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written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

Piedmont is one of the regions that have amused people in their tours to Italy. It is located on the North-western part of Italy near the border of Italy and France. Piedmont is known for wine and activities relating to the vine plant. One of the places in this region that visitors and locals can visit is Langhe. Are you aware of this region of Piedmont? It is cool and awesome due to its strategic location; it is on top of a hilly terrain stretching on the south and east of a river. River Tanaro engulfs and mingles past province of Cuneo. The river serves as water catchment’s area and source of water for vine plants. The area is well known for wines, cheeses and white truffles.

Italians have several names that conjure well the conditions. The core traditional grape for central Piedmont is referred to Nebbiolo. This type is rare in the world. It makes people travel from all sorts of countries to visit Langhe and get the right grape they are told into the books and watch and hear on the media. Langhe in Italian language means visiting towns and castles lying on the slopes of a hilly area. For the case of this place, the region lies facing the Alps from the west and on the south side faces the sea. It has all that are essential for growth of Nebbiolo. For instance, Nebbia (fog and smog) is essential in the development of the plant. Mist covers the hill tops of Langhe. Therefore, mist is a key element of attraction for Langhe. First, it blends well for those who would like to plant the Nebbiolo. It is a visual deterrent giving a tourist time to view things under snow falls with pleasure. Many claim that it is interesting for one to spend in a misty place of a local hilly place eating nodules or serving each other with snacks. Fog also adds aesthetic value to the cities of Langhe which are Alba, Asti, BarbarescoBarolo, Monforte d’Alba, and La Morra. The six are essential for the region since they cater for all activities of visitors to the region. Besides Nebbiolo, there are other types of grapes grown in the region: Barbera and Dolcetto. They survive due to ample rainfall and the type of soil which is mainly clay and limestone.

There are several ways one may reach Langhe. It all depends on the distance one may cover to reach this hilly area. Another factor of control is the sloppy nature of the destination of visit. Just like other interesting areas such as Genoa and Verona, Langhe is accessed by use of basic means of movement. Use of motor vehicle is the common mode of transport besides use of train. It is important for one to note that connections will be vital for fulfilling the objectives of the trip. For a two-day trip just as brief as a short move from Turin, the main city of Langhe is simple and straight forward to get to any desired destination. One of the reasons is that there are less people in winemaking areas.

Langhe has several places to visit. Let’s look at some of crucial places one should not dare leaving out in the schedule of touring Western Europe as far as Italy is concerned. 

Wineries in Langhe

Most of the places are wineries. Tell any Italian and other related native resident about Langhe and you will get entertained as their eyes brighten up from the fact that they will first think of the natural sweet wines and delicacies present there. Barbaresco, Barolo, La Morra, Serralunga, Albino Rocca, Vajra, and Laspinetta among others are the main stakeholders in terms of wine production. 
They are placed among the first ones on the priority list. However, there are others which have other attractions.

Albino Rocca

One of the figures that have turned many back into touring is the Angelo Rocca. It is located at Barbaresco. One of the states that produce much wine has made him prestigious and appealing to many visitors and residents. The arrangement of the rows and columns in the farm form a unique pattern. The pattern is essential in increasing production and attracting tourists for revue generation.

Bartolo Mascarello

This was a wine making star that shone for decades in Italy. He caused intense competition among wineries in Barolo. He is termed to be above all the modern proprietors as he is the father of all the beginners of wineries in Barolo. His daughter Teresa currently owns real estate in Langhe. She still releases perfect wine characterized by much iconic wines packaged in relatively spacious wooden casks. Her services are so unique. One is allowed to get her number from the agents and online sites.

Vajra (GD)

GD Vajra is found in Verge a component of Barolo area in Langhe. Here exist two wine makers, Aldo and Milena, which are the most hospitable in the region that Italians have respected. One thing that characterizes the place is that the wine has finesse compositions and additives. It is made from natural yeast.

Fratelli Barale

Barolo has much to talk about in terms of wining and how to come up with various kinds of wine. Besides GD Vajra, one may tour Fratelli Barale. It is a good substitute of what one will miss to learn at Vajra. Is it a traditional winery that is well-balanced for human consumption? Yes it is. It is the easiest one to access. It is located in the central business district.

Poderi Einaudi

This is another winery owner at Barolo who is known to many buyers in Italy. It has what all others have. It forms a ground of competition in the town.

