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Favignana, the Butterfly isle
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Favignana island remains unspoiled, little known and therefore saved from mass tourism. In a breathtaking landscape alternating rugged cliffs, sharp rocks, sand soft and white which rest harmoniously in a sea of a thousand nuances. The island is small, it can run safely by bicycle and this allows us to appreciate the scenery: golden land, and often dry, surrounded by the reflection of blue sea. Wandering the streets of the village (the only country on the island) and in the shops you can exchange a few words with the people, always friendly and smiling.

Fruits, vegetables, bread, pizza and fish dishes are a more economical and tasty, the marina can be seen traps, tradition and the main tourist attraction of the island, and at sea can be seen sparkle at night the networks of buoys indicating that traps extending almost to Levanzo. In the dark depths of night you can see the sky for hours, without the annoying lights of the city and the only light that will guide your steps along the paths of the island, will be the moon.

Favignana is also wellness: sludge that can be drawn from clay of Cala Azzurra makes the skin soft and smooth for days, as if you had a bath in milk and not in salt water.

Dappled in sunlight, soft to the touch, luxurious; a place where pleasure takes over and grace leads you to sweet anticipation... or to nothing at all. Leave your heavy load behind and unwind from stress as you enjoy lazy days of pure pleasure

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