergamo, Bolzano, Brescia, Innsbruck, Treviso and Verona. Most airlines usually provide low cost transfers from these airports to Val Gardena.

Places to see
Ortisei is made unique by the continuous chain of natural developments and the aggressive efforts of its inhabitants to make the best out of every situation that arises. Tourist to this town will also like to visit the following places to extend their experience of this amazing valley.

Val Gardena
Val Gardena is a 25 km long tributary valley nestling in the heart of the wildly romantic landscape of Dolomites to the north-west of Italy. It starts from Ponte Gardena and ends at the Sella Mountain Range passing through the saddles of Gardena and Passo Sella. 
It is regarded as a natural paradise as it offers beautiful natural sceneries and several activities for both the young and old people visiting the area. 
This valley is well known for its craftsmanship in wood carving and as a winter sport resort.

Tourist to this valley will find trekking a more appealing experience as there are several itineraries in Val Gardena to choose from. 

Starting from Ortisei there is the Luis Trenker walk, the Sentiero della Posta, the route passing through Val D'Anna, the Sentiero Crinia, San Giacomo and the Orlo del Bosco. 

Departing from Santa Cristina tourists can follow the waterfall route, the Plesdinaz route, the road leading to Selva Gardena, the Sentiero Planetario and the road to Ortisei. 

Visitors from Selva Gardena will use the Belvedere walk, Vallunga, the railway track used by small trains and can walk along the Via Crucis. Above all these a trip to the Odle Puez Nature Reserve is a must go.



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The town of Ortisei is in the Province of Bolzano; has as Patron saint san Ulrico. Ortisei has San Giacomo (Sankt Jakob in Gröden) as wards and the demonym of natives is "ortiseiani o gardenesi/Ulricher".

In Ortisei there are 27 accomodation.

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