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written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

In June, Naples opens the curtain at the theater companies coming from around the world at the Naples Theatre Festival to stage a myriad of events in the most extravagant locations of the city. The festival presents itself as a veritable marathon of shows that bring location normally closed to the public.

 So why lost the chance to run a show in Naples underground or in the courtyard of the Albergo dei Poveri under a starry sky or on the roof of a historical building? Companies that perform from all over the world offer shows in all languages.

The festival lasts 20 days and the city as always during this time of the year gives all its glory. Since the majority of performances are scheduled in the afternoon and evening you have the time to visit most representative places of the city as Galleria Umberto, Piazza Plebiscito, Castell dell' Ovo, Maschio Angioino or to plane a tour of Vesuvius and maybe be able to make a trip to Capri Island.

Naples also offers the opportunity to discover the different collections art preserved in the major museums such as the Capodimonte or PAN  this last is also evening meeting for drinks in the Naples committed.


  • Traditional Nativity in Naples

    written by Dave Mitchell

    Naples is one of the most attractive and fascinating cities of Italy. Finding time to spend your Christmas in Naples will make your December holiday memorable. Like most cities of Italy, Christmas holiday here starts from December 8 until... continue

  • B&B Bellini

    written by Cedric Mills

    The B&B Bellini is an elegant building set in the heart of Naples, overlooking one of the most beautiful squares in the historic centre: the Piazza of the literary cafes, immersed among antique monuments and museums. The Bed and Breakfast... continue

  • Town Hall Square

    written by Andrew adams

    Spacious and green: this is the first impression of the rectangular Piazza del Municipio (Town Hall Square). From here, you look at Vesuvius in the background, like in a painting. Part and parcel of this beautiful square are the Town Hall (now the... continue

  • Via Toledo

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    A particular street, the main artery of Naples, dates from the first half of the 500 and today is totally pedestrian, and is the heart of the city of Naples. It develops between Piazza Dante and Piazza Plebiscito. On Via Toledo overlook noble... continue

  • The Royal Palace

    written by Chiara Guzzetti

    The Royal Palace was designed and partly built by Domenico Fontana and was in the early years of '600. From 1600 to 1946, the Royal Palace was the seat of monarchical power not only in Naples, but also of Italy and throughout the South, passing by... continue

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