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Ostuni città bianca

Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, on the 18 February 1898; his mother, Adalgisa Bisbino, was original of Forlì, while his father Alfredo was from Carpi, near Modena. He was an Italian racing driver and entrepreneur, founder of the vehicle manufacturer whose sports section, Scuderia Ferrari won, during his lifetime, 9 World Championships Formula 1 drivers and 15 in total. 

He is still one of the figureheads of the best quality of Modena, and for this reason, particularly beloved: passion for work, resourcefulness, courage and creativity in the choices as ingredients of his success.

Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, is a land of motors, here in the heart of the "motorvalley" the passion for mechanics has a long tradition and the myth of speed is an integral part of culture. Racing cars and luxury cars have entered into legend, becoming a "collector items" and bringing to the world the name of Modena.

The Ferrari Gallery was opened in February 1990, the interpretation of the exhibition reflects the spirit of Enzo Ferrari's progress, improvement and new challenges, knowing that the better car is still to be built. The office of Enzo Ferrari is off great interest, here some important relics for the company's history are clearly visible. In addition to the Galleria Ferrari, within a few kilometres there are several sites dedicated to motor vehicles, factories, museums and private collections.

The House of Enzo Ferrari is a typical Modenese house, with a farmyard and a courtyard where the focus is not only the engines but also on agriculture and gastronomy. This reminds us how the beautiful Modena as well as the home of motors is also home to many other passions; the Este ancient capital with its Cathedral, the Ducal Palace, the Synagogue, its museums, its centre ... without forgetting the symbol of the town, Tower Ghirlandina, which together constitute with the Duomo and Piazza Grande a UNESCO World Heritage site for its beauty. Modena is lively, full of passions and artistically rich, therefore it has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to discover it. 

  • Enzo Ferrari, Tazio Nuovolari e Piero Ferrari
    Enzo Ferrari, Tazio Nuovolari e Piero Ferrari
  • Galleria Ferrari
    Galleria Ferrari
  • Enzo Ferrari
    Enzo Ferrari


written by Alexandra Evans

Ostuni città bianca

Modena is a city within the Emilia-Romagna Region, on the south side of the Po Valley, famous for its ancient history, the famous persons that born and lived there, and being the capital of major car brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini among others and the production of balsamic vinegar. 

Modena is now one of the richest towns in Italy and a center of social, political and trading acts.

Modena as an ancient town has been the seat of the archbishop and has been inhabited by the Villanovans in the Iron Age, and later on by several other tribes. The position of the city has always been the centre of attention because of its important strategic location.

The airport Guglielmo Marconi of Bologna is the nearest airport and about 40 km away from Modena. If you are travelling outside Italy then the airport is the easiest access. There are several flights connecting the main European cities with that of Bologna’s. 

Then you can take the train from Bologna to Modena. If you are already in Italy you can take the A1 motorway from Milano to Bologna and then the train, or just follow the A22 motorway from Brennero. 

The train is available also from main Italian towns like Piacenza, Parma, Bologna and Verona, among others, with several stops and bus stations that will help you get to your destination.

Once in Modena you will notice that the city can be explored by foot, though it has a bus and a trolley bus service. This is because it is enjoyable and the most important buildings and monuments can be found in the centre of the city. In case you access the city by car you will notice that the police control each access with an automatic system.

The municipality of Modena offers bicycle rental service to improve your experience of touring the city. 

Walking down the city street’s you will see that Modena has a lot to offer. Home of Enzo Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti, this town has a lot of spectacular buildings and monuments.

Walk down the medieval center and visit the Cathedral and its Gothic bell tower, which is one of the best Romanesque churches in Italy. 

Follow the streets and finally arrive to Piazza Grande, the main square which UNESCO included as a World heritage site and includes most of the important buildings and monuments. Few of the most important buildings in Italy can be founded here such as the University, founded in 1175, which houses over 3000 manuscripts and other historical volumes, 25 libraries and 16 cinemas among others. 

Visit the extraordinary beauty of the Ghirlandina tower or walk down to the Ducal Palace, a palace built in 1634 that currently houses the Military Museum and a library with its Baroque style and the frescoed designs, or get to the Town Hall that faces the square and see the beautiful clock tower that was built in the 15th century.

Your tour can continue to the Museum Palace, a perfect example of the Este period’s architecture style and the house of the important museums in Modena or visit the church of St George, the synagogue with the works of Begarelli.

Blending the ancient with the modern, this ancient city is now called the capital of engines. It is the country of origin for the best supercars in the world including Ferrari and Lamborghini. A true car enthusiast will think that he arrived in heaven and he will have the opportunity to visit Lamborghini’s headquarters and the Ferrari’s historic center and museum with its vintage classic cars and supercars. 

The example of true class and luxury is also represented in the centre of the city as people try the perfect specimens of true food. Modena is well known for its balsamic vinegar and its special cuisine. Some of the specials that a visitor can enjoy are the Tortellini, a food that will offer a taste to the strictest food critic and the cotechino Modena, a rich dish with a variety of meats. 

The night can be completed with a relaxing glass of wine with the reach flavor of fresh grapes under the starred sky or with a cup of coffee under the smell of fresh cream.

The experience that you will live in Modena is truly enjoyable. This is a destination that has a lot to offer. It mixes the ancient touch with the modern, offering a true luxurious and classy style enjoyable by any person. This city will offer you experiences that will stimulate all your senses; touch, sound, sight, smell and finally taste.

What to see:
Visit the Ducal Palace for a touch of Military history, as you can find the Military Museum with several historic military items and memorabilia, and then make a visit to the Museum Building, a large closed area that houses the main important museums of Modena, with frescoed art and astonishing architectural designs. 

If you are more into arts and music, visit the Galleria Civica, for the art and photography exhibitions, or the Teatro Comunale, an opera house with several representations of the works from Donizetti, Bellini and Rossini and other live performances. 

The night can end at the town centre after an excellent performance of the team of ballets at the local theatres or a romantic movie at the local Cinema Vitoria.

For the car enthusiastic a visit to the Vintage Car Museum, a look at the Ferrari Gallery and a walk within the Umberto Panini Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum is a must

The Philosophy festival takes places in Modena, Capri and Sassuolo for 3 days and includes a large number of film shows, exhibitions and dinners.
The International festival of military bands with concert and parades, and the parade of classic show cars and motorcycles are taking place also in Modena. People will have the opportunity to have a look at historic vehicles and classic expensive show cars.
The Antiquaria Festival is an antiques and furniture exhibitions. 



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The town of Modena, with an elevation of 34 m (112 ft), is in the Province of Modena (MO). The Patron saint is San Geminiano on January 31. Modena has Albareto, Baggiovara, Ca' Fusara, Cognento, Cittanova, Collegara, Ganaceto, Lesignana, Marzaglia, Navicello, Portile, San Damaso, San Donnino, Tre Olmi, Villanova as wards and the demonym of natives is "Modenesi".

In Modena there are 78 accomodation.. You may visit 39 places of interest.

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