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Hotel Cernia is strategically situated in Capo S. Andrea which is on the Elba Island. At Hotel Cernia, guests are cordially welcomed and its interior design reveals about the care and pleasure guests can have while spending their time in the Hotel. Hotel Cernia is an art hotel with a very fine restaurant where guests can enjoy their meals while they relax.

The accommodation has a garden surrounding the hotel which is the ideal place for guests who would like to let themselves enchant. The garden is called Osmunda due to the presence of royal ferns on the stream banks. In the garden you can have a clear view of Capo Sant’Andrea and there are several leisure points such as a swimming pool, a massage area and a tennis court. Walking along the Osmunda garden path you have the possibility to rekindle the memory when it was a vineyard being cultivated using the mules. Also, over the last ten years, the garden has been a natural art gallery and it hosted more than once several famous international artists.

At Hotel Cernia, there is the garden by sea cliffs which is the most pleasant spot along the seaside with unique and amazing expanses of granite rocks. There is a natural terrace which stretches out into the sea reserved for guests and is very close to a sand beach with showers, loungers and changing rooms. This represents a cool and pleasant place for the guests to relax after a tiresome day. At the garden you can walk barefooted, smell the scented flowers and taste the fruits growing on the trees.

Hotel Cernia offers comfortable accommodations rooms equipped with modern facilities and designed so as to meet the needs or desires of the customers. There are double rooms, poetic rooms which can be used single or double occupancy and family rooms. Each room is unique from each other in terms of its location, facilities and construction design. There are rooms which are located at the hotel and others at the botanical garden. The Equiseto double rooms are equipped with air conditioning unit, satellite television set, free wireless fidelity, safe, bathroom and a mini bar. Capelvenere rooms which can used as double or triple rooms are situated at the hotel and facing the Osmunda garden and the sea. These rooms are fitted with a ceiling fan and the other features are the same of the Equiseto double rooms.

The Felce Dolce family rooms are meant for couples who would like to maintain privacy when they share a room with their children. The bedrooms are separate from each other and each has an independent access. The Osmunda family rooms are also ideal for couples sharing accommodation with their children because they enable them to uphold their privacy during their stay. The Osmunda rooms have one accommodation on the ground floor and another at the first floor. The two rooms have bathroom with a shower and other facilities such as air conditioners, safe and satellite television and they also provide a clear view of the sea and the garden.

For further information: www.hotelcernia.it


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