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written by Alexandra Evans

Ostuni città bianca

The best way to get to know Naples is to walk around its ancient streets, discovering the hidden wonders of this amazing city: our one day itinerary starts from the Duomo called the Cathedral of San Gennaro that houses the relics of the city’s patron saint. From there you can walk to Via San Gregorio Armeno, the street famous for its Neapolitan nativity scenes, where you can visit the beautiful Monastery and Cloisters.

A short distance away, either on foot or by taxi, there is the Church of Gesù Nuovo, with its luxurious interiors inlaid with semi-precious stones. Via Toledo, in the heart of the Quartieri Spagnoli begins near the church. One of the most fascinating places in the city that has to be explored bit by bit in this tight-knit labyrinth of alleyways and streets. This area still has the highest number of old craftsmen’s shops. The sophisticated, expensive Capodimonte porcelain cameos and gouaches are particularly famous. The latter are small paintings that represent the most charming and characteristic Neapolitan views, which date back to the eighteenth century, when the first visitors wanted to take away a souvenir of the city. While you are walking along this street, why don’t you choose one of the restaurants in Naples there and stop for a welcome break. Try a pasta dish: there are lots you can choose from the classic maccheroni with tomato and basil sauce or spaghetti with clams or “alla puttanesca” or tasty fish soups that are a traditional part of Neapolitan cuisine.

At the end of you will find the entrance of the Galleria Umberto I on your left A short distance from the Galleria you can see the Teatro San Carlo, one of the oldest in Europe and the fantastic Palazzo Reale.

  • Puppets of Pulcinella, typical masquerade character in the centre of Napoli
    Puppets of Pulcinella, typical masquerade character in the centre of Napoli
  • Inside the Royal Palace
    Inside the Royal Palace
  • Napoli by night
    Napoli by night
  • Characters of Naples: Eduardo and Toto
    Characters of Naples: Eduardo and Toto


  • Traditional Nativity in Naples

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Naples is one of the most attractive and fascinating cities of Italy. Finding time to spend your Christmas in Naples will make your December holiday memorable. Like most cities of Italy, Christmas holiday here starts from December 8 until... continue

  • B&B Bellini

    written by Cedric Mills

    The B&B Bellini is an elegant building set in the heart of Naples, overlooking one of the most beautiful squares in the historic centre: the Piazza of the literary cafes, immersed among antique monuments and museums. The Bed and Breakfast... continue

  • Town Hall Square

    written by Andrew adams

    Spacious and green: this is the first impression of the rectangular Piazza del Municipio (Town Hall Square). From here, you look at Vesuvius in the background, like in a painting. Part and parcel of this beautiful square are the Town Hall (now the... continue

  • Via Toledo

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    A particular street, the main artery of Naples, dates from the first half of the 500 and today is totally pedestrian, and is the heart of the city of Naples. It develops between Piazza Dante and Piazza Plebiscito. On Via Toledo overlook noble... continue

  • The Royal Palace

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Royal Palace was designed and partly built by Domenico Fontana and was in the early years of '600. From 1600 to 1946, the Royal Palace was the seat of monarchical power not only in Naples, but also of Italy and throughout the South, passing by... continue

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