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written by Emilio Aronica

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If you are one of those people who like to visit interesting places during your holidays rather than spending your days doing nothing but sunbathing on a beach or going clubbing at night, little countries in the world will satisfy your needs as much as the extremely popular Italy. There is no doubt that Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world every year, in fact, countless researches state it's one of the few countries which, rather than losing popularity, become more and more popular by the day. It has just about everything: from gorgeous beaches to great museums and extremely interesting places full of ancient history.

That is why if you are looking for an original and interesting place to visit in Italy, you can not miss out on the chance to see Montevarchi. This town in the province of Arezzo, in the gorgeous region of Tuscany, is not an overly popular place, but that doesn't mean you won't fall in love with it. If when you visit a particular place you want to feel like you really are somewhere else, just immerse yourself in the little, narrow streets of Montevarchi, and get ready to feel like you have traveled back in time.

There are still many walls from the middle ages, the ones which used to protect the town from attacks, up all over it. And it's by walking through the streets of Montevarchi that you will definitely come across what has to be one of the highlights of the town: the San Lorenzo church. This was built in a mixture of gothic and romantic styles, which makes it pretty different to most other churches in the whole region. You will of course get the chance to visit the pretty large interior and take a close look at all the statues which adorn it.

But in Montevarchi there is also Villa Masini, an impressive palace which you will have the chance of visiting only in spring. If that is the time of the year you are planning on visiting Montevarchi, please don't miss out the chance of visiting it with the help of one of the official guides which will explain you everything there is to know. Also, pay special attention to the garden which surrounds the house because it's extremely gorgeous and well kept.

However, if you would like to do more than simply walk around visiting interesting places full of history, why not go for a walk in the Prada outlet which can be found in the town? Italians are known for their extremely good taste in fashion, so go for a look and you might come out with some great pieces at great prices. And if you are visiting Montevarchi during the hottest months of the year and you are hoping to be able to freshen up every now and then, why not organize a little picnic next to the Arno river? Not only it is beautiful there, you will also be able to go for a little, relaxing swim.



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Montevarchi is in the nearby of Arezzo (AR) and 144 m (472 ft) above sea. ; has as Patron saint Saint Lawrence and the Saint day is 10 August. The town is divided in parishes: Caposelvi, Pestello, Levane, Levanella, Mercatale Valdarno, Moncioni, Rendola, Ricasoli, San Marco, San Tommè, Ventena. Residents of Montevarchi has the demonym of "Montevarchini".

In Montevarchi there are 17 accomodation.

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