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written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

Naples is one of the most attractive and fascinating cities of Italy. Finding time to spend your Christmas in Naples will make your December holiday memorable. 

Like most cities of Italy, Christmas holiday here starts from December 8 until January 6. While in your Christmas holiday in Naples, you will be exposed to traditional entertainments, such as processions, scenes exposition, special markets, fireworks and gastronomical events. 
Looking at the city, one could admire the beautiful sceneries made from skillful craftsmanship to make the place attractive. 
This year’s preparation for Christmas holiday is amazing, the lights blend with the environment in a way that makes one feel he or she is on a different planet. 

Christmas in Naples will always give one a different feeling and experience, it’s a bit magical. The delightful events which happen during Christmas holiday are hard to forget. If you are looking for a gift to give somebody you value, bring him or her to Naples. The place is nothing compared to ordinary, talk of shopping, the dining, attractions, golfing among others.

The musical entertainment and performance kicks off the evening before Christmas in an extraordinary atmosphere. Instead of somebody describing the atmosphere in Naples at Christmas holiday, find time and be part of the congregation this year. 
Naples provides you everything to make your holiday perfect. When we talk of Naples, it is hard not to mention nativity scenes. The city has a hundreds of the nativity scenes, which are made in a diversified nature. The displays range from traditional ones to modern ones and each of them having a unique and diversified nature.

Christmas markets in Naples
A visit to Naples Christmas market is one to remember. The local drinks and foods mouth-watering display in the markets makes it hard for one to pass by and do not buy anything. 
Via San Gregorio Armeno, which is a Christian market, gives tourists an opportunity to buy everything they need in order to create their own nativity scene. 
During the Christmas season, tourists come in large numbers to this market for a chance to experience the magical Christmas alley. Porta Nolana is another market found in Naples. 
The market is ideal for the freshest seafood in the area. It offers an exclusive and incredible opportunity for one to experience the traditional touch of the Naples city.

Naples tradition is as ancient as the city itself. The midnight mass performed on the Christmas Eve and Minestra Maritata performed during the Christmas lunch, are the ones synonymous with the city. Spending a Christmas holiday in Naples means you will be kept entertained all through the time. The bag pipers keeps the people entertained as well as other games, which are played such as Tombola. The sharing of gifts and presents between friends and family members is synonymous in this area. 
The traditional nativity creates a central attraction in this area. The evangelical scene is also part of the Naples tradition. Spending your holiday (Christmas) will give you the chance to see and experience these ancient features. 
Apart from the nativity scenes is the procession of the Magi. Each of them represents three continents, which were known at the Biblical times. The continents are Africa, Europe, and Asia. 
The "Announcement to the shepherds" is another scene found in the area. It shows a message from the angel sent to tell the people about a miraculous occasion. 
Osteria is the last scene. It shows Joseph and Mary trying to find a place to rest. All this scenes make up the tradition of the Naples city. The scenes are touching to the heart and the eyes when watching them. By spending your Christmas in Naples, you will not miss the chance to experience them.

Why spend your Christmas in Naples
Naples strategic location on the Bay of Naples beneath Mt. Vesuvius makes it the most attractive city to travel during the Christmas holiday. It is among the top three largest cities in Italy. Travelling to Naples does not cost you a lot as compared to other cities in Italy. The foods in this area are affordable, for example, pizza can cost €5-7. This is cheap in Italy as to the standards of the country. The traditional foods in the area are not only delicious but have a unique taste. 
Travelling to Naples more so on Christmas holiday is the best thing to do. The culture and social life of the people plus the beautiful scenes make it enjoyable to go there. 


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