La Spinetta

Families and individuals make Langhe grow rich and richer daily. Another family is the Rivetti. It is among the Piedmont’s leading producers of wine. They own two winery plants for the same. Here we talk about Campe, Grinzane Cavour of Langhe. In addition, both Barolo and Barbaresco have upper hand in attracting visitors towards their wine. They have rhinos and lions, which are iconic Albrecht Durer in nature, on the labels of the wine. The animals mean much to those who understand the importance and characteristics of the animals used to market them.


written by Dave Mitchell

Ostuni città bianca

After discover and taste the fantastic wine during the tour in the wineries (Langhe: part one), it is possible for visitors explore the cities and do several activities in this special region.

The cities of Langhe

Langhe has several cities that form the total commercial sector of the region. There is much to talk about the cities. They range from the first capital city of the current Italy, Turin, all the way to Verbania. Just to highlight a few and their corresponding unique features, we may look at Alba after the two above. 

Alba is the entrance city to the region under study. It was founded by Romans depicting much in terms of the Roman wall. Before they left, they shade behind architectural designs all over the city. People visit this city in order to have a look at the evidence of Roman traces. 

Another town one may visit is Bra. It is situated in between Turin and Cuneo on the edge of Langhe. It has numerous churches and ancient palaces build back in the 17th and mid-18th centuries. It is the backbone of Langhe in food production. It feed the other cities. It hosts one the most serious institutions in Langhe region; the university of gastronomic science. This implies that Bra is an educational center. Therefore students may form part of their core visitors this city expect. Learners from other universities visit this city for exchange program within the two days of the tour.

Cuneo city is another one. It is the headquarters of the biggest province of Piedmont. It is known due to the historical feature in which it was used as the center of Italian resistance forces during the Second World War. It was a military base for Italy.

Other cities that one may visit while in Langhe include: Barolo (majorly for issues concerning wines), Biella, Asti, and Alessandria. Stresa is another town that tourists finish with while at Langhe. Stresa city is part of the sophisticated small towns on the shore of Lake Maggiore. It has health and visitors resorts with conducive climatic conditions and measurable sceneries. Besides, it has close proximity to Verbania, which is the chief town on the west shores of the lake. The two need visitors who enjoy marine services.

Activities one may undertake

It is not all about visiting these places. One has to identify what he or she is able to do in the 2- day tour. There are several activities that one may undertake while in Langhe. Some of the activities are common throughout Piedmont. Some of them are committed to Langhe. It is good for one to get the real difference of the same.

Watching scenery

The area lies on slopping hills where people are able to view features that are down the hills. From a distance, the sea is seen. Langhe hills and their stretches into both Monferrato and the famous Roero are self-contained with elaborative cities and castles that were built under ancient designs that are rear in other areas of the world. They are unique and gratifying to have a look at. Value to this is added by the natural geographical nature of the place. Facing the South Alps, one will be able to see it clearly. Similarly, facing the north of Langhe, one is able to identify the Alps Mountains much spoken about in the geographical and historical books. It is fun to feel the backdrop when the northerly wind blows over the land. This is very sensational.

Climbing the hills

Mountain climbing and snow skating can be done from the cities along the slop. One is able to literally climb the slops of the hills. People do go skating on slopes of mount Alps.

Winning presents

In langhe, people are able to get awards in form of wines. In the recent days, the forefront experts, Gambero Rosso and Duemilavini have offered their leading wines from farms in Piemonte and Tuscany to the society as one of the social mutual responsibility. Visitors join the game and carry some wine back home. This is a motive behind the rise of visitors to the two provinces.

Learning more about wines

Piedmont is one of the leading regions in production of wine in the world. Statistics reveal that Tuscany and Piedmont can merge to offer wine that can serve the whole world. They have the potential. Many people visit this region to get knowledge on how to grow and maintain vineyards. All the varieties of grapes are grown in Langhe. Visit it and learn all that you require.

Taking pictures and recording videos

Are a fun of taking pictures of real fascinating features and plantations? People have done it to the extent of selling them to others who have not visited Langhe. You can also record your music and other important pieces of entertainment from this place according to your theme and setting of the movie.

Private custom tours

One can take part in the daily private custom tours that are usually tailor-made to enhance acquisition of knowledge that one may not gain from the general ones. For instance, one may take a tour to the North-Eastern part where he or she will be able to meet the flat fields in which Po valley stretch up to where they join Vercelli. Vercelli is famous in Italy as part of the primary growers of rice. In the other direction, one may get to learn the existence of the Apennines. Near it is the descending path to Genova, Verona, and natural harbours at the port of Mediterranean.
In real sense, a two-day tour in Langhe may not cover much to a serious tourist. It may be said to be a reconnaissance trip which one expects to cover worries over wine issues. The main theme of a trip to this region is wineries and types of wines.



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