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Liguria Tourism: Best of Liguria

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Liguria: colours of a masterwork
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Let's image a paintbrush reshaping an arc after diping it into an overturned painting board. What about the outcome?

A bright and multicoloured coast. Probably that's how nature and man came to an agreement with the making-up of a region where its landscape shows the colour of the sea in the background of sand beaches but also of rocky shores, where you pass from small villages of fishermen to major towns, a delightful spot for submarine world but also for who doesn't give up a walking tour through mediterranean nature or even a trekking route to the mountains.

The amazing point is the short distance to cover to pass from one activity to another. Genoa stays in the middle of this tour from west to east, between France and Tuscany. A lot of people run after the main town during the week-end to see its big acquarium but walking through its streets and carrugi you discover much greater history and culture. Via del Campo awakes the emotions of one song by De André, Doge's Palace gathers visitors' attention, Cristoforo Columbo's house makes children and older people curious and the visit to the Lantern takes them to discover how Genoa has expanded with time.

Every small and big Ligurian village has got its own history and attractions: here there are Sanremo with the Italian Song Festival and with its flowers, the Cinque Terre with its breathtaking landascapes above the sea and elegant villages as Portofino.

Places which are less known apparently don't slip from the most careful minds and so Bocca D'asse turns into one of the most requested sets for weddings. Moreover the flavour of Ligurian cooking, coming from fishermen's tradition and from local resources of spices and vineyard goes with the event with real class. A whole paintbrush to tell about Liguria and, in order to prevent us forgetting it, the sea kissing its coast mirrors all the colours: partners in crime are the houses of every village facing on the sea.

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Holidays art in Liguria: ten unmissable attractions
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Portofino Liguria is one of the famous tourist attraction centers located in the coastal region, north-western Italy. It owns wonderful picturesque towns, beautiful beaches and appealing arts and monuments. 

A visitor can easily learn the culture of the Ligurians by visiting the cultural and architectural sites found in the place. 
These sites include: 
The findings of the necropolis of Chiavari clearly demonstrate how the ancient society of Liguria was divided into social classes. It also indicates how the Romans traded in form of exchanges with Phoenicians, Greeks and the Etruscans. 

The Roman site of Luni that is located in this region was used for the export of marble Apuan. It dates back to 177 BC when it was founded. 

The Parish of Finale Ligure is a testimony of the religious practices of the early people. Romans lived in the Liguria region. 
A visit to this place will allow you see fascinating features that are associated with Romans. The sacred buildings present here are a clear indication of their existence. 

The Gothic art in Liguria - This saw the expansion of Genoa and the autonomy. It signifies the work of foreigners from Spain, Flanders and Toscan. It is a clear indication of the trade which took place across the county’s territorial boundaries during the ancient times. There are other more architectural sites like the School of Louis Brea which is expressed in an elegant Gothic painting. The above description clearly indicates the culture of the Ligurian residents. 
A visit to this place will allow you to learn much more about the people and some cultures will stimulate your nerves because they are unbelievable. 


This is a wonderful monument that is located at La Spezia in Italy. It houses a large number of artistic works. It is found in a restored 17th century convent. A lot of works are found here and they include the Titian, Tintoreretto, and Bellini. The place will give one a lifetime experience of seeing wonderful exhibitions that are housed in this great museum. It has been ranked as the number one thing which any tourist who tours Liguria should do first, that is, touring this museum. 

It is located on the Mediterranean and comprises of 5 terraced villages namely Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. These five villages are unreachable hence no modern developments have taken place. The main activity in this place is fishing. What links these five villages is a popular trails system. The Cinque Terre will give you a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. 

This is a very historic city that is located in the Mediterranean. It is the capital city of Liguria. It will be a total sin if you miss visiting this town during your tour in Liguria. A lot of Liguria’s historical significance is evident in Genoa. You will see historical landmarks like Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Grimaldi, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo del Principe which are all found in Via Garibaldi district. Throughout the town are stunning grounds and gardens that should be explored. 

This is a small fishing village located on the north-west coast of Italy. If you like fishing, you will enjoy this activity in the small boats that are available. A lot of beautiful pastel houses are built along the shore which are wonderful to look at. Other activities available here include diving, swimming, sports and many others. 

It is located in Imperia, Piazza Duomo. This museum houses historical documents of the Merchant Navy and War in its historical archives. The museum is divided into many rooms with each having its own exhibitions. It has a specialized library rich in historical journals. Many researchers tour this museum from all over the world because of the assurance of getting the particular information they are in search of. Other specialized rooms are dedicated to divers’ ports, the merchant ships and military uniforms of the navy, navigation sail to Cape Horn. If you like modelling, this is the right place to be because there is a room with all kinds of fittings for modellers. 

In Savona, the Renaissance period works are all housed in this fine artistic museum that is located in the medieval Palazzo Pozzobonello. It is an Italian artistic gallery that exhibits Livio Agresti, Beato Angelico, and many other artistic features. Found here are the local ceramic displays. 

Located in imperia. There are great exhibitions that depict the symbol of the Mediterranean area. Wonderful encounters with unique features housed in this museum will be a great experience. 

It is located in Via Garibaldi in Genoa, a picturesque gallery in the city. Great decorations and architectural designs are present here. Works of Guido Reni, Van Dyck and Mattia Pretti are found in this museum. 

If you want to know more about the Italian pictorial art bridging of the 15th and 18th centuries this is the right place to visit. There are other fascinating arts that are present in this monument in Genoa.

The first Genovese lighthouse, a magnificent symbol of the city of Genoa, dates back to 1128, and it is on the hill San Begnini. It is believed that in 1449 it was been guarded by Antonio Colombo, uncle of Christopher Columbus.

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