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Lazio Tourism: Best of Lazio

Ten must-see destinations in Lazio
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Villa d'Este Tivoli
Lazio is the frame of occidental progress, Christian culture, legends, thermal spas, ancient history and much more. Located at the central region of Italy, Lazio is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Lazio is Italy’s third populated region with its economy being ranked second in the nation. The region has different but complementary features, spectacular horizons among its numerous towns with unblemished sceneries. Made up of five provinces namely Rome, its capital city Rieti, Latina, Viterbo and Frosinone, Lazio provides its visitors with incredibly beautiful artistic and monumental views across these five provinces. 

A visit to Lazio should be inclusive of the following top artistic and monumental attractions that are spread throughout the five core provinces of Lazio:

On your first stop to Rome, visit villa Borghese, here you can take a walk or cycle as you enjoy the numerous views of parks. Villa Borghese is big landscape garden containing buildings, museums and other attractions. Being Rome’s second largest public park, it was developed and built by Flaminio Ponzo and Scipone Borghese who used the park as a party villa as well as to house his art collection. Villa Borghese is not only a breath of fresh air but also gives its visitors a spectacular view of the museums, the bio park, a theatre, a winter ice skating track with skateboarders space to enjoy their visit. The park has some secret gardens with one shrouded by trees and has an eagle fountain in front of the adjacent mansion. Visiting the park you will notice some triton statues that resemble those of the Moor Fountain.

Tivoli in Latina host two most famous villas that one can find in the entire Lazio: Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este both of which are not only Tivoli’s major tourist attraction sites but also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Located close to River Aniene, the town has a splendid climate housing wealthy Romans for their holiday retreats. Villa d’Este is a beautiful garden and a complex palace that was built in 1560 being the vision of cardinal d’Este who narrowly became a pope. The villa is known for its glorious garden of grottoes, nymph, water sculptures and fountains. Villa Adriana was commissioned by Emperor Hadrian and it is complex palace as well offering a view to a stadium, Greek theater, piazza d’Oro, hall of philosophers and imperial place.

Pantheon was the world’s largest concrete structure until the 20th century and still stands as the most complete Rome’s ancient building as well as the most spectacular sight. The structure is not only praised for its feats of architecture but also share’s into the roman’s history and culture being the burial place for a number of important Italians. It’s concept of space is amazing and touring around you will see the monumental tombs.

Another must see attraction is the Rome’s colosseum. This has been stated as one among the seven wonders of the world as a masterpiece of impeccable value. It was built by emperor Vespasian and was the venue of the ancient Rome’s games including the famous gladiator fights. It still stands as the world’s largest amphitheatre and serves as the venue when Rome is celebrating important historical and cultural events.

This is well known as the city of the popes since most were either born, lived or died in this place. A renaissance cathedral stands in Piazza San Lorenzo with the most famous city the Palazzo Dei Papi that was built around the 13th century. The square that forms on of the historical villages of Viterbo is completed by the stairway leading up to the façade of the palace. This is the site remembered for where the longest and most disputed congress in the history of Italy took place.

The Capitoline museums i.e. Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo are housed by the outstanding Piazza del Campidoglio. These are the museums with the most important collection including great sculptures and painting. Ancient sculptures and bronze of un-estimated value such as the bronze of Marcus Aurelius, Capitoline Venus and Gaul constitute the museums’ artistic heritage. A visit to this lace you will see the frescoes decorating the interior while you admire works dating back to the middle age.

This pulse of catholic life is regarded as the smallest country in the world located in the heart of Rome. Vatican City is a destination for those not only seeking blessing from the pope but as well for visitors who are attracted by the brilliant artwork of the Vatican museums. From her you can see the largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica as well as St Peter’s Square.

Also situated in Rome, ancient Romans spent their time in this place that was once surrounded by temples, legal buildings and other statues marking it a remarkable market center. The forum was used for public speaking by roman orators with many religious festivals held here. It now stands as ruins following earthquakes, fire and barbarian attacks but it’s still a renowned monument standing in Rome.

This is best known for festivities, popular entertainment and joy that attracts not only the tourist but the Romans to hang around day and night as they get entertained by musicians, street artists etc. The ancient streets here are full of trattorias, artisan shops and pizzerias. A visit to Piazza Navona you will get an experience of the natural mixture of renaissance styled buildings and baroque.

Alatri is a small village in the south of Lazio, in Ciociaria. The town is famous for its massive walls that enclose it which are source of many myths concerning the founding of the city. 
Inside the circle is the medieval city, known for its Pelasgians Acropolis and many other artistic and cultural riches that make Alatri a real gem.

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