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Lombardy Tourism: Best of Lombardy

Welcome to Hotel St. Michael: hospitality and courtesy since 1972 .The tradition is combined with modern amenities in a cozy-family-run hotel. It is situated in a central area, near the pedestrian zone and the main shopping street.
Arts and Culture a few steps from Milano
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Besides its main city, Milan, Lombardy is full of cities of art and small villages that attract tourists inside their walls from all around the world.  Como, the cradle of Romanesque art in Lombardy, is the gateway to surrounding villages and the splendid villas around this magical lake. Bergamo is one of the most picturesque areas of Lombardy, famous for its subdivision on two levels: the spacious and modern lower part of the city and the renowned "Città Alta", a real historic and artistic gem which owes its splendor to its age-old Venetian buildings.
Brescia is an ancient Longobard dukedom that offers a rich cultural heritage dating from Roman times to present day. The city also hosts highly important art exhibitions. The banks of the River Po host a fascinating itinerary of cities along the Padana plain.
Mantova is an agricultural city full of charm with three small lakes from the Mincio River.Tourists have always been bewitched by its squares, buildings and extraordinary artistic treasures that date back to the reign of the Gonzaga dukes.
Cremona, home to the maker of Stradivari violins and gourmet city par excellence, hosts one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe and the highest bell-tower in Italy.
Lodi, at the heart of an agricultural area full of rivers and ancient castles, is a small and charming medieval city with red brick buildings and cobbled streets.
Pavia, the ancient Longobard capital, is renowned for its Renaissance charterhouse, Romanesque churches and covered bridge. Lastly, Vigevano is a small architectural gem that owes its charm to the creative genius Bramante.

Make your way by bike in the Groane Park
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Park Groane, aims to protect the environmental attributes of the area. Among the environmental assets are to be reported the Pond of Lentate, the largest in the park, the Roccolo of Lazzate, an old bird house, the forests of S. Andrea, who are the most extensive and best preserved of the park, the Foppa S. Dalmazio, a small pool of rainwater, and Nature's Path Ceriano, pleasant route into the wood of the same name; Cà del Re, the largest heath of the park with a pond where they fished the nobles and the Forest of Cesate, consisting of replacing the hardwood ancient pine, the Laghettone, which is tuttutto what remains of the park of Villa Mombello.

From train station take the road perpendicular to the tracks near the Villoresi canal, towards the hospital.  Again this up to a crossroads, you ignore the deviations for Senago and Cesate and proceed straight towards Solaro. Reached a parking lot on the left, turn towards this for the bike path that runs through the pine forest. A subsequent parking, turn right and again on cycle, proceed until you return to the continuation of previously abandoned road where you turn left to cross the asphalt and come to a fork in the trail bike. Left again, passing the heath to the SS 527 Monza - Saronno and the Center Groane Park, on the opposite side of the road manager. Beyond it, passing the area of the buildings, it continues until another road, now in common Ceriano pond. In addition, continue to cycle and, with curved, you go through many wooded areas up to a furnace where it is home to the information center. Proceeding along the track, you ignore the variation to the right of a fork to continue until a thick pine forest adjacent to a deciduous forest with areas equipped for picnics. The return takes place on the route.

LUCAS HAUS - Livigno
Our house in Livigno is situated on the cross-country ski tracks and bike paths. The nearest ski lift Palipert connects to the Carosello 3000 Ski Area. Duty free, grocery and butcher's shops, bars, and restaurants are in the vicinity. The free shuttle bus, ...

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The Hotel and Restaurant Genzianella is situated in the middle of S.Martino village. Run by the owner's family, it providesrefurbished rooms with bathroom, balcony, TV by request and free private car park. The kitchen provides genuine menus from theitalian ...

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